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Chapter 2

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"Paralyzed" came on the radio in the van and I squealed in excitement. That had to be my favorite song right now. I leaned over Andy and Joe up to the front seat where Pete and Patrick were sitting. I screamed in their direction. "Turn it up!" He obliged, turning the volume up to max and rolling down all the windows as we entered a quiet suburban neighborhood. I slipped into the back seat and took a swig of Joe's corona before I stuck my head out the window and screaming the song at the top of my lungs.

"Jessica! Get back in here!" I could hear Patrick yell for me from the passenger seat. He and Andy were the only two sober ones in the car, though for some reason I didn't think they knew Pete had been drinking. That thought swiftly escaped the grasp of my mind as the alcohol coursed through my veins. I shook my head at my big brother and continued to belt out a slurred, horrible rendition of the song.

Pete and I started cracking up laughing when all the angry old people came out yelling at us. We just screamed back, annoying them more. One or two threatened to call the cops but never did to our knowledge. I yelled in happiness again when Dead! came on and started dancing out the window. "I AM THE NEXT JESSICA WAY!" I screamed so loud my throat hurt.

Halfway to Pete's house, I saw my life flash before my eyes as I almost toppled out the window. Andy grabbed my waist seconds before my hair touched the concrete. I just giggled and continued to sing. Patrick shook his head and sighed but why was he mad? We were having a good time right? Yeah, a damn good time! I took Joe's corona again and drank what was left of it before thrusting the empty bottle back in his hands while Pete took a drink of his soda. Or at least, he said it was. But from what I knew, you couldn't get drunk off soda, could you?

We were on curfew, had to be back by two in the morning and it was 1:53 already. Oh, crap! The light we are approaching turned yellow and we rushed to make it. "Come on, Pete, come on! You can make it!" I screamed and he was nodding, picking up speed and heading toward his house at an excess of eighty miles an hour. "No! It's red now!" I yelled and giggled at the same time as if it were some game.

"I can still go, there aren't any cars coming!" he said over the music. I nodded and he pushed his foot to the gas petal once again. Only everything seemed as though it were slow motion now, and I looked next to me, out the window, to see a navy truck throttling toward us and blaring its horn. I let out a blood curdling screech and clinged to the chair as I had no seat belt.

"Patrick!" I yelled, but it was too late. The truck hit his side of the car full on and I saw his body snap forward and back. Both vehicles lurched to a stop and I reached in my pocket to get my cell phone. 9-1-1.

"Hello? 9-1-1. What's your emerg-" I interrupted.

"HELP! Please, w-we were in a car accident and, OH MY GOD! Patrick? See if he's breathing!"

"Miss? Miss, calm down. We have emergency vehicles on the way."

He wasn't breathing, oh god, Patrick wasn't breathing. All I could see was red, his blood was everywhere. He was in the death seat. I don't even know if it's over for him. But I climbed through the shattered glass and twisted metal and over to him, brushing his red hair out of his face and giving him a hug. I wasn't sure if this was the last time I would be able to. It's funny how sobriety kicked in, no matter about all the alcohol I consumed, because I think my brother is dead. I can't feel a pulse. Oh, how I hope I'm wrong though.

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