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Chapter One.

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uhh, it's a one shot. and the genre doesn't fit it. idk what to pick for a one shot.

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Just a sad little one shot. If you want me to add others for the rest of the band just tell me. :]
I own nothing.

Ryan sat there in silence. He was in the dark in the middle of a playground, on the swings to be exact. He swung back and forth with the light breeze that plagued him. There was always a breeze where he went, no matter where he went. As long as he was breathing, there was a breeze. He was staring downwards at the dirt as he held onto the rusted chains of the swing. The moon was high above his head, his only source of light. He sighed as the wind picked up, the trees blowing fiercely with a cold wind. He shivered. His swing creaked as it moved gently back and forth. He was in control. He, Ryan Ross, was the one who was in control. Nobody else, nobody else needed him. Nobody would care to lose him, nobody. He wanted the breeze to end, for it to stop plaguing him already. He knew there was only one way, the only way out. The light at the end of the long dark tunnel. He sat in silence, staring straight ahead by now. The cool breeze picked up again. The only noise was that of the leaves flowing in the wind. He decided it was time. Then and there. Right now. He picked up the needle that he brought with him. He didn't want it to be painful like a knife. He filled the needle with the cool air, the same air that would soon be in his blood. He put the needle to his neck and winced as it pierced his skin. He let the air out into his bloodstream. He sighed contently, knowing the pain would soon be over. He let the needle drop to the ground. As his body went limp and he fell upon the dirt, the breeze stopped.

Wow, sad...eek, I wrote that...anyways. Tell me if you liked it or not. Please and thanks. Also, should I include the other band members one shots? Yes no? :]
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