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I Should Mean More.

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"Yeah, fuck you." He spat into the phone, "It's over."

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Patrick did his best to get his point across to her as she yelled into the phone.

He was having trouble, seeing as she wouldn't shut up and let him talk. The second he had answered his sidekick she had jumped down his throat. Wild accusations were flying from her lips as soon as she heard the giggling in the background.

She didn't believe that Patrick could have been so busy in some conversation, if that was what he was doing, to not hear his phone ring.

"Listen to me!" He commanded his voice loud and high. He was so sick of her accusations and tantrums. When would she learn to trust him? He had never once given her a reason to think that he would cheat on her. He had never once even thought about it. Sure she was slightly annoying, and extremely high maintenance, but loved her.

"Babe, have I ever cheated on you? No. You know I would never, I love you too much..." He spoke soft and soothingly, trying to reassure her.

"Who's your friend?" She asked nosily, not even trying to cooperate. It had better not be a girl. Not with her boyfriend.

"Just this girl-"

"A girl?!" Cindee shrieked.

"Calm down---babe! She's not even my friend, I don't even know her. I'm with Pete and he's the one who dragged me here, really."

The girl seemed to buy this explanation and finally calm down.

"Okay...I long as she's Pete's friend and not yours."

"I promise babe, I don't hardly know her." Anything to make Cindee calm down. God, she could be so over protective sometimes. Then she would go off and flirt with all kinds of guys. How Patrick always ended up being the one who was wrong, he didn't know. Cindee wasn't even that great of a girlfriend, but something kept pulling him back. He had never been that good with relationships. He always came out hurt. He just wanted to meet someone who actually loved him as much as he loved them.

"Alright then....I just wanted to know what you were doing, call me later?"

"Of course sweetie, I will." Patrick informed her, nodding even though she couldn't see it. He was ready to hang up; it was rude, in his opinion, to not even get to know Troi. After all he was staying in her house. He wasn't planning to cheat on Cindee anyway, Troi was just a friend.

"Ok baby, bye." Cindee told him.

"Okay, I love-"
The dial tone met his ears before he could utter this last word. "You..." He muttered, finishing his sentence. He snapped his phone shut, taken aback that she hadn't even bothered to say 'I love you.' And sighed. Cindee was one of a kind. He just wished she was more of the kind that cared.


Troi finally finished moping up the mess Patrick and she had made. It amazed her that she had only started out washing a few dishes and ended up having to mop and rearrange the kitchen. She could hear Patrick's voice yelling at whoever had called while she made her way back to her room to change. She was about to take off her shirt when someone snored. She jumped at the sound to turn and find Pete snoring away on her bed with Katie. His arms wrapped around her torso protectively. I thought they were in the guest room. She grabbed her clothes and changed in the bathroom, putting on an outfit similar to the one she'd been wearing. Just plain jeans and a blue hoodie. Then she went back living room, passing Patrick's room again. She did her best to block out his voice, knowing it was impolite to eavesdrop. She sighed with disappointment as she caught his last words. Something like 'I love you.'

That meant he had a girlfriend.

Well of course he had a girl friend! He was Patrick Stump! What had she expected? For him to be single and instantly fall in love with her as soon as he walked through her door?

Still, she could not suppress the feeling of heartache. For that period of time they had spent together, she thought she had felt a connection. It had almost seemed like she had a chance. Get over yourself! You never had a chance!

It was true. She sighed at the realization, depression falling over her. She had never had a chance. Not with Patrick or any other guy that passed before her. Not now, or even during her four years in high school had a guy looked at her twice. She was always just Troi. Always the one labeled as 'Nice' or 'smart' but never dating material. She had always been chubby, but not far enough to be called ugly or overweight. But never skinny enough to be called cute or hot. Never enough to date. Guys would talk to her, yes, but it was always just talking. She was always just one of the guys, or someone to go to when someone needed help on their homework. She was never good enough.

She groaned in disgust as she stared at her reflection in the blank television screen. She was plain. Simply not good enough. She cursed herself; looking over body seated on the couch. She hated it. In her opinion she was fat.
Fat enough to not interest Patrick. She was ugly.

Patrick entered the room, noticing her frown and took a seat next to her. "Why so sad?" He asked, breaking her hateful thoughts.

She looked up, her eyes falling into his, her anger melting away. " reason, I'm not mad." She lied, struggling for something better to say. Talking to extremely gorgeous guys wasn't on her list either. Damnit, she had no people skills!

"Liar." He teased, "You looked mad when I walked in."

"Yeah, well I'm not anymore." She replied truthfully. His smile could break anyone. Damn him, why did he have to be so....Patrick-yish?

She turned the question on him. "/You/sounded mad on the phone, not that I was listening, I just heard you..." She let her voice trail off, realizing how utterly idiotic she sounded. He wasn't even flirting with her and she was stuttering. Smooth, real smooth.

He chuckled at her nervousness. "I wasn't mad, just kinda know? My girlfriend was being a pain."

Damnit, he did have a girlfriend.

She nodded in agreement as if it didn't matter to her that the guy of her dreams was taken.

"So..." Patrick began, struggling for a topic. He hated talking to girls. It didn't matter who they were or if he liked them or not, it made him nervous. Plus Troi was mumbling away. He hoped she didn't have a crush on him. That would be cute and all, but he had enough things on his mind to be worrying about some other girl liking him. Not that he was egotistical or anything, not many girls liked him for him, but he had enough of Cindee's problems to deal with to even think about liking anyone else. Besides...Cindee was nice.
When she wanted to be.

"Uh...How old are you?" Patrick asked her, leaning back on the couch. Troi got comfortable and tucked her legs under her body.

