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Hang your Head.

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Patrick glared at the cup in his hands. "Because her so called boyfriend answered her phone."

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Patrick stormed back into the apartment, clearly unhappy. Troi watched as he sulked back to the room where he and Pete were supposed to be sleeping and slam the door shut. The entire time she watched in Appall, her mouth slightly open in surprise.

His emotions had gone from laid back and calm to completely pissed off. What happened? She stood up, unsure of what to do. Should she try to talk to him?

Or leave him alone? Maybe that was a better idea...after all; she'd only known him for like a day. He might not appreciate her stepping into his business.

She bit her lip in frustration. What do you do when the guy you like is in the next room, angry and mad at someone and you want to help but don't want to seem nosy and desperate? She genuinely wanted to help, the same time she didn't want to invade his personal space.

She wasn't quite sure. So on impulse she decided to make him something to drink. The snow outside was sure to have frozen him up a bit.
True it might seem a bit cheesy, but it was all she could think of.

Hey you can't blame her. She was dying to talk to him more, even if had only been about 15 minutes since they had last spoken. Something in her was longing to be able to look into his endless green eyes; to see him smile that smile.

So she stepped into her kitchen, praying that there was still some instant mix left. Score! There was a full box. She quietly poured the mix together; expertly making it. Then she fixed herself a mug too.

As quietly as possible, she walked down the hall and towards the guest room. Her insides were knotting for no reason. Only because she was going to try to talk Patrick and see what was up. God, she was so immature. There was no reason for her to be nervous at the moment, yet she had been since the moment he had walked through her door.

It wasn't the fact that he was famous, God no, she could care less about that...It was the fact that he was so quiet and sweet. The fact that his features were rough and sexy, but instead were subtle and warm. She liked the fact that he wasn't hot and outgoing like Pete but more shy and observant...more...him. Someone you had to actually work to get to know.

He was someone it took more than one night to understand, yet in the long run, he was worth it.

They would talk and everything would fade away, life would become so much simpler...then as soon as he was like a blank slate being shoved at her. She was suddenly back at square one again and had to work to regain her confidence around him. Get a grip. She mentally kicked herself.

You've known him for like half a day.

She took a deep calming breath anyway, tried to not look so desperate before he saw her. Did she look desperate? She wasn't. But somehow she would end up looking stupid anyways.../Shut up!/ She commanded herself.

She balanced both of the steaming cups of Hot Chocolate in one hand, holding them up with her arm and reached out to knock on the door. The cups starting to burn her as soon as she lifted her hand to rap on the door. But to her misfortune she didn't get chance to knock on Patrick's door. Instead it was pulled open defiantly, Patrick's fuming face greeting her.

He stepped forward without even noticing her and before she could move from his path, he walked right into her, knocking both of the cups against her chest. It only took half a second for the scalding liquid to reach her skin, and she let out a half gasp, half yelp from the pain.

"Fuck!" She cried, as she fell to floor, the liquid seeping through her hoodie rapidly, turning it from Blue to brown.

Patrick's eyes widened and he immediately felt his face flush. His emotions turned from instant anger to pure embarrassment. He kneeled down quickly, picking up the cups from the floor. He carefully picked up the broken pieces of one of them and threw them inside the other, stuttering for an explanation.

Nice. Not only had he just dumped his girlfriend but fifteen minutes later he goes and almost kills the girl who supposed to be his hostess. He felt even worse because he felt a sense of admiration from her. It was the way she smiled innocently when he teased her or spoke that let him know she liked him.

Which was nice and all...but well...she just wasn't his type.
She was kinda...plain you know? And somewhat chubby.
She was cute, yeah...but she just didn't do it for him.

And now he had spilled something all over her. What was it? Coffee? Hot Chocolate? Whatever it was he realized he was just standing there, stupidly analyzing the situation instead of helping her.

"Oh God, I am so sorry!" He said quickly, helping her up. They wouldn't have to mop up anything because all of whatever it was she'd had, was soaked into her hoodie. Great, twice in one day.

She stood up silently, her cheeks burning; and Patrick racked his brains for something nice to say. Anything to make her feel less stupid.

