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Chapter 1

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I wasn't a lucky girl. Quite the opposite. Bad luck had followed me since I was a baby; I was known for messing everything up. I think you'll agree that Kate the klutz isn't the greatest nickname i...

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Title:I Was Born Under A Bad Sign
Author: Rebekka. points at self
Small Summary:I wasn't a lucky girl. Quite the opposite. Bad luck had followed me since I was a baby; I was known for messing everything up. I think you'll agree that Kate the klutz isn't the greatest nickname in the world. But it has stuck to me ever since kindergarten and everyone recognize me by that name.
Word Count:1,338
Chapter Count: ONE of Huh?
Author's Notes: Finally I'm posting a new fic. I hope someone will be bothered to read this x). I'll be trying to post frequently since i already have 4 chapters, but I'm on vacation in an RV to be exact and I can't count on having internet connection every night =/ OH. and i'd like to ask you to go to and add as a friend cause who doesn't love reading good fic's right? =D
Disclaimer: Not as true as TRUUUE LOVE!

"Grown up" she just turned 16
Stuck in the moment
Dead at the scene
And it's on tonight
This is the life that you wanted right?

I turned off all the lights. The only brightness that escaped into the room was coming from the moon shining through a gap between the curtains. I crawled into bed and pulled the covers over my head.

I was sure my heart was going to beat out of my chest any moment now; I had never been so excited in my life. But I still had that nagging feeling that something was going to go wrong, that somehow I was going to mess this all up.

Like always...

I wasn't a lucky girl. Quite the opposite. Bad luck had followed me since I was a baby; I was known for messing everything up. I think you'll agree that Kate the klutz isn't the greatest nickname in the world. But it has stuck to me ever since kindergarten and everyone recognize me by that name. Even kids at my school that I had never even talked to before. It's mortifying. But I really don't want to be thinking about that right now. Since it seems that my luck has finally changed.

Just moments ago, I had been sitting peacefully on the living room sofa, far away from anything made out of glass, or steal for that matter. I always managed to break something anyways. And I was watching TV.

Some talk show was on and I was waiting excitedly for one of my favorite bands to perform at the end of the show. Yes, I spent my day obsessing over bands and wasting my time watching boring talk shows just to catch a few minutes of one of my favorite bands play. Tonight Panic! At The Disco was on.

I tapped my foot against the floor, starting to feel impatient. I looked intently at the dull screen and listened to the host babbling something, waiting for anything that would catch my interest. It didn't seem that was going to happen anytime soon, so I closed my eyes and laid my head against the sofa.

I jumped up when I felt the remote control taken from my hand and tapped against my head. "Wake up, stupid. They've started talking about that disco band of yours." My sister said annoyed. "When is this thing over anyways? My friend is on 'My super sweet sixteen' any moment now!"

I glared at her and ripped the remote out of her hands. "It'll be over in a minute! And shut up Stacy I'm trying to listen!" I heard her mumble 'whatever' and walk out of the family room in her little-too-short skirt. She was my walking reflection if I had been born a Barbie doll.

Everybody liked her, even though she was the twin sister of Kate the klutz, me. She was the one who had the spoiled rich friends who got to be on 'My Super Sweet Sixteen', she was the one who knew how to make her blond hair shine brighter than the sun; though we were identical I always came up short from being as perfect as her.

Not that I'm jealous...

Not that I want to have stupid spoiled friends who get to look stupid in front of the whole country by being on that show. Not that I want her stupid clothes her rich friends buy for her. Not that I want her popular dark haired boyfriend. Oh wait, yes I do want him.

Anyway, nothing more important to know. Just plain old sibling rivalry.

I wiped out of my mind all thoughts of the subject and put all of my attention to the television screen.

"....and today we will be giving out tickets to their show plus a backstage pass to meet them in person!" the talk show host stated, trying to sound interested. My heart skipped a beat. Backstage passes? Free tickets to tomorrow's show? The last show of their tour, here in Vegas?

I jumped off the sofa and ran across the room looking for the phone. I spotted it sitting on the kitchen table and picked it up in a hurry running back in front of the TV.

" the number and one lucky caller will get the tickets!" I pressed the right buttons and pressed 'call'.

This line is already in use.

WHAT? Why, oh why, didn't my parents give my sister a private line! Oh yeah, because I convinced them otherwise. I hit the palm of my hand against my forehead in frustration. I would never get her off the phone in time.

I collapsed back in the sofa feeling the disappointment wash over me. Well, this wasn't anything new. I had never been lucky, and why did I even get my hopes up that things would work out now?

I closed my eyes, feeling my head stirring up a headache from the slap I had just given myself earlier. Perfect, just perfect.

I heard the familiar sound of my favorite band playing from the television. I opened my eyes and sighed. There they were, playing the song with smiles on their faces. I turned off the TV, I couldn't watch this now. Too disappointed, too torn apart cause everything seemed to be going wrong in my life.

I put the remote on the table and started walking upstairs, trying to look on the bright side. Well, I could always try to get tickets next time...


I turned around and saw my sister's door open; she was lying on her bed with the phone still glued to her ear looking at me annoyed. "Come on! Please hurry, I don't have all day."

I furrowed my eyebrows and walked into her room, which I hadn't been in for a long time. "What do you want?" I said and crossed my arms, standing beside her bed.

She took the phone away from her ear - a sight I've never witnessed before - and said, "Josh just called me when I was on the phone with Steph and she's waiting on the other line so be quick and help me out here." Josh being her dark haired popular boyfriend.

I nodded and gave her a confused look. "He just asked me to come to this concert with him but I don't wanna go, so can you please go with him? 'Cause he doesn't know anyone who might like this band and I think you do."

"What band?" I said sounding confused, which I really was but still the feeling of excitement was taking over me. I know, hate me for liking my sister's boyfriend, but spending a night all alone with him sounded really nice.

"That disco band. He just won tickets on TV. The concert is tomorrow night, can you go or not?" She said and was starting to get impatient.

Are you kidding me? I felt my mind start to race and all this different feelings started taking over me. But I could not, I repeat not, sound as excited as I was in front of my sister. If she knew how happy this would make me she wouldn't let me go. I swallowed and said stiffly "Yeah, sure, whatever."

"Ok, good. It's not like I thought you were doing anything anyway..." she said and pushed the phone up against her ear again, completely ignoring me.

I turned around and walked slowly out of the room, trying to look as if I didn't care a bit about this. But right now I wanted to squeal and jump around of joy.

Right as I was about to close the door behind me she called me back in, "He'll pick you up at six tomorrow." then went back to ignoring me and I closed the door.

Fast forward to me lying under the covers trying as hard as I can not to scream of excitement.

Now, I'll just have to hope bad luck won't follow me to that concert.
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