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At Least If There Was Trouble We'd Have A Baseball Bat And A Slingshot

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la la da da. Got milk?

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When Patrick got home that night, he found himself smiling uncontrolably. She was the girl of his dreams. He couldn't ask for anything better and it was only their first date. He never thought he would end up meeting someone who was shy, yet intelegent and funny. Pretty much everything he ever wanted.
Their lunch went better than he had expected. They spent the whole evening talking. Talking about everything imaginable. It was startling how much they both had in common. It had been a long time since Patrick had gone out and had so much fun. They stayed at the restraunt for hours. It was now 6:00 in the evening; they had spent almost four hours together.
Patrick walked through the door of the dimly lit house, and went into the livingroom. He didn't want to brag too much, but he had to tell them how much of an amazing time he had.
When he entered the livingroom, he found Pete sleeping on the couch. He heard talking upstairs from Joe and Andy. He continued into the livingroom and sat down in the rocking chair. He took a moment to think about his evening but was soon interupted by Pete's voice.

"I cant....Don't you go....Don't leave me.." He was sleep talking.

Patrick starred for a moment at his friends disturbed sleep. He thought the nightmares had gone away.

Pete rolled over on his left side and then onto his right. He suddenly sat up and screamed. His voice could be heard all over the house.

He suddenly realized it was all a dream and stoped.

Patrick walked over to his friend and knealed down next to the couch. "You ok Pete?"

Pete shook his head. "Bad dream." He was trembling slightly but slowly calmed down.

He looked over at Patrick. "How was your date?" His voice was still shaking.

"It was amazing." He didn't want to get too far into detail since Pete hadn't gotten over his last break-up.

"What was your dream about?"

"Nothing. I don't wanna talk about it." Pete looked down at his hands.

"I didn't know you were still-" he was cut off by Joe and Andy who both ran into the room with a weapon in hand.

"What's going on?" Joe said, as he clentched his baseball bat.

"Nothing guys." Pete answered.

"Are you sure? I heard you screaming and i thought something was wrong, so i grabbed my slingshot." Andy said.

"Ha ha, thanks guys, but everythings cool." Patrick replied

"Pete just had another nightmare."

"Oh, so no psyco maniac is down here?" Joe asked.

"No Trohman, there is no psyco maniac.

"Aw man." Joe dropped his baseball bat and ran back upstairs to finish watching Starwars for the 500th time. Andy followed him which left Pete and Patrick.

"So, you guys have alot in common?" Pete asked as he uncovered himself.

"Yeah. It was amazing how much we had in common. I think she may be the one." Patrick sighed.

"That's awesome Pat. Just be careful. I don't want you getting hurt like I did."

"Don't worry, Pete. I'll be careful."

I wanna send out a thanks to my buddies for the sweet reviews. Sorry about the lack of updates, i've been real busy. You can be expecting me to update more often
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