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Part 11 - I'm Glad That I'm The One That Found You - The End

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

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The day had softly evolved into night and Patrick relished in his abundance. The evening shrouded his humble home with darkness. He had lit few lights and kept his thoughts hidden deep with in a contorted look. He did little, staring into the abyss, his mind swam with melodies he longed to but into practise. Yet, he wanted to hold them, precious in his mind, as the muse of his music was far from his grasp. Each beat that he created was a symbol of his longing for Beata, a rhythm to her entrancing movements. The notes formed her body, her image, her spirit.

Through the silence of his thoughts, the quiet of his night, his phone began to ring. Shrilling at the warning of a new message, a new connection to Patrick's loneliness. Groaning to himself, he reached over from where he was and grabbed his phone, hazily he called into it;

"Yeah" he said, without a hint of politeness in his town, he sighed from annoyance down the phone, breathing through his nose.

"Hey Patrick it's me," she paused her tone, as if begging him to talk through the silence, "Beata."

Patrick shifted up, each cell in his body coming a live with hope but apprehension. Why was she calling him? "Oh yeah hey!."

The two of them spent a couple of seconds just listening to the breathing, not knowing what to say or what to do. Beata coughed on the other line, "So I need you to do me a favour Patrick"

Patrick felt a wave of confusion flow through him, "Erm yeah sure."

"Can you come over to mine, please, like now?" Beata's tone was hurried and desperate.

"Are you okay?" Patrick asked voicing some concerns over to her, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, but I, I need to talk to you, so come over" And she had hung up. Patrick said in disbelief at the phone. Without any haste he grabbed his keys and jacket and left. His heart pulsating within his chest. He was overcome with emotions, he rushed out of his flat and into his car. Never taking a second thought about heading to Beata's or about what had happened the previous day. He just needed to see her, like he always had.


There was a strange aroma coming from Beata's apartment. Patrick could smell it once the elevator had reached her floor. It was a soft coffee smell and instantly it flushed throughout Patrick's system. So much so that he slowed his pace and he walked with sloth like movements up the corridor. He smiled with a secret bliss as he found Beatas door and stayed studiedly at the door. Staring at the features it presents. With a small bout of hesitance, he knocked on the door. Hearing a small bang emanating from Beatas home.

"Erm come in it's open"

Patrick pushed softly at the door which swung open. He opened his eyes in shock, the room was adorned with candles. All of different sizes and all flickering with a soft flame. The main lights had been turned off and the mood was romantic. His heartstrings pulled slightly and a scratching of a record whittled through the atmosphere.

The stunned feeling he had melted away as soon he began to hear a song, a beautiful song, flying towards him and surrounding him, he couldn't help but cock then sides of his mouth to smile. He closed his eyes and listened to the words. Thinking about what they meant, and the memory that was wrapped around the song.

Do I love you? Oh my do I? I said honey, 'deed I do.

The impeccable voice of Ray Charles sent a flush of red to his rounded cheeks, he remembered the first time, the first glance, the first look. He was swimming around his nostalgia when arms wrapped their way around him. Patrick opened his eyes and met Beata's, a spark bounced between them.

"Erm wow," he muttered to her,

"You like?" she asked, half smiling at him with one side of her face.

"Of course but -"

Beata softly placed her lips on his, "Don't you remember? This song just reminds me of you, it was what I was listening to when I first met you, don't you remember?"

Patrick let his mouth fall open slightly, Beata was giggling at him sweetly, "I remember, I didn't think you did....."

"I did, I always have, you were always there, your eyes, your smile, the incredulous look you first had. I just thought I'd never see you again, then I met Pete."

"Yeah I suppose, I always assumed you had forgot, it was only a fleeting moment."

"I could never forget Patrick."

Patrick breathed out and the warmth of his breath rolled across her face, giving her heat to her cheeks, she blushed quietly, "What does this mean then?" he questioned, her hands still wrapped around his waist, stroking the bottom of his shirt."

"I guess this means, fate wants us together," she grinned.

Patrick leaned down and placed his forehead upon hers. They smiled against each other, "I guess so."

I'm glad that I'm the one that found you.

He pressed his lips upon hers and was met with a similar pressure. Beata took her hands and wrapped down around his neck. He placed his hands on hers as she pushed him closer to her. Entwining together as the music played out, refusing to let each other go. After all, it was the music that bought them together, and the music that will hold them together. Fate hidden in a song.

Ciao Bella
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