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Lunch Time!

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patrick's date part two.

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Patrick and Joy sat at their table for a few moments in silence since neither of them knew what to talk about. I guess that's what happends when you you've got two shy people on a date.
Finally, Patrick broke the aquward silence.

"I didn't know this place was tuxedo fancy. Otherwise i would have chosen somewhere else."

Joy looked up at Patrick. "Yeah, it's alright, i just wish i could have worn something more suitable." she said, probabley refering to her sweatpants and hoodie.

Patrick shook his head. "You look great."

"Thanks." She smiled and looked at her menu.

"What are you going to order?"

"Um, i don't really know. Maybe the spaghetti dish thingy." Patrick said.

"Which one is that?" Joy searched her menu for what he was talking about.

"It's the one in the left hand corner that's impossible to pronounce." Patrick grinned.

"Haha, ok. Pretty much all of them are impossible to pronounce. I guess that's what the consiquences are for going to a fancy restraunt."

Patrick laughed. "Yeah. Guess so."

"Tell me somethin' about yourself. I only met you yesterday and all that i know is that you prefer linguini to spaghetti because i saw you put it in your cart."

Joy giggled. "Well, i'm not that interesting. Um, i'm 22 years old; i skipped college because i was too lazy, i have a cat named mister whiskers, i joined girl scouts when i was ten but dropped out when i realized that i couldn't eat the cookies, only sell them, and i absolutely HATE spiders."

'This girl is amazing.' Patrick thought.

"Wow, are you kidding me? Your interesting; especially the part about your cat being named Mister Whiskers."

Joy laughed. "I'm sure not nearly as interesting as you are. Your in a band, get to travel the world, and get to make music for a living."

Patrick smiled. "Ok, but seriously though, i'm really not. I'm sort of a nerd actually. Pete's the one who's got the good looks, Andy got nominated for sexiest vegan of 2005, and Joe's got that awesome hair."

"Sure, you may not have crazy hair, but your voice is amazing. I mean that."

Before Patrick could accept the compliment, they were interupted by Kate. "Hey guys. Sorry about the wait. Here are your drinks. What can i get you two for lunch?"

"I'll have the...uh... This one." Patrick pointed to the word on the menu since he wasn't even going to begin to pronounce it.

Kate laughed slightly. "Ok, and you miss?"

"I'll have the same thing." Joy handed her the menu.

"Ok. I'll have that out as soon as possible." Kate walked away for the second time.

"Um, i hope you don't mind asking but, how do you guys know eachother?" Joy asked.

"She used to be Pete's girlfriend. Then...Well, things didn't work out." Patrick replied.

"That sucks. I'm sorry to hear that."

"It's fine now. Pete is totally over it." He lied.

Aw, how cute is that!? super cute. Alright, well, i hope your all liking how this is going.
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