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Part 3

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I don't regret a second of what we've done.

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Gerard cautiously led Frank to a house that strayed far from the rest of the town. To the side of the house was a small room all by itself. "They kicked me out of the house, so I sleep in there," Gerard felt ashamed of his humble abode. He put up one finger to Frank's mouth to quiet his excitement for the unknown, and rushed inside, only to pull a fuzzy blanket out behind him. "Care to watch the stars with me?" Gerard pushed the blanket under his nose and smiled cutely, the corners of his lips peeking out from either side of the blanket. Frank nodded, tossing a lock of hair over his right eye. The two jogged out to the backyard which was mainly just a sea of tall thick grass.

"I know, we never seem to mow the lawn, but it's always nice to get consumed by nature," Gerard sighed with content as he set the blanket down on a patch of grass. Lethargically, he laid down upon the blanket, tracing his fingers across the star designs in the fabric. Frank watched carefully at every move Gerard made. It looked like he had been hurt in the past, a scar tarnished his voluptuous pasty neck. "Do you not want to lay down with me?" his friend sounded worried, a little confused.

"Oh! Sorry! Spacing out, that's all," Frank rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. He took his spot next to Gerard, quickly he became sprawled out on his back, basking in the moonlight. "I wish there were stars tonight... It makes me feel stupid to have brought you here but have nothing to look at," Gerard shook his fist jokingly at the starless expanse of sky.

"It's okay, I have you. To look at," Frank bit his tongue as punishment for letting that slip up.

Gerard let out a small giggle, then turned to his side to gaze at Frank. "And I have you. To look at." He added the last part with a wink.

For a while, the two waited patiently for one measly star to look at. No planets gleamed in the sky, not a single airplane or satellite orbited their space. To keep them occupied, Gerardad-libbed a song for Frank.

"Wait, don't go away... Just not yet. 'Cause I thought I had it, but I forget. I won't let you fall away from me, you will never fade," all the right notes were hit, it pleased Frank's ears.

"And now I let my dreams consume me... They tell me what to think. But hold on, hold on, what am I dreaming?"

Just then, a twinkling light shone in the corners of their eyes. It sluggishly move across the sky, but it was a shooting star all right.

"Oh star, fall down on me."

Gerard reached over to playfully run his fingers through Frank's jet black hair. "Your voice is so... soothing," Frank laughed with his pretty mouth.

Feeling he could take it no more, Gerard spontaneously rolled on top of Frank and laid kisses on his face rapidly. He rolled back off as fast as he had gotten on, the two laid in silence.

"So aren't you going to wish on that star?" Gerard panted.

Frank curled up beside Gerard, holding on tightly to his arm. "My wish already came true."
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