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Make The Clock Stop, Make My Heart Drop.

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"I'll let you meet Patrick...." Katie cajoled, knowing Troian couldn't resist.

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Troian was staring at the phone in her hand. It was 4:45 am, too early in her opinion and she was still half asleep. The room where she lay in was hers. It walls had been painted various times, and she had finally settled for the color white. Not that it had remained white for too long. After she had gotten bored, she soon took up a hobby of writing on the wall with permanent markers. All kinds of things were scribbled away; from song lyrics of her favorite band to song lyrics of her drawings and other such nonsense. Posters adorned it as well, mainly of various rock bands she loved. It was quiet except for the ringing emanating from the phone in her hand. Darkness still hovered over the air, the house silent. Troian was still in bed, curled up in a small ball, hoping that this phone call was part of her dream.

I'm not going to answer the damn phone, so just hang up!

Riiing. The loud sound filled her filled and her ears sharply; sending pain through her head. Her expression was crossed between being angry that someone had dared to wake her from her slumber and just plan drowsiness. Normally she wouldn't have answered her phone, she would have stuffed it under her thick pillow and she would have gone back to sleep...but today she answered. It must have been the exhaustion confusing her habits.

"Hello?" Troian growled into the cell phone. There had better have been a good reason this person was calling her so early...Troian was not the nicest person in the morning.

"Troi!" Someone shouted from the other line, clearly excited to have been answered. Her voice filled Troian's right ear and she cringed from the intensity of Katie's happy voice.

Katie, Troian's best friend, was bouncing up and down on the other end; Hyper from excessive coffee. She was practically foaming at the mouth as she sat up in bed to chat with Troian, whom she hadn't spoken to in a month. Next to her lay her boyfriend, Pete Wentz, his arm wrapped around her waist; his head on her chest, snoring lightly. Or at least he had been.
He too was trying to sleep, and was failing miserably.

"Shhhhh..." Pete moaned, scooting away from Katie, and making himself as comfortable as possible on the hotel bed. Pete was the only guy from Fall Out Boy, that Troian had actually met. She was a big fan, but she had never asked to meet the rest of the band, she didn't want to be rude.

Still, Pete was like a brother to her, since Katie dragged him everywhere when they weren't on tour.

"Troi?" Katie ignored Pete and rolled her eyes. She was wide awake and alert.

"Hmmm?" Troian mumbled in response, clearly not as thrilled as Katie. "Katie....I love you and all...but seriously it's like...." Troian glanced over at her clock, squinting her eyes in the dark. "5:47 in the morning. This better be good."

Katie giggled, moving around shamelessly as she tried to get comfortable, forgetting about Peter. She smiled into the darkness..."Troian shut up. Listen to me, what are you doing tomorrow?"

" could have waited until then to call me." Troian complained. She wanted sleep. Now. She closed her eyes in hope that she would fall asleep and maybe Katie would figure it out and not call back.....but Katie's voice was too high pitched as she squealed.

"Well, Pete and I are coming to visit you!" She announced loudly. But she kept the rest of the news to herself. Not only were she and Pete visiting her, but Fall Out Boy had a concert, and Katie had asked the guys if they would meet Troian. Of course they said yes, they were boys. And boys were always up for meeting a new girl, plus they were just sweet like that.

"Katie!" Pete hissed in annoyance. He pressed a pillow over his face. "Babe, why didn't you wait till tomorrow to call her? I'm sure she'd love to go back to sleep." Katie pouted, in Pete's direction. 'Because! I wanted to let Troian know it advance and I wanted to tell her how much I love her.... and it's your fault, you should have never given me coffee, so ha!" Katie fired back, letting Pete take the blame for her drinking four starbuck's mochas. It really was his fault. If he hadn't ordered so many for himself, then Katie would have never stolen them and downed them one by one.

Pete groaned again and pulled the blanket as high as it would, hoping Katie and her early nonsense would fade away. They were supposed to be at the airport in two and half hours.

"Wait, you're coming?" Troian shrieked. "Like tomorrow?" A sudden happiness pierced through Troian. She let her head fall back onto the cool pillow and smiled into the darkness. She hadn't seen Katie in so long, she was beginning to wonder if Katie still knew she existed. Katie was the only person Troian could talk to without feeling uneasy. She was always there for here, ready to listen. That was the best thing about her; Katie was a great friend. The downside: When she got to hyperactive or drunk.

She pressed her ear back to the phone. "What time are you getting here? Oh hey...guess what?" She asked excitedly. Now she was wide awake too.

