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I'd Rather Feel Pain, Then Nothing At All.

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"You fucking....fucker!" He shrieked, glaring at Patrick. Troian giggled behind Pete and he turned to her. "I /know/ you had something to do with this!"

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Patrick stopped himself before he could open his mouth. Had he really just asked her that?

Patrick's eyes stayed glued to his mug as he pondered what he'd just done. A few seconds passed before he noticed Troi's small voice; her slightly crushed expression. Nice Stump, very considerate of you. Wow, way to break her heart.

Fantastic. Just what he needed, for her to like him.

It's not that she was weird or anything. The past half of the day that he's spent with her had been entertaining. She was fun to talk to, so easy to get along with....but well...she was just Troi.

Okay...So she was a teensy bit ugly. Patrick couldn't deny it to himself that part of his dislike was because of her looks. She wasn't..../ugly/...she was...just so plain. Nothing like Cindee with her long dirty blonde hair, her sleek features, those sexy green eyes...Her slim model like figure..and large br..

Patrick frowned at the situation. Her felt horrible. He always did his best to not be so mean, even if he was just thinking to himself.

Personality over beauty right? But he is a guy.

However, cut him some slack. He'd just broken up with the girl he loved, and in doing so, he realized she never really cared. She would have ended up breaking up with him anyway. She had never really loved him the way she had played it up and it was tearing Patrick up inside just to think about it.

He was always the goddamned gentleman. He was always the person to turn to with problems, but never the person to love enough to not hurt. So sue him if he had a couple of mean, selfish thoughts.

Not that his whole personality was act, he was genuinely a gentleman. Sometimes…he just slipped up.

Seriously, the boy couldn't go two seconds with out feeling inadequate or shy. He blushed if someone complimented his freaking jacket. That's just who he was, modest. Talking to girls in general just made him shy; there was no way around it.

True, it didn't always appear that way, especially an hour ago when he was having the time of his life, singing along with Troi to Ray Charles. But on the inside Patrick was just as shy as ever. He hid his emotions well, learning from Pete. The boy was golden, but he didn't dare show it. And sometimes, without even trying, he ended up looking less considerate than he actually was.

He didn't want to hurt her...but fuck, what was he to do?

He sighed. The least he could do was make her feel better.

He played out a chuckled, and balled up a napkin before throwing it at her to get her attention.

She looked up confused, attempting to hide her disappointment.

"Why the long face?" Patrick teased; even though he knew exactly how she felt.

She wanted to lie and say 'nothing,' but the lie wouldn't come out.

"I was only kidding. I mean I've known you for a day, I would never force you to set me up with anyone. To be serious, Blind dates---actually, dates in general scare me. " He smiled warmly, noting her face as it lit up. Honestly, Patrick was golden.

She was only trying to help and here he was making her feel bad in turn. Not cool.

"Besides that's not my style." He said in his best ghetto impression.

She giggled and he joined her, feeling the awkwardness fade away.

The she smiled, and he almost gasped. She had such a sweet smile. The only time he'd seen her smile like that was when they were having fun a few hours ago. It was quiet smile, shy; yet natural...Like she was afraid of what the world around her was thinking about her, yet she pondering whether to not care at all.

They gazed at each other for a moment; blissful smiles playing at both of their lips. A comfortable silence settling in.

"Thanks." He told her quietly, and she raised her eyebrows.

"What for?"

He gave her a goofy look that said 'Duh' and threw another napkin ball at her.

"You know. For letting me stay here even though you don't know me.For not kicking me out after I almost gave you permanent 3rd degree burns.For listening to my shitty problems."

Troi felt her cheeks heat up. How did he do that? How did he make her feel so shy and special with such simple words? They weren't even directed towards her romantically yet the words meant so much to her.

"No problem, Patrick. I got your back." She said imitating his ghetto impression and thumping her chest before holding up the thug peace sign.

They shared another moment before a high pitched scream interrupted their laughter.

"Patrick Fucking Stump!" They both turned in their seats toward the hallway, waiting in anticipation. It wasn't long before a fuming Pete came stalking up to them, sure as hell pissed off. He marched right up to them, his face red underneath the black designs, his fist balled up. Troi attempted to stifle her laughter, as the word LOSER blared off Pete's forehead. Patrick stood up and backed away; suddenly afraid of what Pete might do.

"You fucking....fucker!" He shrieked, glaring at Patrick. Troi giggled behind Pete and he turned to her. "I know you had something to do with this!"

She gasped through her giggles, and shook her head. "I swear I didn't!"

"Actually, it was her marker, and her plan." Patrick lied; an evil grin on his adorable face.

Troi's jaw dropped in amusement. "Liar! What the hell, Patrick!"
Still she couldn't contain her laughter and both boys turned on her. Where was Katie when she needed her? Was she seriously sleeping through this?
Troi backed up, slightly fearful.

"Pete he's lying...." She said, a grin appearing on her face. "For real, I told him to leave you alone....he said it was payback because you got him on the bus..."
She did her best to think of an excuse and suddenly Pete was lifting her off the ground, and throwing her over his shoulder.

"Put me down!" She cried; slapping his back and rear and Pete carried her upside down. What if she was too heavy?

