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Chapter Seven

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The week went by without any issues no name calling or even dirty looks. Darren and his friends completely blanked frank. Even though this should have made him feel better it actually scared him more. It made him think he was planning something bad.

Tonight though was the night of the concert and Frank agreed with him-self that he's not even going to think about Darren. No one was going to spoil tonight for him.

Mikey and Frank had gotten ready at Franks and his mum dropped them both off at the train station.

"Frank honey, don't forget I'm on a trip this weekend so I won't be back till Monday. Mikey are gonna stop tonight after the show?" Linda asked as they got out the car.

"Yes, if that's okay Mrs. Iero" Mikey replied politely.

"Yes It's fine, I prefer it when franks not alone. Have a good time boys" she told them before driving off.

Frank and Mikey went and sat waiting for the train talking about the band. The train arrived they got on. Finally they arrived at the arena. They had both been to show before so it wasn't a shock to the surroundings but still it didn't stop them feeling revved up. The show started and they sung along and stayed into the show till the end. As every one left the arena they discussed the best parts and how after seeing them live they became bigger fans.

On the way back to the train station Frank couldn't help but get the feeling that something bad was going to happen. His had a weird feeling in his stomach--

"Hey, do you wanna get something to drink?" Mikey asked interrupting Franks thoughts.

"Yeah sure there's a shop round the corner."

They both went in the shop buying a bottle of coke each. When they walked out side frank drank his drink casually and looked at Mikey who was smiling mischievously.

"What?" Frank asked.

"Ha look what I just stole" Mikey said pulling out a large bottle of vodka out of his jacket. Frank grinned.

"Your full of supposes aren't you Mikey" Frank said grateful that there was something that could stop the bad feeling he was having.

They both drank the whole bottle and Frank being greedy had more than his share a lot more. Mikey was drunk but Frank was well and truly wasted. 20 minutes later the train arrived and Mikey managed to carry frank on who was struggling to walk.

If they were both sober they would have realized who was also sat on the train but they didn't notice.

For the whole train ride home Frank sung loudly making Mikey laugh. Then Mikey looked at the other people on the train and he froze. He couldn't believe it. Mikey all of a sudden seamed to sober up but frank was still unaware that trouble was behind him and even if he did know he was too wasted to even care. Darren made eye contact with Mikey and smiled evilly. Then the train came to a halt. It was their stop Mikey quickly got up dragging frank who was talking about being in a band and being famous. Idiot.

Mikey could believe the situation they were in.

""Hey fags" Darren shouted at them as he also got of the train with a large group of lads. Mikey ignored them and continued to drag frank but frank pulled back.

"Hey Mikey it's our good friend Derry" Frank slurred.

"Frank shut the fuck up and come on!" Mikey said fiercely. But by now Darren and the others had caught up to them and surrounded them.

"So frank looks like you're having a good time" Darren said.

"Well Derry, I think I am" Frank said. Mikey stood behind him shaking his head at franks drunken stupidity. Darren raised his eyebrow then looked up at his friends and before Mikey even knew what was happening they all leaped at frank. Mikey shut his eyes tightly and waited to be hit as well but when he didn't feel anything he opened his eyes he was shocked at the sight in front of him.

Mikey couldn't even see Frank but he knew he was at the bottom of the large pile of flying fists. Mikey had no idea what to do. He wasn't strong enough to stop this, but he had to at least try. Mikey jumped on one of the lads back but just got punched in the face causing him to fall to the floor with a bust lip. He spat out the blood that had gathered in his mouth then got up. He was just about to run and jump on some one else when Darren stood up.

"Let's go" he said and with that they all ran off leaving Mikey and Frank in a empty train station.

Mikey quickly ran over to Frank. His face was covered in blood and cuts. He could already see the swelling. Mikey started to cry. How could he of been so stupid to get the drink.

Mikey sat for a moment deciding what to do. He could call for an ambulance they had both been drinking Mikey had never been in this situation before he couldn't make decisions like this. Then Mikey heard frank cough.

"Gerard my head hurts" Frank muttered out before loosing consciousnesses again.

Mikey knew what he had to do... call Gerard.

He picked up the phone and pressed the call button when he had reached Gerard's number he pressed the call button. As Mikey heard the ringing he could help but cry.

"Hello" Gerard said down the phone to the sound of crying. "Fuck Mikey is that you?"

"Gerard... Please come to the train station and help me!" Mikey said still crying in hysterics and he ended the call.

Mikey tried to get frank up but couldn't lift him especially in his weak sobbing state. He sat with frank repeatedly apologizing, and then he heard a car pull up. Mikey jumped up and ran out to see Gerard running up to him looking Very worried. He looked at Mikey's lip and muttered something then hugged a crying Mikey.

"...frank" Mikey said into Gerards chest. Gerard suddenly pulled back looking furious.

"I'm going to fucking kill him. I told you to stay away Mikey!" Gerard spat furiously.

"No... no Gerard!" Mikey Cried as he dragged Gerard into the train station.
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