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Part Two

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And if I just want you to stay, is it too much to ask?

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Frank laid sprawled out on a blanket in a dark corner of the park. The sun was finally melting into the horizon, becoming a beautiful orange display of land and sky becoming one. One eyelid shut, one stayed open, Frank didn't want to miss a second of this gorgeous sight. Only ten minutes later, it felt like there was no such thing as a sunset. Just pure navy blue sky, no stars lit up the moon's path. Frank fondly remember seeing that beautiful emaciated fair-skinned creature. Even though he promised himself that he wouldn't return to this park in fear that he'd never carry on in his life, but he was feeling a tad lucky. A shiver was sent down his back, the temperature was rather low tonight, but the memories of the boy were like embers, they kept him warm.

Into his dreamworld, Frank slipped away silently without meaning to. A tingly feeling on his lips woke him up, he knocked heads with that Gerard kid from the previous night. Frank's sleeve wiped across his mouth, "What the hell?" followed closely behind. Gerard came to his knees and unleashed a never-ending wave of apologies. "I didn't mean to, you just looked so peaceful." "It's okay if you hate me." "I'm sorry, I'll leave."

It almost looked like Gerard was on the verge of breaking down right on the grass beside Frank. "It's obvious he doesn't like guys. He only called me beautiful to be nice..." Gerard convinced himself in his mind.

"No, it's not a mad 'what the hell'. It's more of a... 'you caught me off guard, so what the hell' kind of thing," Frank chuckled sheepishly. "My first kiss and I wasn't even conscience to feel it."

"I could... Do it again, if you'd like," Gerard stared at his knees while talking like an innocent little boy. It, too, had been his first kiss.

"If you want to..."

Gerard scooted closer to Frank, he batted his eyelashes cutely at his new favorite little friend. No one else in the park cared that two boys were "experimenting" in public, the only ones around were sleepy squirrels and possibly owls. First, Gerard leaned in close to Frank, close enough for Frank to make the kiss. His lips were tight and puckered up, but smooth and welcoming. Frank grabbed Gerard's hands and held them while he eagerly moved in, Gerard was amused at how much Frank was really enjoying this. He gripped Frank's hands so he could lean in to deepen the kiss, and although the kiss felt so short, it lasted longer than they could count for the time being.

"I have to go again, I'm terribly sorry Frank," Gerard licked his lips to savor the taste of the sleepy boy.

"Was it that bad?" Frank asked, feeling terribly hurt.

"No, hun, I loved it. But if I don't get home before curfew, I'll never get to see you again..."


Gerard lurched forward, getting to his knees, then back up on his feet. Frank did the same, quickly embracing Gerard before he had a chance to back away.

"Will you come back?" Frank released Gerard, then stared at him expectantly.

"Same place, same time?"

"I've got nowhere to go..."

"Come home with me."
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