She didn't Katie any real time to answer. "You'll have to come to my new apartment." She said slyly, waiting for Katie to catch the drift.

Silence passed through the phone for a moment then Katie gasped. "No! You got an apartment?! I can't believe you parents let you move out!"

Troian couldn't believe it herself, but it was true. Her strict, sheltering, over protective parents had actually bought her an apartment and were letting her live alone. All of the 'yes ma'am stuff, and cleaning the house everyday, and graduating in the top 10% of her class' had finally paid off. Of course they still expected her to visit, and to come home every now and then, but they figured they would let her move out two months before she turned eighteen. After all, they had raised her well, so nothing to worry about right?

"Yup, they did!" Troian squealed back, clearly still awe that she was actually was.

"So party?" Katie asked quickly, hoping the answer was yes.

"No." Troian shot back quickly, "No parties! I'm not cleaning up all that shit up by myself after everyone passes out...nope, sorry." She knew Katie. She was a calm person for most of the time, but her + alcohol + music + Pete=crazy.

"Awww, come on! You never have parties, loosen up!" Katie protested, her lips forming a pout though Troian couldn't see it.

"I don't have parties because I can't dance, because people won't come, because I'm slightly weird and extremely ugly...and lastly because everyone will pass out on me." Troian exaggerated, throwing the explanation at Katie.

Katie can be too headstrong at times...she just doesn't give up. "Whaaaat?" I'll teach you to dance, everyone will be there, you are definitely weird and it's fucking awesome. You're not ugly, and I promise not to pass out on you." She shifted on the bed impatiently and pleaded.

"No Parties." Troian repeated.

"But I'll love you forever!" Katie countered.


"I'll let you meet Patrick...." Katie cajoled, knowing Troian couldn't resist.

Ha. Now Katie had Troian. She just knew it; this girl had the cutest crush on Patrick. It wasn't obsessive thankfully, but she couldn't help but smile like an idiot when she saw Patrick in a picture or heard him sing. She was absolutely in love with his voice.

"Really?" Troian asked excitedly.


"Katie!" Troian pleaded in frustration. Fine, she would call a bluff. "You know what, I don't even care, Patrick's not that special. He's just another guy."

Pete, who was also wide awake by now, rolled his eyes and took the phone from Katie. "He is too!" He told Troian.

He giggled, "Good morning. Patrick is fucking awesome, thanks. Oh, And Thank you so much for keeping Katie on the phone, but I need her, so I'll see you tomorrow 'kay?"

Troian grinned, "Yeah okay, buy guys." She said going to click off her phone.

"But I wasn't don--" Katie's protest blared out through the phone, followed by a low giggle and a moan. Troian took that as her cue to hang up.


Four hours later Troian was stepping out her shower, and wrapping a warm towel around her cold body. She shivered as the cool air hit her. It didn't help that it was freezing outside and snow was falling relentlessly. She tried to be quick, and smoothed lotion over her body. Then she went back to her bedroom and slipped on a simple pair of relaxed jeans, and a grey t-shirt that said ADTL. It looked like an ACDC imitation shirt, only it stood for "A Day in The Life." Hawthorne Heights's previous name before they decided to change it.

After blow drying and straightening her dark hair straight, she added a light composure of Eyeliner and mascara. Nothing too fancy.

Still it was freezing in the large apartment, so Troian went to turn on the heater, setting it at a reasonable temperature. She knew it would be a while before the whole place got warm, so she slipped on a black My Chemical Romance hoodie that said "DEAD!" in large white letters across the front. Now there was nothing to do but wait for Katie to arrive.

Thirty minutes passed as Troian lay on the couch in impatience. Hadn't Katie said she was going to be there early? Her stomach rumbled in hunger and she stood up and stretched. She might as well make food while she waited. She opened her fridge door and scanned the items in it, her stomach grumbling even more. She wanted something good; she felt like she was starving. So she pulled out eggs, some bacon, and some tortillas she had made earlier.

She cooked with skilled, making sunny side up eggs and bacon that were crispy just to the right degree. Soon her whole house was filled with the smell of breakfast, and wafting out to the living room.

"Mmmm..." Someone said loudly, dropping their bags by her front door. Troian turned to find Pete in her living room coming towards her. A hungry look crawled over his face and he pouted in hope.

"Peter Panda!" She squealed, rushing to give him a hug. He grinned and hugged her tightly, sniffing the air delicately.

"Hungry?" Troian asked him, already knowing the answer.

"Starving!" Pete replied, pouting again.
He gave her a 'feed-me-please' face and she giggled.
"Take a seat, chief Troian will make it all better.

