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The Pineapple

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Well...I'm bored....and I'm hypo....and I feel like writing a story....

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So it was a calm and sunny day as Jonny walked down the road, with his own personal rain cloud above him (It even had lightning and thunder and rain!)
So Jonny was walking down the street, with his rain cloud, when a friendly looking pineapple came up to him.
"Hello Mr Pineapple." He says nicely to the friendly looking pineapple.
"Ohh! You going to die now! You going to die!" He says in a Chinese accent (I am NOT trying to be racist here!! I just think a Chinese pineapple is kinda funny...)
"Er...what?" (Obviously Jonny cannot understand Chinese pineapples)
"I say you going to die now! You going to die!"
"Er..Hi?" (-sigh- Poor Jonny)
The pineapple turns around and kicks Jonny "I SAY YOU GOING TO DIE NOW! DIE DIE DIE!"
Suddenly Jonny screams and runs (like a little girlie XD)
He continues screaming and running down the street while the little Chinese pineapple follows him yelling "DIE DIE DIE!"

Story is not finished yet, I stopped being so bored...Sorry if it offends anyone (with the Chinese pineapple) I am not meaning to be racist, I just find that a Chinese talking pineapple fits in with the randomness of this story.
Review if ya want, I don't mind
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