"Hey that feels pretty good..." Pete muttered as he carried her into the living, Patrick following gleefully. She shot him an upside down glare and he slowed his paced as he caught her 'You're going to pay for this' Look, but followed nonetheless.

As soon as they entered the living room, Pete threw on the couch and attacked her, his hands flying to her sides; giggles erupting into the air. Why was she getting the blame when Patrick so shamelessly stood there laughing?

"Pa-trick!" She cried between laughs. "If----youdon-hel-me-I-swear---I'll-kill-you!" He shook his head, laughing at the sight before him.

Finally after 10 minutes of torture, Pete let up, sitting on the couch beside her, both of out of breath, Troi's face red.

She glared at the two of them, her arms crossed. "What was that for? I didn't even do it!" Pete grinned at her, chuckling.

"I know, but it makes for great footage." He told her, pointing to Katie behind them, a camera firmly attached to her hand, the little red light blinking. She waved at Troi casually.

"Traitor!" She lunged for the camera and everyone laughed as she hit the floor.

"How come you're not getting Patrick?" She huffed.

Pete grinned, and rubbed his hands together. "Oh, he's got it coming." He assured her. Patrick backed away horrified and everyone burst in laughter.

"I'm serious." Pete told them.

[three months later]

"Oh no, get outta my way!" Patrick cried, as he and Troi raced to the living room through the quiet apartment. Silly grins were spread wide over their tired faces, so early in the morning. Both of them donned long blankets over the heads like foolish hoods as the raced towards the couch in front of the TV showing Saturday morning cartoons.

"Hell to the fuck no!" Troi grabbed Patrick's blanket, pulling him back and dodged ahead of him, giggles escaping her lips.

"No fair!" Patrick pouted as he huffed up to Troi who had sprawled out on the couch and was now clutching the remote to her chest, and making a bragging face at Patrick.

"Not my fault you're so slow, Tricky!"

Patrick glared at her and sat on her legs, not bothering to be gentle. "First off, don't call me that and second, relinquish that remote or I'll break your legs!"

Troi shook her head vigorously and poked her tongue out at him. "No." She tried to pull her legs out from under him and glared at Patrick as he squished down into her legs, refusing to move.

"We always watch your cartoons!" She whined, "It's my turn!" Still, despite her whining, a grin played at her full lips. They both loved the same cartoons. They just fought anyway over who got to hold the remote and lay on the couch, even though they both ended up sprawled all over each other and taking the remote from one another.

"I don't care, I'm cool like that, now hand over the remote!"

"Screw you!"

Patrick leaned over to his best friend; knowing her weakness, and started tickling her side, mercilessly.

"Stooop!" Troi cried out, laughing between gulps of air. Damnit, Patrick was so mean; he always used her weakness against her. The remote fell from her grasp as she tried to defend herself and Patrick instantly let her go and grabbed it, standing up. "Haha!" He bragged, waving the remote.

Troi glared at him, sprawled back out on the couch. "Fine, then enjoy the floor."

"No, scoot over." He told, pushing her legs off the couch and sitting on the end.

Three months had passed. Three long month since Troi had met Patrick.

It was so obvious from the start that these two would be inseparable. To everyone but them, anyway.

They were alike in too many ways,for it to not be so. From the fact that they both breathed music to their obsession with Ray Charles. Their friendship bloomed the second they both shared those smiles after Patrick's breakup. They knew it was eternal friendship when they both escaped Pete's wrath and simultaneously suggested more Ray. From that moment they both caught each other's eyes, and burst out laughing. To be best friends was undeniable.

There was something in each other there that they couldn't quite place. Like they had known each other all their life. Suddenly they were finishing each other's sentences and reading each other's minds. They were staying up all night telling each other secrets and giggling about stupid things. They were whispering a secret language only they knew and laughing over idiotic inside jokes.

It was golden.

Troi reached for the remote in Patrick's hands and he pulled it out of her reach teasingly. "Ah, ah, ah missy. No remote for you." He switched on the T.V quickly scanning the channels for cartoons.

"Loser." She muttered, shifting so that her head was in his lap.
He thought nothing of it, and stroked her hair like he was used to doing nowadays. He was just comfortable being around her.

Truth was: Troi had never completely let go of her feelings for Patrick. If anything, they had intesified. But she would never ever tell him that. She didn't want to hurt him, or make things awkward and lose his friendship. So for the most part she just shoved those feelings aside and ignored them.

Still, in the back of her mind, was that sad surpressed feeling of physical longing to hold and kiss him. Sometimes it was sheer pain just to look at him, but she always kept her mouth shut. She wanted him to be happy, and that was obviously not with her.

They scanned the channels, muttering a few cuss words every here and there as no cartoon's passed before them.

Patrick sighed and kept flipping the channels, not even paying attention to what was on.

Suddenly Troi sat up and punched him, excitement all over her face.

"Ow." Patrick muttered, rubbing his shoulder. This girl was pretty strong.

"Dude what's your problem?" He glared at her, even though he could care less that she had punched him. Only she was allowed to call him Tricky and punch him randomly.

"Dude you just passed Spiderman!" She said pointing to the TV, referring to her favorite cartoon. They both knew it backwards and forwards.

Another obsession to share.

"Where, what channel?" He asked handing her the remote in defeat.

She would have eventually won the remote back anyway.

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