But before Troian could go back to getting out more Bacon, someone else squealed in delight. "TROIAN!" Katie's voice echoed through the apartment. "Katie!" Troian cried back, running past Pete to the living room. They collided together and hugged, grins adorning both of their faces.

"Oh man, have I missed you!" Katie told her, letting her bags drop to the ground.

"Oh sure you have..." Troian mocked. "I'm sure it gets so boring following around a famous rock band with one of the hottest guys in the universe."

"Hey tahnkss!" Pete grinned from the doorway, some bacon stuffed in his mouth, his hands greasy.

"I meant Patrick, Panda, and don't you dare touch my couches or anything else with your greasy hands!"

Pete smiled his famous smile and laughed. "/Oh him. Yeah he's okay.../I guess he's sexy..." He shrugged, filling his mouth with more bacon. "Dis is really gooh!" He said waving a strip of bacon in the air at Troian.

Troian rolled her eyes and laughed. "Come on Katie, I'll go make more food, since I'm sure Panda's finished what I had made by now."

"Not yet!" Katie pulled her back, giving her a teasing smile.
"I have a surprise for you!"

She raised her eyebrows in suggestion and Troian peered around her looking for a brightly wrapped gift. "Where? Where?!" She said excitedly. Her best friend better have gotten her something for leaving her all alone in Chicago."What is it?"

Katie grinned seeing the pleading look on Troian's face. "Well you know that guy you like so much...?" Troian stopped jumping; confused. There wasn't anyone she liked in particular...who could Katie possibly been talking about?

"Uh, no." Troian replied, raising her brows in confusion.

"Oh well I guess then you don't want to meet Patrick anymore..." Katie said, nonchalantly, walking away. "No way!" Troian cried, grabbing Katie's arm.


"Hey where do we put our stuff?" A sweet voice came from the doorway. Troian knew that voice. She'd memorized the lyrics it sang. She fallen asleep to it so many countless nights, wishing she could hear it in person.

Troian looked past Katie's face, her eyes landing on a breathtaking face. Her jaw dropped slightly for a moment, and then she straightened up, getting her composure. He was even more amazing in person. She couldn't help it as a grin swept over her face. Her heart was ready to beat out of her chest as the sight of him, and she willed herself not to say anything stupid.

"Uh...Anywhere you like." She told Patrick and he stepped inside, and let his bags drop next to Pete's. He looked positively gorgeous...and tired. He closed the door and looked around...then his eyes lit up.

"Is someone cooking bacon?" Patrick asked hopefully, his eyes big.
Troian grinned, somehow calm, and nodded.

"I was before everyone got here. I Think Panda might have beaten you to it though."

"Petey!" Patrick cried, rushing into Troian's small kitchen; his eyes darting around in search of the food.

"Huh?" Pete looked up at Patrick in wonder, his mouth full. "Hay Trick!"

"Noooo, you ate all the food!" Patrick whined, plopping down in the chair beside him. He reached for the last piece of bacon on Pete's plate and Pete snatched the plate away, his arm out. "Mine!"

Patrick's adorable face fell and he pouted. Troian walked into the Kitchen; Katie closed behind and rolled her eyes. She got out more bacon and eggs and smiled. "I can make more?"

"My hero!" Patrick cried, jumping up from his chair to hug her in happiness. Troian melted as soon as he wrapped his arms around her and she smiled. She could get used to fact she hoped he never let her go.


Unfortunately, Patrick did let go. He had to, in order to devour the food she prepared. Her cooking seemed to thrill him. He was sweet, and she liked that. He asked constant question and listened intently, along with Slapping Pete's hand away from his plate every five seconds.

"Hey do you need help?"

She was washing dishes,now that the guys had had enough to eat had finally stopped asking for more food. God, these guys probably never ate enough on that bus. Katie had immediately taken to Troian's room and fallen asleep. How ironic.
Pete had joined her after eating a ton of his(and Patrick's)bacon and had fallen asleep as well.

She turned, soap still covering her hands and her eyes fell on Patrick. "Oh, that's okay, I got it." Oh, wow....He is gorgeous.

"You sure? The least I could do is help, since you made me breakfast."

Troian smiled even wider but shook her head, "No, really. Pete ate too, but he's not offering." Troian meant it as a joke; she didn't care, because that's just how Pete was. Plus they were staying at her apartment, so they were her guests. Plus Patrick was just too cute to force to wash dishes.

