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Sugar & coffee.

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Don't ask, Don't tell.

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I rushed to open the door, someone banged on it and rung the bell like the building is on fire. Maybe the building IS on fire.
I opened to see two big guys standing in the doorway.
"Hello", the one wearing a baseball cap smiled to me.
"Hi?", I frowned.
They didn't look familiar, they looked big and scary and tall, not the kind of guys you might want to meet in a dark ally. Or in a light ally. Or in any ally at all.
"Is Gerard Way home?", the other asked, he had a raspy cigarette voice which gave me the creeps.
"No", I was about to close the door when they pushed past me and entered the house.
"Who are you?", I exclaimed.
"We're Gerard's friends", they scanned the living room with their evil looking eyes, "And who are you?".
I didn't trust these guys one bit. I mean they were rude to just barge in and I didn't like the way they looked at me, and besides they were scary looking.
Ray emerged from his room, he was yawning but once he saw the two guys he stopped dead on his tracks, "Oh honey so that's why you were up".
"What?", I frowned.
He came over and put his arm around my shoulder, kissing my forehead.
"We're looking for Way", the one with the cap smirked, "But sugar here is saying he's not home"
"Show some respect to MY girlfriend", Ray stressed the my and slipped his hands around my waist.
I was too shocked to say anything.
"Your girlfriend Toro? Well we'll just leave a little note with our love for Way", the one with the disgusting voice looked directly at me, "Could you please get me a paper and a pen? I forgot mine home, sugar".
I nodded and opened the draw where we kept shit like that and handed it to him.
"Thank you sugar", it took him a few minutes to write it while his friend eyed me, his eyes went up my legs, he smirked at Ray who held me tight and squeezed my waist from time to time, his friend finished writing and handed me the little piece of folded paper and smiled at Ray, "See ya around".

The minute they shut the door behind them, Ray and I cried in unison, "What the fuck?!".
"Are you crazy?! Letting these motherfuckers in?!", he yelled at me and snatched the note from my hand.
"Hey, that's for Gerard", I cried, "And who the fuck are they? And what's up with the act?"
He didn't say anything but read the note, "Fuck", he turned pale and sent his hand through his hair.
He clutched the paper and ran to his room.
I was rutted to my spot, I could hear him talking to someone over the phone.
My heart raced along with the thoughts in my head but my body won't budge.
Ray came out 5 minutes later, wearing his jacket and ready to move, "Mikey would be here in a few minutes. Do not answer the door to no one but him".
"Ray, what's going on?!", I gasped in panic.
"Nothing honey, but you gotta promise you won't open to no one but Mikey", he grabbed my shoulders and looked in my eyes, "This is really important Skyler, no one but Mikey, promise me"
I opened my mouth but no sound came out.
"Say it Skyler, no one but Mikey", he shook me fiercefully.
"No one but Mikey", I whispered.
He ran out of the door and yelled for me to lock the door and double checked that I actually locked it, he said he doesn't want to carry a key around in case...But he didn't say in what case.

The minute I heard the sound of Ray's footsteps die out down the staircase, I ran to his room.
I spend good 10 minutes on my hands and knees looking for the note the scary guys left.
They weren't Gerard's friends but who were they?
I crawled around Ray's room on my hand and knees finding nothing, he must have taken it with him.
I stood up brushing my knees and spotted a crumpled piece of paper. I opened it.

Dear Gerard,
nice place you've got there and nice sugar.
If you don't want to find her in our coffee better pay back.

With our love and craving for coffee with sugar,
your dearest friends.

Coffee? Sugar? What the fuck is going on?!
Wait a minute, one of them kept calling me sugar, are they referring to me? But what coffee?
I smacked my head when I realized, they were blackmailing Gerard using me but why him? For what he most pay? He never told me he owns money to someone.
My heart picked it's pace even more if that was possible, cold sweat trickled down my back.

"Mikey, what the fuck is going on?!", I tackled him the moment he entered the house and locked the door again.
"Nothing, every thing's fine", he patted my back and smiled.
"Are you serious?!", I exclaimed, "Do you honestly think I'm stupid?".
"Skyler", he sighed and closed his eyes for a while, "Just relax, the guys will take care of everything".
"Don't tell me to fucking relax", I shrieked, "And the guys will take care of what exactly?".
"I's just some money management issue. No biggie", he threw his jacket on the sofa
"No biggie?!", I cried outraged, "No biggie?! They're fucking blackmailing Gerard using me no less! I want to know what the fuck is happening!".
"We just loaned some money from them to record bullets and had a bit of a trouble paying back", Mikey adjusted his glasses and avoided my looks.
I think he's lying but why wold he lie?, "Then why are they after your brother?", I grilled him, refusing to let go.
"Because...Because Gerard was the one to take the fucking loan", he looked nervous.

Gerard burst through the door with Ray on his tracks.
I gasped when I laid my eyes on Gerard, he was a mess.
His clothes were torn, he had cuts all over his face and trickle of dried blood from his nose, Ray wasn't much better, "Skyler, I'm so sorry".
"For what Gee?", I hugged him.
"Just forgive me", he kissed my hand.
Ray shook his head and went to the bathroom.
I felt stupid, they insisted on keeping me out of the loop.
Something didn't feel right yet I had no idea what it was.
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