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Rehab boy.

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Skipping classes to learn about life.

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"Is this seat taken?", I heard a familiar voice behind me.
I lifted my eyes to see a bearded guy smiling at me, he wore sunglasses, his voice was so familiar I wanted to scream, yet I don't know any bearded guys.
"Knock yourself out", I said coldly.
Lunch was almost over anyway and pretty much all my friends headed back to class.
I stood up, taking my water with me.
"Is this how you greet an old friend?", the guy smirked and took off his sun glasses.
"Billy?", I screamed, "Billy!".
We hugged, "I don't believe you! You're all bearded and shit!"
"And you all beardless and shit!", he laughed.
"Oh my fucking god! It's been way too long", I gasped, taking all of him in. He didn't really change much except for the beard and his hair was longer.
"Almost two years", he nodded.
"I'm so fucking angry with you!", I hit his shoulder, "No note, not even a fucking phone call".
"What can I say, I've been busy", he shrugged, still smiling.
I sat back down and stared at him.
"Don't you have a class or something?", he smirked, sitting in the seat opposite me.
"Fuck it, I can't believe you're fucking back", shook my head without noticing.
"Still the wild child I taught you to be Skyler?", he smiled at me, it was a different smile, not his usual cold, evil, bitter smile but just a smile.
I bit my lips, "Nah, just skipping class when the time is right".
"So what's new?", he messed up my hair, it felt like he was a father and I was the young kid.
I made a face and combed my hair with my fingers, "Not much, what's with the beard?"
"You don't like it?", he pouted.
"You look hotter without it", I winked.
"I think so too and even told that to my therapist but he thought I should do something like that to mark my sobriety", he rolled his eyes, "I swear there are some nut case over there".
I laughed.
"I'm shaving it off as soon as I put my hand on a razor", he touched his beard.
"Billy!", I sighed.
"Kidding! A little rehab humor there", he laughed.
"It's good to have you back", I leaned back in my chair.
"It's good to be back, I'm starting school this semester", he looked around, "More like restarting, huh?".
"So how was it?", I played around with a strand of hair lying on my shoulder.
"It was good actually, helped me to clean my head a lot, realize a lot. At first I thought you know what choice do I have? It's either dying or going there and dying emotionally. But it was good, I'm glad I went, no rock & roll resume is complete without a rehab, right?!", he shrugged.
"Right", I smiled.
"What about you? You haven't changed, still the hot child I remembered", he pinched my bare arm.
I blushed.
"And still blushing", he laughed.
"I'm good", I sighed.
"Still with Gerard?", he raised his eyebrow.
I nodded, looking down.
"Is he better?", he looked concerned.
"Worse", I whispered.
"You deserve better, when is it going to sink in?", he shook his head.
"We got engaged and broke it off in one day", I looked away, that was still painful.
"Probably the smartest thing you could do", he stroked my cheek gently.
"Than why it's breaking my heart just to think about it?", I asked as though he knew the answer.
"Not every right decision is easy to make", he shrugged and stopped stroking my cheek.
I looked at his hand, "Is it a wedding ring?", I shrieked.
"It is", he smiled widely and raised his left hand to show me.
"Motherfucker!", I exclaimed and grabbed his finger to have a better look, "When? How? Motherfucker!".
"I'm sorry, you and Spencer were the people I must wanted to see but I wasn't in that stage yet, you know to go back to old life", he shrugged.
"Who is she?", I smiled, I could see the spark that person put in his eyes, it wasn't there when we first met.
"Her name is Lynn and we married at the center, she's 20 years old and she's the reason I wake up in the morning", he informed me with an excited voice.
"Aw Billy!", I clapped, "I'm so happy for you. At least one of us got married".
"We've been married for 6 months ago. you gotta meet her", he frowned, "Have you talked to Spencer lately?",
"I talked to him a few months ago, why?", I asked.
"I miss that kid. I still can't bring myself to look him in the eye and know he's living a lie, you know", he looked sad, "I know he's pissed I don't talk to him but it's easier".
"I don't think it'll hurt him as much as it hurt you, no offence but he's a shallow little dude", I smiled awkwardly.
"I know but it's a pretty big blow anyway", he giggled, "You know, he had a crush on you?. He kinda tried to look like Gerard cause he thought you'd like him better than. I really miss him", he sighed.
"Have you talked to your dad?", I crossed my arms on the table.
He shook his head, "I have my account because I'm the heir of that motherfucking business I get money every month from stocks and shit like that and it's the only connection we have. Is he still dating your mom?".
I rolled my eyes, "I think so but I don't really talk to her so Spence fills me in occasionally".
He had a dreamy look in his eyes, "You know one of the reason I didn't want to go to rehab because I always believed they tried to change you into goodie too shoes, and I mean if they take away your booze and your razor and your drugs how do you cope with things? You know what I mean?".
I knew a little too well what he meant.
"And I don't know, I still want to drink myself to shit sometimes to forget everything but I don't and I thought they'll fix me completly, make me the perfect person but they didn't, I'm the same person it's just that feelings don't overwhelm me anymore. I thought drinking and drugs will make me numb, turns out it's feeling that does it", he sighed.

I know at least one person that would be happy to see Billy back coughEllecough
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