"Yeah, but I'm not Pete, and I think it's rude to make you clean up our mess and after you just treated us to a great breakfast." Patrick was being genuine. He was never one to just leave one person to all the work. He hated imposing on people's space, and taking advantage of their hospitality. And of course she was girl. He always had high respect for women. Other men treated them so rudely at times, and it infuriated him when people suggested he go to strips clubs and such. He wasn't one to degrade women with indecent names and cat calls.

"Patrick seriously, It's fine...I don't mind at all, you're my guest, so it's no big deal." The fact that he was even offering help was enough to make her feel good. But she didn't let it go to her head. She was sure he was just a polite, well mannered guy. "But thanks for offering, I appreciate it."

"Okay fine, then I'll sit here and bother you." He told her, hopping up the counter. He was secretly glad it had only taken him one try to get up on it. It didn't help that was short, and sometimes had jump a few times before he sat someone's counter.

Troian grinned and shook her head, "Suit yourself; you'll get bored soon enough."

Patrick wasn't paying attention though; he was carefully trying to catch a bubble that had drifted his way. "Huh?"

Troian giggled, and rolled her eyes. "Never mind, here help yourself." She finished rinsing the dishes then took some soap, and lathered it in her hands. Once bubbles appeared her hands she wiped them on his face, laughing.

Of course, on the inside she was completely afraid. Guys just weren't her strong point. Things like flirting made her nervous. Just the fact that she had just wiped soap on Patrick's face kinda scared her. Would he think she was just a little stupid? Or maybe childish? She hardly knew him to be trying to flirt.
Her cheeks turned slightly pink even though he didn't even look at her weird or laugh at her expense.

Instead he gasped in mock surprise, then giggled. Then he wiped some of it off his face and smeared on her cheek in delight.
"Now what?" He asked, trying to sound tough.

"Oh now, it's on!" She declared, taking some water in her hands and sprinkling it at him. "Hey!" He cried, turning on the water faucet and wetting her back.

Soon an all out water and bubble fight had begun and both of them were covered in soap and bubbles and were slightly wet. Troian squealed, as Patrick pinned her against the counter and rubbed more suds on her face in triumph.
"Hahaha, you should just give up, because you’re not going to win!" He cried, rubbing the soap in his hands as he stepped back to admire the damage he'd done.

She huffed out of breath and remained leaning against the counter. An evil smile crept over her face and she eyed the water nozzle at her sink.

"I know that look, don't even try anything!" Patrick warned her, as she stepped sideways toward it. He wasn't sure what she was up to but he was suddenly prepared to run. She seemed pretty clever and he wouldn't be surprised if he ended up on the floor, losing. "Troian..." He warned, taking a step closer to her. She put one hand behind her back, reaching toward the water faucet...

Patrick only expected her make more bubbles, and he took another step to her. Instead she reached out turned on the water, then grabbed the water hose.

Before he could react, she was spraying him with ice cold water, and his shirt was soaked. He cried out in surprise, trying to shield himself, but he knew there was no escaping the water. Giggles erupted from both of them and he walked into the water, wrestling the hose away from her. "No!" She giggled, trying to take back the water hose he had just pried from her hands. "Revenge is cold." He told her, soaking her from head to toe; Laughs drowning out the ringing of his cell phone.

"Patrick you wait..." She told him, as they sat on the kitchen floor. Both soaked, but having called a truce. "Wait for what? I thought we called it even." He told her, eyeing her in case she tried anything. They leaned against the counter's base, laughing at each other. "You look stupid!" She told him, rubbing bubbles off his chin.

"You look just as bad!" He teased, pulling her wet hair. "Ow." She said, exaggerating. Patrick rolled his head as if he didn't care and grinned.
"That was fun."

Troian nodded, in complete awe that she had just soaked the guy of her dreams and now they were laughing about it on her floor. For those 15 minutes, all of her shyness had faded away. All of her low self esteem had risen and she had been herself completely. Now it was rushing back as he grinned at her, silence settling in.

"It w---"
She was cut off by Patrick's pocket ringing.
"Oh, sorry...hang on." A familiar Ray Charles song filled the air as he reached in his pocket, wiping his hands on his soaked jeans. "Hello?"

He was silent for a moment, before he stood up, waving to Troian. He pulled the phone away from his ear, wincing as someone blared through the phone then he started to walk away.

"No, I'm sorry....I didn't hear it ring...Nothing...Just hanging out with a friend...." Patrick sounded slightly annoyed as he spoke to the person on the other line, his voice faded off as he walked away. He didn't turn back, or say anything else to her and Troian suddenly felt like the loser she had woken up as. Then she looked around and sighed.

"Where did I put the mop..?" She muttered.

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