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Vampires Will Never Hurt You

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I Swear You're Safe...untill...

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Gerard ran after me. "Kaiden! I'm not going to hurt you!" He called after me and chased me up the stairs. He finally reached me and pinned me to my door. "Oh god...I'm sorry for being a bitch to you all those times...please don't kill me." I started crying hard with my head turned. "Kaiden...I'm not going to hurt you. Please calm down." I looked at him still afraid. He flashed me a genuine smile...normal teeth. I nodded with my head down. He lifted my chin "don't be afraid." I nodded again then opened the door. We went and sat on the couch in silence for a little while. I looked at him "Does it hurt when you ya know...change teeth or whatever?" I was talking with my hands...pointing at his mouth. "No...not get used to it.." "Did you become this willingly?" "Yea actually...I didn't believe the guy...and that was around the time where I was attempting to kill myself anyways...I figured if he was lying...I would just die." "I'm sorry to hear that...You shouldn't have tried to kill yourself. There's nothing wrong with you." " don't know me anymore....or who I was at the time." "True..." "Can we start over?" "I...I think..." "Good." "How come you can go into the sun?" "Vampires have advanced. and Garlic never killed us...just some gay movie thing." "Oh..Well alright." Soon enough we talked normal like we'd been best friends for years. It was still a little weird knowing he was what he is....

"So what exactly are we going to do tonight?" I asked him. "Dinner and if you wanna go to a movie, we'll do that too." he smiled. "I think that sounds cool" "Awesome...And no...I know exactly what you're thinking....I'm not gonna attack you in the movies because it's dark." "Oh...good." We grew quiet again. "Gerard...." "Yes?" "Why....why is it everytime these dreams tell me 'soon'? then at the cafe..." "You will realize in a little bit....Trust me...It will come to you." "But....I want to know now." "Trust me my dear...give it a few'll understand" I just nodded. Sonny called me a little bit after we finished talking. We called the guys and picked everyone up. Dinner was fun. The guys got attacked by a few fans. Mostly through dinner Gerard had his arm around my shoulder. Several people took pictures of this. Oh God...MTV will be all over that shit...fuck. Even a few girls asked if I was the Kaiden he was talking about on Fuse. He just smiled and nodded. Later we went to the movies. I have to say. Tonight was really nice.

Gerard drove me back home and walked me up to my door. "Well my beauty... I have to be leaving you. Did you have a good time tonight?" "Wonderful...thank you" He smiled warmly. I'm begining to take a liking to Gerard. He's not a bad guy after all. He held his arms out for a hug. I glady gave him one. This was the best thing I've ever receved. He kissed my neck lightly then my hand "Until next time." the he turned and walked away. I walked into my apartment and went to lay on my bed. Tonight was amazing. Over the next few days I hung out with the guys, growing more fond of Gee by the minute.... Could this be what he meant by 'soon'? Is there something about his vampness drawing me to him? Ahhh I don't care anymore...Through our time together, he told me about the rest of the guys in MCR being just like him...but you would never know it. All of them carry on a normal life. I think its pretty cool, it's still all new to me...but if they're all exactly like Gerard...then why am I only drawn to him so strongly?
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