"I'm about to turn eighteen next month."

Patrick decided to plyay twenty questions and went on to ask her everything else. So technically it was more like 200 hundred questions. Pretty soon the awkwardness had faded away like earlier and they were engaged in a full fledged conversation about music. Troi nodded as he listed off some artist he liked, and smiled. They had similar tastes.

Her eyes widened in surprise as he named off Ray Charles and Nat King Cole.

"No way, you like them?" She asked.

"Yes," He said defensively. "They awesome, I don't care what yo-"

She laughed which caused him to stop, "What?"

"Nothing," She teased, "I never said they weren't great, in fact I have most of Ray Charles Cds and some Nat King Cole. I happen to like the oldies. And the eighties for that matter." She said matter of factly.

He smiled, pleased that she actually like them. "Really? That is so cool; I don't know very many people, or girls for that matter, who like good music."

She nodded, yeah well...I'm weird like that, but I have them, do you want to see them?" She asked him. She stood up in suggestion.

"Yeah sure." He replied, standing up as well.

He followed her towards her room, and they tiptoed in quietly, trying not to wake Katie and Pete. She quickly grabbed her Cd case and headed for the door when she caught Patrick leaning over Pete, tickling his nose. "Come on." She motioned for him to come, and he waved for her to wait. "Marker?" He whispered evilly.

She looked around, her eyes landing on one right on her desk. She grabbed it and threw it to him lightly. He caught it with ease and pulled the cap, standing over Peter in a menacing way.

He flashed Troi a grin as she realized what he was going to do, then carefully, as to not wake Pete he dragged the tip of the marker along Pete's face, making designs and writing various things. He made sure to write LOSER on Pete's forehead in big letters, before slipping the incriminating weapon into his pocket. He left, motioning for Troi to follow.

Once they were out of the room and back in the living room, the two burst out laughing. He pulled out the marker happily, and examined it, reading the label. His smile grew wider and the words permanent ink caught his eyes.

"That was messed up." She giggled, sitting back on the couch.

Patrick grinned, "Yeah it was...but I owed him. He got me the other day on the tour bus."

They both believed this to be a fair as revenge and nodded.

"Oh yea, so can I look at these?" He asked, pointing to the Cd case.

She nodded casually and let him have, watching him intently. He took her breath away. She didn't know how, it had to be the way his eyes crinkled around the edges when he laughed or how his innocent smile made everything less awkward. What ever it was, it had a hold of her and wasn't letting go.

"Oh man! You have the limited edition Ray Charles Greatest Hits!" He cried, picking up the Cd to inspect it.

She giggled at his enthusiasm. She actually had two. She'd bought one and she's been given one for her birthday.

Patrick seemed thrilled to even be looking at it. He's wanted this album but he could never find it in any stores. "I always look for this and can never find it! Can we listen to it? Please?" He asked.

"Of course, actually," She told him. "I have two copies; you can keep that one if you like." She wasn't aware of what compelled her to give it away. She just wanted to see him smile that smile.

His eyes grew wide. "Really? No...I can't, it's yours." He said nervously, even though he really wanted it.

She shook her head, "No it's fine, really, I want you to have it."

He smiled happily at his new gift, and before he could wonder what she might think he hugged her tightly. "Wow. Thanks! Thank you so much..."

She nodded, like a school girl, happy that he had hugged her. "No problem, it's a great Cd."

He stood up automatically, and headed for her stereo, popping the Cd in. He felt like listening to good music now, plus he was in a good mood.

They sat there listening to Ray Charles belt out his lyrics and sang along with him, stupid grins on their faces. Patrick smiled as Troi sang along with him, completely confident. She had a pretty voice. And she was fun to be around.

Troi turned to find Patrick watching her and stopped singing, "What?" She asked, her nervousness flooding back.

Patrick shrugged, "Nothing..."

They finished the Cd, then talked a bit more before Patrick stood up and stretched. Oh man, they'd been sitting there talking and listening to Ray Charles over and over for about four hours.

He grimaced as he looked at his sidekick to find another two missed calls.
Oh, man.

"I'll be back," He sighed, dialing Cindee's number and nodding to Troi before he headed outside of the apartment, preparing for Cindee to yell at him.

He pulled his Jacket tighter around himself, shivering, as he waited patiently, her phone ringing. He watched absently as little snowflakes fell around him, and he leaned on the railing in front Troi's apartment. No answer.

He figured Cindee must be angry at him he missed her call again and tried her number again. It ran another four times before someone picked up the phone, the voice unfamiliar to Patrick.

"Hello?" A deep voice answered. Who the hell?

Patrick raised his eyebrows, confused. "Um hello? Who is this? Can I talk to Cindee?"

"This is Cindee's boyfriend, who is this?"

Patrick mouth dropped open. "What? That's not possible; I'm Cindee's boyfriend, who is this? "

"Your crazy man, I don't know what your fuckin talking abou--"
Someone snatched the phone away from the man and Cindee's voice filled the phone line.

"Patrick babe? It's Cindee, Don't mind him, he was just joking around."

But Patrick knew she was lying, her nervous voice gave it away. "You're lying." Patrick accused, his fists tightening into balls. She's cheating on me!
That bitch!

"Baby I-I'm not lying, I was just-"

"Yeah, why was he answering you phone?" Patrick fumed, spitting the words in allegation.

"I-he was just. He's only a friend. I swear." She stuttered in reply, knowing she was caught.

"Yeah, fuck you." He spat into the phone, "It's over."

Alright, there's chapter two for ya. I hope it wasn't too boring for you, more drama soon, I promise. But no Chapter 3 until I get some rates and reviews to know what you guys think. =) If you love me, then you will. XD

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