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Chapter 21 - I'm Sorry

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Mikey's P.O.V:

We all woke up this morning to find that Frank and Gerard already left. The only thing I could really do now is wait and worry.

" Mikey they're fine stop worrying so much," Alicia calmly told me. I looked over to see her sitting on the sofa. She was beautiful. She made me feel better by just looking at her.

" I'm not worrying. Well... I am.. but, not overly..." I stuttered out.

" Honey, you've been walking back and forth for over an hour biting at your nails. I've tried talking to you several times but you never talked back until now. If that's not being overly worried than I don't know what is," she giggled. I half smiled and went over and sat on the floor in front of her.

" I'm sorry babe I'm just lost in thought I guess. Wondering when they'll, or even if, they come back." She sighed and stroked the side of my face softly.

" We'll just have to wait and see." After a few minutes of silence another thought popped into my head.

" What are we going to tell Brian when he comes and finds that our lead singer and rhythm guitar player are gone?" She looked surprised at the realization of what was going to happen when we had to go on stage.

" Shit, I never thought about that. Well I'll play guitar and Ray can sing it. When the time comes, which will be in a couple hours, we'll figure something out. But for now let's go get something to drink. I feel myself getting weaker and weaker by the minute." She stood up and stuck her hands out to help me up too.

" That's what I was thinking." We started to walk down the street.

" God I love you so much Ali." She hugged me as we walked along.

" I love you too Mikey, and I'll never stop."

Jane's P.O.V:

' Yeah that's it. I'll kill myself...' I thought sitting at the edge of the satin sheeted bed. I stood up and went into the bathroom. As I was showering I felt someone trying to communicate with me. I got out and dried myself off then went back into the colossal room.

' Jane! Are you okay? Jaaane!' I heard inside my head.
' Frankie? Is that you?' I questioned awkwardly.

' Who else! I'm so fuckin happy to know you're alive you wouldn't believe it!' I half smiled at his cheeriness. Then a thought kicked in.

' How can you communicate with me? It's impossible to do that if you're in the real wor... wait. Are you...'

' In the Underworld baby livin it like it is! You think that I'd let Gerard here go alone? No way!' I stopped brushing my hair and sat there motionless. I took a large gulp of air.

' Jane? You still there?' I snapped back into reality.

' Oh... s-sorry Frankie.'

' Well this is taking a lot of my energy up so I shall bid you farewell for now. We're coming Jane don't you worry!'

' WAIT FRANKIE!' I tried to get him to communicate back but it was useless.

' Jane?' I dropped the brush out of my hand and looked at myself in the mirror wide-eyed. I was glad he was alright but even more frightened for what will happen to him and everyone else.

' Gerard, you and Frank have to get out of here now.' I stated sternly, my heart breaking with each word I forced out of myself.

' I'm not leaving until I save you. Nothing can stop me from rescuing you. I love you too much.' I ran into the bathroom crying and vomited in the toilet.

' Jane? Are you alright?'

' Yes I'm fine. But I don't want to be saved.'

Gerard's P.O.V:

I clutched my chest as a swift pang of emotion hit me.

' Why?' I asked quietly. Frankie and the woman could see something was wrong but knew not to interrupt for now.

' For your own safety. You and everyone else will be killed if you come to rescue me. Please leave!' she cried. I fell silent for a while, thinking and trying not to cry. When I gained some composure I started to retaliate her remark but only to get cut off.

Jane's P.O.V:

' I'm sorry Gerard. I'll never get to see you ever again. I'm sorry for what I have to do but it must be done to save you and the rest of the world. Remember me,' I whispered as tears overtook my vision.

' JANE? WAIT! DON'T D...' was all I got out before I broke the connection. I sat there on the floor, staring at the black marble as I began to sing quietly to myself.

It feels like I'm looking alive, a telescope because I'm so high, and the ground never seemed to far away, the truth shall me told one day, I'll be underground one day...

I kept singing, my voice growing even more stronger with each verse.

Don't forget me, Don't forget me, please forgive me, don't forget me

I stood, bringing my head upwards, spreading my wings and putting my hands out and I sang the last bit of the song,

It's my redemption, time for redemption, it's my redemption, time for redemption,
I'll see you on the other side, I'm waiting on the other side
I'll see you on the other side, I'm waiting on the other side.

I dropped to the floor, wings covering me as I cried.

" I'll never see him on the other side, I'll never see him again..."

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