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Chapter Eight

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Mikey pulled Gerard to Frank who was still lay uncurious and Gerard just stared in shock for a moment. Then Gerard went straight to Frank's side shaking him trying to get a response.

"Frank, Frank come on!" Gerard said almost desperately.

"Gerard?" Frank said in a daze.

"Come on lets get you to the hospital!" Gerard said pulling him up slightly.

"Gerard!" Mikey said quickly.

"What" he responded while still struggling with Frank.

"Well... we have umm... kind-of been drinking." Mikey mutter shamefully.

"Fuck Mikey!" Gerard snapped. "Just help me get him the car okay!" Mikey and Gerard carried to carry Frank to the car and gently lay him down along the back seats.

"Where are we going Gerard?" Mikey asked in a small voice trying to not anger Gerard.

"I don't fucking know Mikey! We should go to the hospital just to be safe-" Gerard cut of by Mikey.

"No- Gerard I stole the drink I'm gonna be in so much trouble!" Mikey squawked out whilst crying.

"Would you rather him die?" Gerard asked obviously annoyed.

"What he's going to die" Mikey asked fearfully. Gerard sighed.

"No he's not; he will be fine just a bit battered... Mikey where am I supposed to go we can't take him to ours or franks his mum will go mad!" Gerard asked while having a mental battle with his options. Mikey looked at Gerard hopefully.

"Franks mums away all weekend his house is free!"

"Okay!" was Gerard's simple reply as he made a left.

The drive to franks was silent Mikey was still crying silently because of the amount of guilt he was feeling. It weren't as though Mikey had beaten Frank up but there was lots of ways in which he could have prevented it. Why did he have to rebel and steal the drink he only wanted to try and impress Frank and show him he wasn't a total freak. Even though they were friends now In the back of Mikey's mind there was still the memories of all the things Frank had said to him, all the time he called him a geek, weirdo and a prune. Mikey just wanted to show frank he was cool!

They finally turned into franks drive way and Gerard stopped the car and breathed heavily in them looked at Mikey.

"Who did this Mikey?" Gerard asked wanting to know who could be so cruel.

"All his old friends... they said they would get him back for hanging out with me..." Mikey cried feeling the guilt at full force almost suffocating him.

"Right... well come on help me get him inside"

Both Mikey and Gerard brought frank inside and lay him down on the Settee
"Mikey you go to sleep I stay here and keep an eye on frank... ill talk to you in the morning!" Gerard said sternly in a farther like way. Mikey just nodded obviously ashamed with himself and walked up the stairs.

Gerard sat and watched frank... he looked so fragile and he fought the urge to kiss every little cut and bruises. A hour later Gerard was still watching frank as though his life depended on it... suddenly he started singing slowly "Disarm you with a smile, and cut you like you want me to, cut that little child, Inside of me and such a part of you, Ooh, the year's burn..." suddenly frank stirred and Gerard stopped singing and moved closes to frank. Franks eye fluttered open and his looked Gerard in the eye.

"Gerard... I'm so sorry... Mikey's okay right? I swear I didn't mean for them to be there... I'm so, so sorry" Frank said in a weak hoarse voice. Gerard just stoked his cheek softly.

"Frank it Okay I no, and Mikey's fine he only got a busted nose" Gerard said softly. Frank looked a little horrified by this though.

"They hit him and it was nothing to with him..." Frank lowered his eyes slightly.

"Frank rust me its okay, Mikey barley got hurt he's more worried about you. Now stop worrying and just relax ill got get some stuff and get you cleaned up. Frank nodded slightly. Gerard left and came back with antiseptic and some band aids.

For the past 20 minutes Gerard had been cleaning frank up and when he had finally finished he kissed frank on the head. Frank looked up at his and smiled.

"Gerard we are friends now right? I understand if not...." Frank asked hopefully.

"Course..." Gerard said laughing a little. Then out of no where Frank leaned forward and kissed Gerard on the lips, frank pulled back blushing not daring to look at Gerard or see what his reaction was. Then Gerard gently lifted franks face up so they were looking at each other and smiled...

"Maybe more than friends?" he suggested.

"Maybe more..." Frank whispered and leaned in as kissed Gerard aging but with more certainty and passion. They both pulled away and smiled...

The End
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