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Don't Mess With The Magician (Beginning)

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A girl whos brother goes missing is baaaacccck

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Hey guys, this is my second story on here. This is only the first chapter so yea...Thats why it suddenly ends XD
It was a dark and windy night and the rain was hitting the window with force, oozing down it. Jane stands up and walks over to the window, putting her palms flat on the glass. It's cold and it makes Jane feel a bit better. Suddenly something hits into the window with a loud BANG! It scares Jane and she screams and runs out of the dark room tripping over something on the way. Suddenly something moves into the light from the hallway and blocks the door
"Hello Jane," And evil voice says
"Wh...Who are you?" She stutters.
The person laughs evilly
"You don't need to know that," Jane looks up at the dark silhouette of a person
"How do you know my name and what are you doing here?"
The person sighs "Jane I can only answer one question at a time, I am here on important business, and I know your name because..."
Jane can not hear the last bit because suddenly outside there is a lot of thunder. The person laughs evilly again and leaves the doorway of the room; Jane hears the footsteps retreating down the hallway. She quickly stands up and tries to follow but when she looks in the hallway the person is gone.
"Where are you? Where did you go?" Suddenly there is light in her room, from the lightning outside and she see's the person standing there
"How did you get in there?" She asks nervously
"Jane, a magician never gives away his secret! You should know that, your brother is a magician, is he not?"
Jane backs away "How do you know my brother?"
The person starts to walk towards her, slowly taking off their hat and jacket "Because Jane, I am your brother," The person says quietly.
Jane screams and runs towards the stairs. Before she can get there her brother is in front of her. Some lightning lights up the stairs and she see's his face, covered in blood and looking at her sadly.
"Jane, you did this to me. You made me like this," Jane screams again and runs the other way back towards her bedroom again. But again before she can go in her brother is there blocking the way.
"Stop doing this! Stop doing this to me!" She says, hitting his chest
"Jane, don't do this to yourself, it's not doing anything to me,"
Jane screams and kicks him; he goes flying back into the room and hits against a window. Jane starts to run. She gets to the stairs and starts to run down them. Once down in the first level on the house she looks around her. She could either go into the lounge room, the kitchen or outside. In the lounge room it was dark and she could hide, the kitchen had a phone but outside, it was dark and raining and he could find her anywhere outside.
She wouldn't go outside.
She starts to run towards the kitchen and slides under the table, her breathing heavy as she hears loud footsteps coming down the stairs
"Jane," The person calls out, urging her to come out.
"Jannne," She crawl a bit further under the table as she sees the person coming closer
"Jane, I know you're in here. Come out, come out wherever you are," The person laughs and walks over towards the fridge.
"Jane! Come out here now!" The person starts to sound angry and opens the cupboard doors with force
"Fine. You're not here? I'll go to the lounge room,"
She hears him walk out and slowly crawls back out from under the table. She reachs over and grabs the cordless phone. Completely forgetting it makes a sound when you pick it up "DUN-DUN!" She hears the person running back and jump under the table
"Where are you?" She hears him shout
Jane hears him walk over to the table and kick one of the chairs away from it.
This is the first chapter. The next will have Jane running from her "brother"
There will only probably be 3 chapters
Review?? XD
When I get 1 review I will add next chapter...k?
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