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Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

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Gerard stood in front of the door, eyes closed. He was listening for any sounds of movement inside the house. He could hear music playing somewhere within, but wasn't all that surprised. More like annoyed. He wished his hearing was as good as Mikey's; that would make his task much easier.

He decided it was safe and tentatively opened the door, leading Alicia and Jamia inside. It was dark, but he could see perfectly. Frank was asleep on the barstool, breathing evenly and slowly. Gerard rolled his eyes, walking past his friend and into the living room.

'No sign of Mikey...that's good,' he thought.

"We only have one guest room," he said, turning back to look at them, "if you want to share or something." Jamia shook her head.

"I think I'll just sit out here for a while," she said, walking over to the couch and taking a seat. "I need to get my mind back together." Gerard nodded, meeting Alicia's eyes.

"It's not near Mikey's room, is it?" she asked fearfully. He smiled and shook his head, then motioned for her to follow him. He led her to the room and opened the door for her, turning on the lights so she could see better. She walked over to the bed and sat on the edge of it, staring at the floor listlessly. His heart began to ache seeing her so sad, and he sat next to her.

"If you ever wanna talk to me, my room is just down the hall," he said, feeling uncomfortable in the silence. She nodded, still not looking at him.

"I'm just confused, I guess," she said with a sigh. "I don't know what to think." He placed a hand on her shoulder, feeling how much colder she was. Still not as cold as him, but it was noticeable.

"Everything will be better tomorrow," he assured her. "You'll be safe here." Alicia just sighed again.

"I want to talk to Mikey...but I don't think I can face him just yet." Gerard thought of something to say, but decided against it and left the room.

'It would be better for Mikey to say it.'
Frank yawned and stretched, not bothering to open his eyes. He slowly stood and walked into the living room, trying to find a more comfortable place to sleep. His neck felt sore.

He found his way to the sofa and sat down, still keeping his eyes closed. He curled into a ball and tried to go back to sleep, but realized someone else was nearby.

"...Who's there?" he asked sleepily, yawning again. He heard no response, but thoughts began to appear in his mind. A view from someone running from the cave and through the forest. "Gerard? I thought it was you. I want a hug."

He wrapped his arms around the other person.

"You're cold." Before he knew it, he was asleep once again.

Jamia felt the fog of sleep leave her mind, and tried to hang on to it. She was tired from running so far and knew she needed to rest. Unfortunately, her mind didn't agree. She shifted uncomfortably, but something was holding her in place.

Her eyes fluttered open, and she realized someone's arms were wrapped around her. The person in question was leaning his head on her shoulder. She wasn't entirely sure what to do.

"Who are you?" she asked in a low voice, wondering if it would wake him up, but he didn't respond. She shifted a little, able to see his face better. She stared at him blankly. "Wow..."

Frank's eyes opened, flickering from amber to a deep, soft green. He remained frozen for several moments, unsure of what to say. Only one sentence came to mind.

"You're not Gerard."

"No...I'm Jamia," she said uneasily.

"Frank," he breathed, still shocked. He realized he still had her locked in an embrace and immediately pulled away from her. Jamia looked hurt. "I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else." An awkward silence came between them.

"You''re one of them, aren't you?" she asked. Frank nodded, knowing what she meant.

'He's going to kill me.' The thought jumped into his mind, and guilt washed over him. He closed his eyes, forcing them to return to normal. His teeth retreated into his gums, and he swallowed deeply.

"I could say the same for you," he said with half a smirk. "You're a human." Jamia nodded, never breaking eye contact with him. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I really need to get some sleep."

"Me too," she said, resuming her former position. Frank moved closer to her and embraced her again, inhaling deeply and closing his eyes.

"You smell like vanilla," he murmured, falling back into a deep slumber. Jamia wasn't sure what to do, but her exhaustion was too great for her to run away. She fell into a comfortable, dreamless sleep.
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