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I'm Not Crazy

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Fucked Up Visions In My Head

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I walked the streets tonight. Everything seemed to be calm and quiet. The weather wasn't too hot, but not so cold either. I watched a few people pass me, still walking straight. I don't really know where I'm going, but I'm going there. I finally turned on a street. Once I had gotten a little down the street I noticed this abandoned park to my right. Something about it drew me in. Maybe as if I'm supposed to find this place. I'm supposed to be here. I looked up at the brick walls surrounding this place. Green and brown vines made their ways up the sides of the walls. I looked infront of me a little ways and saw this man just sitting there. He held his head in his hands, elbows rested on his knees. Maybe he was asleep, maybe not. His jet black hair fell around his hands a little. The man was dressed in all black, accept for this white tie that dangled loosely from his neck. It had small redish spots on it, looking similar to blood spatters. I walked past him to meet a large tree. It was extreamly old. I sat with my back against the trunk and watched the stars closely. Its such a beautiful night.

I looked over and noticed the man sitting on the bench was staring right at me. It was frightening, but almost as if I longed for him to be here. I blinked my eyes and when they opened, he stood before me. "I've been waiting for you...Kaiden." he said in a low romantic voice. I couldn't speak, only nodd. He held out his hand, I took it. I wasn't thinking about anything right now, just letting my body do as he said. I stood infront of him and slightly smiled as he began to kiss up my arm to my neck. Then I felt the sharp pain throughout my whole body. I screamed, breaking the trance he had me under. My limp body dropped to the ground. A few drops of warm liquid splashed into my mouth. "You're mine....for now you're mine." the man said.

I shot up out of my bed in a cold sweat. "What the fuck was that?!" I whispered to myself. I looked on the left side of my bed. The covers had been thrown back, its obvious that they guy I had follow me home from the club last night had left. This is becoming to be an every Friday night thing. I shook off the thought of that dream and got out of my bed. I looked on the mirror on the other side of the room, I looked like shit. Making my way into my bathroom, I turned on the lights, then the cold water in the sink. I splashed the running water against my face and looked up in the mirror. There he was, standing behind me. I spun around and the man was gone. "I'm going fucking crazy..." I turned everything off and walked back out into my bedroom. The TV managed to turn on. News. Well thats interesting....The reporter came on in her fake 'I'm important' voice. "Breaking news. Tonight in local town Belleville, New Jersey 6 people were found dead on Prospect Plaza. Noting that police are aware of the usual gunshots around the area, this night none were to be heard. The bodies have yet to be reconzied, but the cause of death was certain. 4 boys were bitten on the neck, exactly at the jugular, the 2 girls were both bitten and the neck and the right wrist. The killer or killers are still free. Police will run an autopsy on the bodies and get these children's parents. Proper burrial sites will be given publicly at a later date. Back to you Bill." I turned off my TV.

This fucking place just gets more harsh by the day. But that news cast just had me flashing back to my dream over and over again. This is all a coincedince. I walked out onto the balcony of my apartment to see Belleville Park. Across the street between a few trees I saw a man standing there looking back up to me. Again it was the man from my dreams. I could see clearly that he winked at me then made his way back into the small mass of trees. Then he was gone. I'm not crazy...He's actually real....He's really after me. And I bet he's the one who killed all those kids up the fucking street. "Oh shit...he's gonna kill me" I said to myself as I backed up into my apartment. I locked the glass door and turned every light in my place on. I sat up against the backboard of my bed and turned the TV on. There is no way I'm going to sleep tonight...That monster will get me... I'm not ready to leave this early in life....I'm only fucking 23.
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