"Uh...Sorry." He repeated, following her back into the kitchen. He threw away the broken pieces of glass and put the other mug into the sink, sighing.

"Are you okay?" He asked watching her as she removed her hoodie to reveal a simply white shirt underneath. Well, the remains of a simple white shirt, it was now splotchy and brown. Patrick could just make out a strip of her stomach before she fixed her wet shirt, pulling it down. It was slightly red from the heat of the liqud, and a pang of guilt hit him.

"Yeah...uh...I'm fine." She said quietly, going to walk out of the room.
Before she could leave he tapped her on the shoulder.
"Um, what was that that you had...before I spilt it?" He asked nervously.

"Hot chocolate..." She whispered, as if she'd been caught doing something wrong. Then she turned from him and left to chance for the third time that day.


"Oh, very nice Troi." She muttered to herself, as she changed in the bath room, a sour look on face, adding to her already pink cheeks.

That was just her luck. Of course hot chocolate would end up getting spilled on as she tried to comfort the guy she liked. Things like that always happened to her. She wasn't clumsy, far from it. No, Misery just loved her precious company. She was just the kind of person who tried to do something nice and ended up looking stupid. When something good happened...chances were something was going to come along and ruin it. Which was exactly why never she let herself get her hopes up. No point in setting herself up for the letdown. That was fate's way of telling her to back off because she wasn't good enough.

She caught her reflection in the mirror and turned away in disgust, closing her eyes. Right now, she wanted to be anyone but herself.

This time, she only bothered to put on some track pants and a black t-shirt. There was no reason in looking nice, it would probably just end up getting wet, dirty, or ripped, right?

Her chest burned slightly from the heat of the hot chocolate and she rubbed it gingerly. This sucked.

She slumped all the way down the hall, until she made it to the kitchen, where she tried to put on a slightly happy face. To her surprise, Patrick sat there at the table waiting for her, two steaming mugs before him. He looked utterly embarrassed, and she decided there was no way in hell she could ever hold it against him. Not that she had been planning to...but yeah, you get the picture.

She raised her eyebrows in question and he smiled shyly at her. "I'm kinda spilled the last batch I thought maybe you would like some more?"

She smiled weakly, and nervously sat next him. "Thanks."

You don't have a chance, so relax!

He nodded; something obviously still on his mind.

"So what happened?" She asked him quietly, shrugging off what had just happened.

He shrugged back, but answered. "My girlfriend-ex girlfriend now, was cheating on me." He said sadly. Clearly he had felt something for her.
Well of course he does, they were only still together 30 minutes ago.

Troi felt so bad for could anyone do that to someone so sweet?

"I'm sorry..." She whispered, "How did you know?"

Patrick glared at the cup in his hands. "Because her so called boyfriend answered her phone."

Troi didn't say anything, she just raised her eyebrows. Wow that had to suck. So much more than getting hot chocolate spilt on you. She couldn't even feel happy that he was single, because she knew he was hurting.

She didn't care how unattached he was, not if he was going to hurt like this.
She would rather see him happy with some other girl, then see the hurt look in his eyes that she was seeing now.

They both sat in silence; sipping their mugs of hot chocolate. She wasn't sure what to do, so she said nothing. It probably come out sounding stupid anyways. She wanted him to like her half as much as she liked him, yet something deep in her told her it was never going to happy. And that feeling was usually right.

"What did she say?" She asked, breaking the silence.

Patrick stared at her for a moment. "She said..." He paused trying to remember the conversation. "I don't remember, but she was lying." He muttered.

"Maybe it was for the best." She said softly. "Maybe...there's someone better out there for you."

Patrick twiddled his thumbs, weighing her words. Maybe she was right.
He wanted someone who would love him and appreciated.
Someone who deserved him.

He nodded at her appreciatively. "You're right Troi." He flashed her a smile, even though he was still heartbroken inside. He wasn't going to forget Cindee overnight.

"You deserve better." Troi said softly, echoing his thoughts.

He was glad that she was someone he could talk to, that she was actually willing to help him. She was a great person he could already tell.

"So do you have any friends you could set me up with then?" He asked, failing to notice as her smile faded to heartache and she lower her gaze to her mug.

"I'm sure I can find someone..." She mumbled; her heart tearing.

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