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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-07-13 - Updated: 2007-07-14 - 970 words

"It's Bridgette from now on, I'm sick and tired of Bergitte. She's dead" Bridgette said
"I like you" Gerard said quickly
"You like me?" she laughed, "I don't like you, I hate you in fact"
"Bull shit" Gerard said, "Otherwise you wouldn't have been hanging around me for the past week"
"I was bored and I needed someone to talk to"
"Okay Bridge I know you feel hurt and all but I don't think we're right for eachother"
"Yes I know that" she said huffily
"Can't we be friends?" he asked, friends, if that's all he wanted to be then why the hell did he kiss her!?
"No we cannot, and if you just want to be friends then why the hell did you kiss me!?"
"I needed a way to get your attention"
"Goodbye Gerard, might see you in Virginia sometime" she said sarcastically
"Uh you missed your plane"
"Yeah you missed your plane"
"Damnit" she muttered
"Ha ha" Gerard joked,
"Ha ha this" she punched him,
"OW WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?" she smiled widely,
"Nothing it was just fun" Gerard collapsed into a chair and held his stomach, that girl had a mean hit. Bridgette hapily walked away but started filling with guilt, "Aw man do I ever get a break!?' she growled as she walked back,
"Please don't hit me again" he said
"I won't" she touched his shoulder and he jumped, "You're scared of me now!? God you are pathetic"
"No ones ever hit me that hard before!" he said
"I'm sorry about that but you uh pissed me off"
"OW!" Natalie yelled, closing her eyes tight. She just got her lip and navel pierced
"It's okay Sugar I'm here" Frank said
"You're parents really are going to love this Natalie" Lette joked
"Well they'll never know because I'm not going home and none of you are going to say anything" the three of them nodded,
"Hey where's Juls?" Lette asked
"Yeah and where's Bob? And where's Gerard!?" Mikey asked
"They disappeared!" said Frank, "Poor Bob, I hope Gerard stays disappeared everything's always about him"
"FRANKIE!" said Natalie and Mikey
"Well it is! I went looking and reading fanfics and it's always about Gerard! There are a few with me but I'm mostly in Ferard fanfics" he shuddered
"Frankie I'm sorry but that's just stupid" said Mikey
"Whatever I know what I'm talkin' bout" said Frank folding his arms. They walked out of the piercing place and walked on, "AW DANG IT!" Gerard was walking alone, "Now all the attention will be turned to him!" Gerard just walked past not even noticing them. "Oh boy! I'm happy let's skip!" Frank started skipping. The others watched Gerard slump to the hotel. "God damnit what do I have to do around here to get attention?" he got an idea, "HEY HEY LOOK AT ME! I'M FRANK IERO FROM MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!" a bunch of teen girls started running, "AHHHH DAMN IT!" he shouted running off
"We should go see what's wrong with him" said Mikey, they walked back to the hotel and Gerard was just lying on the bed
"What's wrong Gee? Bridgette playing hard to get?"
"You all got the memo to call her that?"
"Actually text but hey" said Lette
"No she's not playing hard to get, I'm just scared I'm going to hurt her" Natalie slapped him
"Stop being a pussy! God knows she needs a man in her life!"
"God damnit" he muttered rubbing his face, "You know I'm not all that sure I want to be tied do-" Lette slapped him.
"You know you want her damnit!" said Lette
"I ju-" Mikey slapped him
"Then don't hurt her!"
"Go damnit quit slapping me! I was already punched in the stomach"
"Well then do the right thing!" said Frank as he slammed the door, his shirt was torn and his hair was messed up
"Oh my Goodness Frankie!" said Natalie covering her mouth
"Oh now you care!" said Frank, "Anyway, Gerard I'm sick of all your Drama! It's so stupid just tell her how you feel!"
"You're right" said Gerard,
"I know I'm right now go Gerard GO!" said Frankie pushing him out the door, Gerard ran,
"Oh Frankie what happened to you!?" Natalie said hugging him,
"Poor Frankie!" said Lette, Frank smiled as both women hugged him. Mikey rolled his eyes and pulled Lette away and hugged her.
"Mine" he said
"Yours? No, you're mine!" said Lette, Frank giggled
"Mikey is Lette's bitchhhhh" Frank said in a sing song voice
"Shut up Frank or I'll throw you back to the fans" said Mikey
"Natalie wouldn't let you, would you?" Frank asked
"Wha-Oh no" Natalie said reading a text, "Bob and Juls hopped a plane! She left with him"
"We're drummerless now!" said Frank, his jaw dropping
"Drummerless? Frank, Juliet is in America she hasn't been there for years!"
"Wait have you all lived in the U. S.?" Mikey asked
"At one time or another, Bridgette has been there the longest"
Bridgette sat on the bench in the peaceful park, just thinking to herself. Someone interrupted her thoughts.
"I lied, that kiss DID mean something and I don't wanna just be friends" Gerard said
"Oh my mother's going to love this" Bridgette sarcastically, "Famous rockstar romance found in Denmark to the fucking princess"
"Bridgette please-"
"What? What do you want me to do!? My mother's forbidding me to see you, you know? She thinks you're corrupting my mind so you can have a royal fuck! No she did not use those words, but here's the next part, I'm not allowed to give up the throne and go back to America unless I have a reason!"
"What?" Gerard asked shocked
"Yeah I'm fucked"
"Is there any way I can prove I'm not that guy?"
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