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Part 10 - I Don't Love You, Like I Loved You, Yesterday

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

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There was a new found clarity that Beata had woken up to. She was awoken by a morning that was neither broken nor neglected. In fact it was pure and chaste. The winter months were drawing to an end, but the cold still found it's way into homes and countryside. One last control over the weather before the seasons succumbed to the spring and summer months. The new beginnings would arise and the old hurt and deaths would dissolve into with every second. A carousel of emotions and believes, that changed with the year, the day and the seconds. Beata had a call to make, a person to meet, a speech to say. She wasted no time in getting ready and leaving her apartment.

Beata turned up the collar of her coat and shoved her hands deep within her pockets. She walked upon the edge of the pathway and occasionally kicked at the concrete beneath her. Her hair hid her face and moments that had built up to this floated throughout her mind. She shivered as the city wind found its way down her neck and she couldn't help but smile to herself, for reasons of maturity. In the past weeks she had grown from naivety into adulthood. Letting go of her beliefs and holding on firmly to knowledge, it beat and pounded with her heart. She knew what she had to do, and her determination to do it correctly was strong. Stronger than it had been. It called to her, lead her down this path.

The trees breezed with whispers and joy. A beam of sun came cascading through the clouds and the tops of the leaves. She watched the beauty of nature in its entirety, the youthful aspects of life surrounding her and she couldn't help but reflect the joy that coveted the pain. Beata, for once, was saying goodbye to the injustice that she had suffered and was about to start a new, a fresh page. Her soul was repairing itself beyond.

She skipped a little as she turn her steps to a park bench. One where a figure sat, his face hidden by his hood and her was watching the floor. Scarping the soles of his shoes and studying the patterns that followed the action. Beata took a moment to watch him, his eyebrows frowned and she decided to step closer as he inhaled a deep amount of oxygen. Beata saw him as a child, preparing to be scolded.

"Hey Pete" she muttered as her shadow lay upon him, he twitched and cocked his head and looked up at her. His eyes bloodshot and red, prepared for the worst. He smiled weakly at her.

"Hey" Pete replied softly, covering her body with his eyes. For a second he stared deeply within her eyes and then edge his stance to a more upright position. She lifted her hand from her pocket and motioned to the space next to him.

"Can I sit?"

"Please" he said bearing his teeth at her again. For a moment that sat in solace and silence. Both of them staring out at the scenery that engulfed them. The landscapes. The sheer brilliance that contrasted to the broken parts of their relationship. Pete squinted his eyes though it was doubtful there was enough light to truly hurt his vision.

"So how have you been?" Beata asked, setting a ball rolling for conversation. Truth was she had only caught him yesterday, and there was no good reason for Pete to be ok.

"I've been better," he sighed and turned to her, "What about you?"

"I'm actually, surprisingly good, go figure" she laughed in which he joined in. Chuckling together.

"I guess this is the end." Pete said, slowly Beata's giggles to a steady halt.

"We were never meant to be Pete, you know that."

"Yeah" he said, again staring out into the unknown, "For what it's worth I'm sorry I really am."

"I know you are." Beata said placing her hand upon his. He looked down at the touch and gave her a warm reflection of thanks upon his face. They nodded together and Pete leaned down. Kissing her upon her cheek. She blushed away from him.

"So this is goodbye?" he asked, subtly but his eyes were filled with hurt, begging pleads.

"No, Pete, this isn't goodbye," she replied shaking her head. Pete looked at her stunned and shocked. The last response he had expected to hear, in fact, he had thought that it was impossible.

"Why?" He stuttered, his evident disbelief, "I hurt you, I thought you wouldn't want anything to do with me."

"Pete, you hurt me as a lover, not as a friend," Beata breathed in this confidence, "I could never loose a friend. It's not in my nature."

"You truly are amazing, I'm sorry I let you go." He said placing on of her wildly flying hairs behind her ears and stroking the cells upon her cheek.

"I'm sorry too, I'm sorry for everything, I'm sorry for having to leave this behind."

"None of this is your fault."

"Maybe not but that doesn't stop me from feeling remorse. I will always love you, but as an ally, not with passion."

"I understand"

Beata stood up and ran her fingers through her hair. Pete reached up and took her hand, squeezing it as if to finalise the details of the deal, "Don't be a stranger, okay?"

She couldn't help but grin down at him, "I will never be, you'll see."

And with that she let go of him. Physically and emotionally. Pete whispered "goodbye," taking his feet and letting them walk him home. He turned around and watched her walk away. Not knowing the direction she was taking, nor knowing that they will meet again.

Ciao Bella
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