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Chapter 2

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Title:I Was Born Under A Bad Sign
Author: Rebekka. points at self
Word Count:1,868
Chapter Count: TWO of ?
Author's Notes: Sooo, got internet connection tonight so here's the chapter ^^ and I'm done with 5 chapters now so i only hope I'll be as lucky tomorrow to have working internet so I can post the third chappy then =D
Disclaimer: Not as true as TRUUUE LOVE!

The next day I woke up to the sound of my alarm, still in my clothes and hidden under the covers. I groaned and turned the alarm off. Then I went back to lying on my stomach and exhaled into the pillow.

Today was the last day of school and the sun was shining bright through the curtains letting everyone know that the summer had arrived with all the heat and humidity it could possibly bring with it. I stood up and opened the window, smiling against the sun rays, actually excited to go to school for once because it could only bring me closer to finishing it. And the thought of the concert tonight surely helped lighten my mood.

I took a shower and got dressed in fresh clothes, applied a little makeup then skipped downstairs, determined that I would not let Stacy ruin my good mood.

She was already sitting by the kitchen table when I entered the room. She was wearing a yellow summer-y skirt, a white tank top and I was certain she had emptied her jewelry box judging by the amount of accessories she was wearing.
I walked to the cabinets and got myself a bowl and grabbed my favorite cereal, picking up a spoon in the drawer. I sat as far away from Stacy as I could, silently pouring cereal and milk into the bowl.

She looked up from her low-fat yogurt and lifted one eyebrow. "You know, it's going to be over 90° today. You might want to reconsider wearing so much black for once." I looked down on my black pants and mostly black band t-shirt I had picked out that morning. I mentally rolled my eyes and kept eating my cereal, ignoring her.

"And you might as well have a black eye instead of all that eyeliner." I looked up at her and saw that she had put on a satisfied smirk. I glared at her and threw my spoon into the bowl.

"You know wha-"

"Good morning girls!" My mother cut in happily when entering the kitchen. I looked up at her and mumbled 'good morning' then turned back to glaring at Stacy. She had sent our mother a happy smile and a much more whole-hearted 'good morning'.

I rolled my eyes for real this time. Suck up.

"So girls, dad and I will be going to New York for the next few days on business. We leave tomorrow and I trust that you guys will behave." She announced with her back faced to us while getting a cup of coffee. I sighed and stared into my bowl of cereal. Being home alone with Stacy? This was not going to be easy.

"Oh, and Dan is coming home from college in a couple of days so you girls won't be alone for the whole time." She turned around and gave us an enthusiastic smile and took a sip of her coffee.

"Okay mom. Don't worry we're going to be just fine, promise." Stacy said smiling brightly at our mother. I rolled my eyes at her again and shook my head. Why did she act like a perfect princess around our mom and then turn into a bitch every time she was around me?

"And Kaitlin, please don't spend all day in your room listening to that loud music of yours. Try to be social and hang out with Stacy and her friends or something." I cringed at the sound of my full name. And just the fact that she suggested me hanging out with Stacy's spoiled friends.

I gave her an unenthusiastic nod and grabbed my bowl and placed in the sink. "I'll be fine."

"Okay." She said and smiled at me opening her arms gesturing a hug. I limped over to her and let her wrap her arms around me.

"Okay mom, let go. I need to get to school." I said after a minute or so. Did she really have to treat me like a child?

She let me go and I walked out of the kitchen avoiding all eye-contact with Stacy. I already had enough of her for today. I grabbed my back pack and walked out the front door to my car. Yes, I did have a car. My parents were pretty wealthy and had decided to give both Stacy and me a car for our sixteenth birthday. It was completely unnecessary though, I mean school was only a few blocks away and it wasn't like I knew my way around the big city of Las Vegas.


The school day went slowly by. We didn't have to do much but in every class the teachers had prepared a speech about being responsible this summer and read whatever books they assigned us and not wasting all of our time hanging around with our friends, but get a job and blah-blah-blah.

In math class the teacher was babbling about the rules and whatever stuff we would learn next winter. I had been stifling a yawn through the whole class while looking though my year book. It was pretty deserted when it came to little messages from friends about having a 'Great summer!' and 'looking forward to seeing me next winter'. It was pretty sad, actually. The only note I had gotten was from this girl I had sat next to in chem.

