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Chapter 1

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It was all his fault. And now, well, now I am here alone and upset on the cold tile floor. Only, I'm not alone, I just want to be...

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A quiet, solemn hum filled the waiting room as I traced shapes on the plastic arm-rest of my chair. Horrible thoughts danced around my impatient head as I waited for information. I looked over at Pete, he looked ashamed and I couldn't blame him. He should be. His chest was rising and falling in an uneven pattern and tears were tracing lines across his cheek. "Jessica? Yes, could I talk to you?" said a man in a white outfit splattered with droplets of blood. Patrick's blood, I knew.

I nodded and got up, realizing that with each step there were three pairs of tear-stained, blood shot eyes following me. Poor guys, they were all like brothers, and Pete doing what he did just- I don't even know what to say. Subconsciously singing Hum Hallelujah, I made my way over to the doctor.

"I am afraid there is a lot of internal bleeding and damage. He is currently unconscious and-"

"Well can I see him?" I interrupted, with a sense of urgency in my voice. I had to know he was okay. The doctor sighed before shaking his head and looking back at me.

"Well, he is currently unconscious and I cannot guarantee that we will be able to pull him back into consciousness. And even if we can, chances that he will be able to leave the hospital in the next month are slim." He told, me a look of pure concern on his face. By now, I was sobbing and had to hold on to the wall so I wouldn't collapse on my weak legs.

"Is h-he g-going to d-die?" I managed to stutter out. He bit his lip before continuing with the most professional answer he could muster up.

"I am afraid, miss, that he might. I can't be too sure at the moment. There is about a seventy-thirty chance. The greater being the chance of his death." I shook my head violently in disbelief. It couldn't be, Patrick wasn't meant to die. I walked slowly, as not to fall while still crying extremely hard, back over to Pete and looked at him in pure hatred before collapsing onto the cold, filthy tile.

Andy and Joe came running immediately and picked me up, bringing me over to one of the chairs. I buried my face in Andy's shoulder and wouldn't look up. My body was shaking from the pain in my stomach. I couldn't believe that my only brother would die just like that. "He's going to be okay," Joe said, but I shook my head before turning to look at him.

"N-no he's not. That asshole," I said, suddenly gaining the ability to speak and pointing at Pete, "is going to kill him. He only has a thirty percent chance of living! And it's all his fault!" I screamed.

They had to hold me back to keep me away from Pete. I eventually gave in and sank back into the chair only to have a flashback of the events prior to the ambulance ride.

This started as an idea and I want to continue it...what do you think? Yes or no? Reviews are extremely appreciated and make me update faster.
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