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I Change And So Do The Seasons

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Never Would I See It In You

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After about 20 minutes of that movie I wass passed out in the middle of my bed. I made sure to keep all the lights on...including the TV. I woke up next day at about 12:00. All of my lights had been turned off including the TV. Maybe I did it in my sleep. What ever...I need a shower and a good walk...that'll help me. So I did it. I was walking down the street to a little cafe thing. It was a really nice place for where I live. I walked in and saw the backs of a few guys heads sitting at the counter. My friend works here. "Kai!" Sonny ran out from behind the counter to hug me. "Sonnnnny" We hugged and she made me sit near those 5 guys. I didn't look at them...but I could tell they were staring dead at me...or atleast one of them was. "Sup kindersex?" Sonny asked laughing. "Hahahaha fucking kindersex...nothing...just woke up a little bit ago..." "Ahhh so what can I get for you today Kaiden?" I heard one of the guys whisper my name to themselfs like they know me from somewhere. I continued to ignore them and keep focused on Sonny. "Ugh...Coffee...that would be amazing right now." "Hell yea! Here you go. Don't bother paying for it.." "Sweet deal"

Sonny stood infront of me with her arms crossed and started laughing really hard. I put my coffee down. "Why are we laughing?" "Cause dude...who is one of your favorite bands?" "Uhhh Metallica?" "No try again..." "Ummmmm Guns N Roses" "No retard! They start with an M" "Micheal Bolton?" me and her burst into laughter. Apparently so did the guys beside me. "Myyyyyyyyy." "Chemical fucking Romance mother fucker!" I finished. "Good job! Now look to your left" I did and just about pissed myself. "HOLY SHIT!!" "Hey there. So you're Kaiden? I remember you from high school." "Yea Frank...I remember you too...I remember all of your asses!! Hell yea!" and really the only person I had a problem with in high school was Gee. Me and the other guys got a long fucking awesome...Accept this new dude..he had blonde hair and he looked at me with those ice blue eyse. "Who is this?" I asked Mikey while pointing to the blonde dude. "This is our new drummer Bob." "Hell yea! Nice to meet you" "You too" he smiled and went back to his food. I looked past Frank who was near the end. Gerard was sitting beside him, he leaned forward and looked at me. My eyes went wide "You stay the fuck away from me." Gerard flashed a wicked smile. Oh shit. The guys looked at him and watched him get up and walk over to me. I turned and faced the counter. His arms went around me. "Nice to see you too sweety." he continued in a whisper "Soon..." That sent chills up my spine. For some reason I felt all the hate for him leave and I just longed to be near him. No more fear. "Wanna hang out with us tonight?" Gerard asked standing up straight. I turned and looked at him, then to the guys. "Sure. Sounds like fun." "Yayyyyyyyyy Kaiden!!!" Ray said happily and hugged me. His hugs are the best. I miss them. "Can Sonny come with?" I asked the guys pointing to her. "I don't see why not." Mikey said with a smile.

We all hung around until her shift was over. Sonny ran out from the back and stopped infront of us. "Alright! Lets go" She said winded. "You smell like coffee house. go home and get changed!" I said dragging her out the door with me. "Hey wait!" Gerard yelled from behind us. We stopped. "I can give you guys rides." he spun his car keys around his finger and led us to his car. We got in. "Kaiden must sit up front." he comanded so me and Sonny switched places. "Why exactly?" she asked from the backseat. "You wouldn't understand." he answered. I looked at him confused but shrugged it off. We dropped Sonny off "Call me when you're ready" "I will. Thanx for the ride Gee" "Anytime sweets." I shut the door and we drove off. He parked the car infront of my place, but we didn't get out just yet. "Why have you been haunting me.." "Because...I've never given up on you..." "What?" "Since highschool...I was drawn to hate you...but it just grew into an wouldn't believe the rest if I told you." "try me." "I'm a vampire." "Bullshit" "See. have to understand...walking this earth...there are more than just the mear mortals." "What? Gerard I knew you were always obsessed with the idea of death and shit...and vampires...but that doesn't mean you're dead or a vampire." "You don't understand...I was created...I used to be blood ridden as you are now...Kaiden... a year or two ago..I was bitten and I've never felt any better." "You're a vampire." "Yes..." "Where are your crazy ass teeth? Huh?" "Watch me smile now..." normal teeth. "An now..." He placed his hands on my legs I guess to show me he wasn't going to do anything. My eyes traced up his arms then to his mouth. He opened and there the fangs were. "Holy Shit!" I screamed and bolted out of the car. I knew he was fucking crazy.
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