Have a great summer! See you around.


The bell rang and I quickly stood up, relived that this was the next-to-last class of the winter. I was walking out the door when I heard my name being called somewhere behind me. I quickly turned around, bumping into the unfortunate person that had been walking behind me. I dropped my books and mumbled "Sorry."

"No problem, klutz"

I glared at the girl that I had bumped into then decided it was not worth it. I bent down and started picking up my books. A hand suddenly appeared and started helping me by gathering the rest of the mess of books and papers. I looked up and saw Josh smiling down at me. I blushed and awkwardly stood up with half of my books in my hands. After picking up the last book he straightened up and handed me them.

"Here you go." He said smiling and I smiled gratefully back at him.


"So Stacy told you about the concert tonight, right?" He said kind of shyly and started walking down the hallway. I couldn't blame him it wasn't like he had bothered to talk to me much. Ignoring the fact that this was the first time he really talked to me without it being about Stacy, I followed him with my heartbeat growing faster by the minute.

"Oh yeah, she did" I replied and took a deep breath, avoiding to look into his blue eyes. He was dressed not so unlike me, black skinny jeans and a red band t-shirt.

"Great, I'm really looking forward to seeing this band tonight, have you heard of them before?" He asked glancing curiously at me, and I couldn't help but looking back into his clear blue eyes, showcasing a small smile.

"Yeah I have, they're one of my favorite bands actually. I've been trying to get tickets to that show for a while now." I admitted and blushed slightly.

"Heh, yeah me too. And great you could come; it would've been a shame to waste those tickets on someone who doesn't even know the band, like Stacy." He chuckled and a small cough was the only thing I had to offer.

A silence fell over us for a few minutes until we reached his next class. "Okay, I'll see you tonight then"

"Yeah, see you" I smiled and he walked into class.

I stood still for a moment after he had disappeared into the room, letting my heartbeat slow a little down before heading to my next class. After a minute I realized I was in the wrong section of the school. My class room was in the other side of the building. I panicked and ran to class, just barely making it on time.

I sat down and for the rest of the last class of the school year I got lost in day-dreams of tonight.


At 6 PM sharp the doorbell rang.

For the rest of the day I had been nervously picking out an outfit to wear tonight. I wasn't even sure why I even bothered. I knew I'd just end up wearing a similar outfit to what I wore to school. But I guess it kept me busy so I wouldn't hyperventilate or die of excitement.. Or something.

I ran down the stairs to answer the door but Stacy was already there, all over Josh. I slowed down and took small steps toward my sister and her boyfriend kissing on the doorstep.

When I reached the door I let out a loud fake cough and looked innocently around me.

"Oh, sorry sis." Stacy said giggling after letting go of his lips. Josh looked awkwardly at me and I faked a smile back at them.

"So you ready?" Josh asked with Stacy still positioned stiffly between us, with a fake smile decorating her face.

"Yeah." I said and picked up my jacket from the hanger beside the door.

"Okay, let's go." He said slightly smiling but not for long because my slut of a sister had captured his lips again for a goodbye kiss.

"Bye, baby" she said after letting him go and the only goodbye I got was a glare from her.

"Later, Stace" he said coolly and I walked out the door after him, hardly able to wait until I could get as far away from my sister and as close to the concert as I could.

"Have fun!" She shouted after us. "But not too much without me!" She added and then closed the door. I mentally rolled my eyes at her and put my hands in my pockets as I was walking down the driveway to Josh's car.

He quietly opened up the Ford Mustang and, slightly impressed, I opened the door and sat inside on the leather seat. He started the engine and started pulling out of the driveway.

"Nice car." I said admiring the inside of the sports car.

"Thanks, I just got it." He smiled and smoothly drove down the street.

After a few moments of silence I saw him reach his hand to the stereo to turn it on. I curiously eyed him and watched him choose a CD and a song then pressing play. But It's Better If You Do blasted from the speakers and I smiled to myself starting to mouth the lyrics.

"Just a little warm up." He said grinning before he started singing along to the song. I started laughing in surprise at his attempt to hold a note.

"Hey, shut up. I'm no Brendon Urie!" he said putting on an adorable pout.

"Nah, you're alright." I got out between giggles. He grinned at me then started singing again and I joined in.

For the rest of the car ride we just kept singing and exchanging smiles and grins.
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