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And I will fuck your friends

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Gerard and I sat talking for hours.
We talked about nothing in particular, infact at one point I think we ended up talking about which type of animal was best. It was such a random conversation, and it went on for what seemed like forever.
I looked up into his hazel eyes as he spoke, he amazed me.
"So, are you in a releationship?" Gerard hung his head low, "what a stupid question, ignore me, you dont have to answer, how inconsiderate of me. Oh fuck." he looked down at his feet.
"No, no its fine. Im not in a relationship," I smiled and gained eye contact with him, to let him know that he hadnt offended me.
"Oh, me neither. Actually Im quite suprised, you being so beautiful and all." Gerard maintained eye contact with me.
Was he flirting with me?? I expected Gerard to be more like one of those guys who embarass themselves by saying cheesey chat up lines such as, 'nice outfit, it would look better on my bedroom floor.'
I giggled at the thought of this. He smiled, making me blush. Again.

"You know, the guys probably wont be back for hours," Gerard began, and moved my hair from infornt of my eyes.
He placed his fingers underneath my chin and gently tilted my head slightly upwards.
"We will be alone. Together" he continued.
Holy shit!
Gerard moved his face closer to mine. I could feel his warm breath on my cheeks.
He gazed directly into my eyes and slowly moved in to kiss me.
Our lips touched. It was like dynamite. A tingling sensation went down my spine, as he lifted his hands and placed them behind my head.
I ran my fingers thrugh his greasy black hair, and his hand crept onto the inside of my thigh.
I felt so alive.

Our lips parted for a few seconds, and Gerard stared at me, smiling.
"Your eyes are so gorgeous," he said, leaning in to kiss me once again.
I stayed silent as Gerard moved me backwards, and lay me down onto the sofa and he layed on top, our mouths staying connected
His hand slowly worked its way up my shirt and around my back.
Wow! I had never felt this way before. It was amazing, words could not explain the way I was feeling.
I felt gerards warm skin on my stomach, and he worked his way down slowly towards my belt, unfastening it and throwing it to the floor. His hand wandered for a moment, but them came back and unzipped my jeans.
I followed his lead, and pulled up his t-shirt until he dettatched his lips from mine and pulled it over his head and threw it down onto the floor.
Our eyes met once more, but then Gerard looked down. I followed his eyes, and noticed a lump in his trousers. We giggled for a moment, and smiled broadly.
He stared at me again with his huge eyes, stroking my stomach, then he began to kiss my neck.
I played with the button on his trousers, and once again our lips locked.
"Ive never felt like this about anyone," he said softly, into my mouth.

The next thing I knew, I was unzipping his trousers, and he was in the process of unbuttoning my shirt.
Oh. My. God.
Was I actually about to do this?
Wait. Im 15 years old. Isnt that illegal?
"Gerard.." I began.
He moaned as I ran my hand down the inside of his leg and he carefully unhooked my bra.
"Gee.." I continued to say into his mouth.
"Baby. Dont speak." Gerard put his fingers on my lips.
"Im in love with you." he continued.
He loved me?
Oh my fucking god!
Well, now that he puts it like that.
I mean, If he loves me, and I love him, nothing bad can happen.. right?

One thing lead to another, until before I knew what was going on, Frank was in the room.
I quickly covered myself up with Gerards t-shirt, and watched Gee scrambling around on the floor, collecting together our clothes.
"You slag!" Frank screamed at me. "so you just sleep with guys you hardly even know!?" he questioned. "dont answer that, bitch. Your only fucking 15!"
Gerard moved closer to me.
"and you, motherfucker! dont you go near her. I'll fucking kill you!" Frank dived on Gerard, punching him in the face.
Blood poured down his face as Frank kicked him in the nose whilst he was layed on the floor.
Gerard was doubled up, pouring with blood, and I was screaming for Frank to stop.
"If you werent here. He would be fucking dead. Son of a bitch!" Frank glared at me.
"I wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire!" Frank screamed with rage, and gave Gerard one last kick in the head before leaving the room and slamming the door, nearly taking it of its hinges.

I slipped Gerards t-shirt over my head, and fell to my knees.
"Gerard?? Gee??" I shook him frantically.
Blood poured from his mouth and nose.
I lay down beside him, crying with my head rested on his chest...

[Sorry Im not very good at writing stuff like this, Reviews are appreciated though(: ]
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