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Chapter 22 - Natalie

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Frank's P.O.V:

I stood there talking to the woman as Gerard talked to Jane. We could both sense something was not right at all.

" What the fuck are they talking about?" I asked the Haroquel.

" I do not know. But it seems like something with Jane's hurting him badly." We saw Gerard fall to the ground clutching his chest. I tried to run over to him but she held me back.

" Not yet. Wait until I tell you the conversation's over." I looked at her in disbelief.

" How do you know when it's over? Are you listening in? Stop it!" I told her. She let out a little chuckle.

" That would be just plain rude and it is not in a Haroquel's nature to do that. You can tell when the conversation is over by how the immortal reacts and what their sense is. You'd know this if you've been taught by your elders." I shifted on my feet.

" Ahh so you are not of true vampire blood?" she questioned as if she knew already.

" It was my only way to survive. One night after a gig I went outside the tour bus to grab a smoke and I was shot by a couple teenagers. Gerard found me a couple minutes later on the edge of death and told me about him being a vampire and that he could turn me if I wanted to live. I approved and he turned me right there and then. If it wasn't for him I'd be stuck in a wooden box six feet under."

" I see. Well now you're stuck in the underworld battling for his love's life. I think you two will be even after this, " she chuckled. I smirked a little.

" Yeah, I guess you're right."

" Am I ever not?" I felt something in the pit of my stomach. Butterflies? Wait... am I really falling for her? I don't even know her name!

She smirked a bit as she walked towards where Gerard was. She turned back towards me and she kept walking towards him.

" My name's Natalie." As she turned around I leaped for joy. Shortly after I remembered we were in the Underworld and at any moment, could be killed. I straightened up and made my way over to where Natalie was helping Gerard off of the ground.

Gerard's P.O.V:

' JANE? WAIT! DON'T DO ANYTHING TO YOURSELF! JANE? JAAAANE!!!' I screamed to her from inside my head but she broke the connection mid sentence. I kept knelt there, crying until I saw a blurry hand come below my face. I wiped my eyes and looked up at the woman who simply stood there offering a hand to help me up.

When I stood we started walking again in silence. We past what looked like familiar Jersey streets but they were dark, grey and unpopulated. Hey, it was almost like the actual Jersey. I couldn't help thinking about what Jane said to me.

" She told me not to rescue her, just to leave her there and leave. Everyone will be killed if I come and save her, " I whispered quietly. The woman looked over at me.

" Tell me what her ex's name was again please," she asked thinking to herself.

" Anthony, why?" Frank questioned back. She stopped making us come to a halt. She looked at the ground rubbing her temples.

" Gerard, did you ever see someone who wasn't their self by any chance?" I stood there curious as to what she was getting at.

" Yes I did. Her best friend. Why are you asking me this?" I said nervously. She went behind what looked to be a store and brought back many tools, plants and weapons and handed us some.

" Woah why all this?" Frank asked looking at the things that were placed beside him and in his hands.

" We're dealing with something bigger than I expected. Did she say something like, sorry or please forgive me?" I nodded sadly.

" Fuck... we have to hurry if you want to save her life." She started to jog forwards. Frank and I loaded up the things she gave us onto our backs and caught up with her.

" Why do we have to hurry?" I asked. She looked over at me fearfully. It was the first time I ever saw that she was scared.

" She's going to kill herself, and soon..."

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