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I Knew It!

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I've Figured You Out Mystery Man

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-07-15 - Updated: 2007-07-16 - 578 words

There is something oddly familiar about that guy though. I know I've seen him somewhere...I just can't put my finger on it. As of this point in time...I really don't wanna find out who he is. The guy just freaks me the fuck out. I need to break my mind free of this shit. Thinking about these kind of things can make you crazy. I turned my channels till I hit Fuse. MCR was doing an interview with some Steven dude. The interviewer goes "So guys, where is that front man of yours?" They all looked at eachother confused "Actually...We don't know either. He'll show up in a little bit though. Gerard is usually like this...Probably asleep." Frank laughed to himself. Just then the skinny front man walked into the room. "Sorry to be late guys...Had to take care of something..." he flashed a smile into the camara...Gerard...He's the fucker from my dream and outside my window...I knew he looked familiar! HOLY SHIT. I don't even know why he's back now. We went to highschool together. Practically everyday we wanted to kill each other...and it was only triggered by me just looking at him. He was a mean little fucker. Maybe thats why he's back...he's pissed and its been building up. Gerard always did scare me. Shit.

The interview went on and Steven goes "So guys, time for the amazing question every girl fan out there is waiting for... Who are the girlfriends?" "Well, I'm engaged" Frank answered. "I'm married." Mikey answered. "We're living the single life" Bob said for him and Ray. "The hell I am! I have a girlfriend" Ray corrected Bob. "So Gerard, what about you?" Steven asked. Gerard's head snapped up and he looked right into the camara...almost like he knew I was watching him "Well...Her name is Kaiden. We're not together yet...But in time, we will spend the rest of eternity together..." he smiled again. Steven gave him a really weird look then turned to the camara "Well, there you go kids...Bob is up for the taking...And maybe you should save Kaiden." The guys all laughed but Gerard. "What do you mean 'save' her?" Gerard asked coldly. An evil look overtook his hazel eyes. "It was just a joke man. Chill" Steven said slowly getting up. Gerard stood and lunged for him. The band pryed him off of the screaming host. "Thats right mother f*er! Scream!" I was in complete shock at this point. That mother fucker is crazy. Finally Fuse went to commercial. I curled under my blanket and changed the more of that. I came across some sweet old horror movies and watched those.

*Over to the band. Mikey's POV*::

We were thrown off set because of my frantic brother. The whole way back to our homes in Belleville was quiet. For a little while the band just stared at Gerard. He was still fuming. I don't understand why. We all just put on our Ipods and waited to get home. Nobody wanted to deal with his arguing now. That tour was long enough. We all just wanna go home...I guess the pressure of being on camara all the time finally got to my brother...Yea..Thats the excuse for now. Not too long after that event, we were home. I went in and crashed on my bed instantly. Alicia soon followed.
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