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Transformers, and Goodbyes.

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just a fucking filler.

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Patrick's POV-

"Come on Pete, the bus is just about ready!" I called, to the bassist who was hugging his wife, and little baby, for the millionth time, as I stood in the frame of the bus door.

"One sec, P." he said, telling something to his wife, kissing her, and then kissing Caydence on the head, and running to the bus, stopping, looking back, waving, and running the rest of the way. I waved to Rach and Cay, and stood to the side, letting him on.

He sighed, as we drove away, and he waved to his family one last time.

"I'll miss them..." he said.

"It's alright Pete, you've got plenty to remind you of them around here." I said, pointing to the wall of family photos that Pete had made prior to tour.

He smiled.

"Aren't they the greatest?" he said, looking at the pictures.

"Mhm, but no worries, we'll see them soon." I told him.

"Fucking Jew, get your ass over here and clean this shit up." I heard Andy say, laughing afterward.

I looked over, and saw an entire box of Trix cereal poured onto the ground, and Joe moping over to it, with a dust pan and broom.

"I hate this." Joe groaned, also laughing.

"EW!" I heard Pete screech, now from the bunk part.

"What?" Andy asked.

Soon, Joe's rag was tossed out of the back, and into the living room.

"Joe, that's disgusting...why was it in my bunk?" Pete asked.

Joe picked it up, and hugged it.

"I was cleaning..." he said, smirking.

Pete laughed, and shook his head.

"I think it's time for a new rag." Pete said.

"Never, bitch." Joe said, now using the rag to clean up the rest of the dry cereal.

"I'm making carrot shakes, anyone want one?" Andy called from the kitchen.

"No one likes you, or your god damn disgusting shakes, Hurley." Joe called back, joking of course.

"You know what? Opinions change, Trohman." he said, with a smirk as well.

"Those shakes are so fucking disgusting...they make you want to kill yourself, stop while your ahead, Veggie." Joe said, dumping the cereal into the trash, and sitting on the couch.

"Fine, I'll make smoothies then. Strawberry banana smoothies, and everyone gets one, except for Joe." Andy said, taking out the blender.

"WHAT?! SO UNFAIR!" Joe screamed.

Andy popped his head out of the kitchen.

"Kidding." he said.

Joe's face changed, more reassured now.

"Chop chop, cow lover." Joe said, snapping his fingers.

"Excuse me?" Andy said.

"I called you a cow lover, take it as a complement, cows are very intriguing, interesting animals." Joe said.

"Alright..." Andy said, backing away. Me and Pete were just sitting, watching.

"Hey, aren't you fucking a cow fan?" Pete asked.

"Shut up, her names Evie, thanks very much." Joe said.

"When are we going to meet this, "Evie?" I asked.

"As soon as we get to Arizona. She'll be joining us." He said.

"Is she nice? Will we mind her?" Pete asked.

Joe smirked, and wiped out a shopping bag.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Ev got me this, dude." he said, pulling a transformer out of the bag, still unopened.

"Dude!" Pete expressed, reaching for it.

"Fuck you, she wants you dead." he spat.

Pete retreated, and looked at him. "What?" he asked.

Joe giggled like a school girl. "She wants you dead. But it's quite alright, she won't kill you...I'll restrain her..." he said, laughing. I laughed as well.

Pete bit his lip. "Crazy..." he said. Joe nodded. "Yeah, but she makes it rain." he said.

Pete nodded, raising an eyebrow.

"Can't wait to meet her." he said, "enthusiastically."

I scoffed, and shook my head.

"She seems cool, a cow loving Pete hater?" I asked.

"Oh no, she adores the Wentz, secretly, of course." Joe said, working to open up the toy.

"Score." Pete said, raising his hands up.

"Who wants to play Mario Cart?" he asked, as he bent down near the Xbox.

"Me." I said, raising my hand.

"I'm a lil' busy, later, possibly." Joe said, still working on the twist ties in the back of the new toy.

"Catch Stump." Pete said, throwing me a controller.

"Thanks." I said, catching it.

"Your welcome." he said, sitting up on the couch next to him.

After a well rounded game of Mario Cart, I looked over, Joe was playing with his transformer on the table, it was prancing around.

"Here's your smoothies, guys." Andy said, handing us the drinks.

"Thanks dude." I said, grabbing mine.

"Your welcome." he said.

"Now where's our first show?" I asked.

"Toronto, I believe." Pete said.

"Sounds good." I said, sipping my drink, and not knowing that this upcoming show, I'd meet someone who'd change my entire way of life. For the better? Well, your just going to have to wait and see.

For not killing Pete, I made you a character, Evie. Yeah, it's because I love you, and I don't want you to make it rain on my birthday. =)
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