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Still Can't Find What Keeps Me Here

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You lied to me.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Horror - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-07-15 - Updated: 2007-07-16 - 1131 words

The weekend rolled around after a few hard days at work and some mind-changing costomers every 3 people. Ugh I'm sick of dying hair. People are annoying with it now....They think they're in the 80s now...with their fucking short high ass hair on top and its all long on the fucking mullets. Fuck that scene shit. They only do it for fashion. Oh can't change everyone...Gerard called breaking my thoughts "Hey there" I said happily. "Hey...I wanna see you tonight...Is that okay?" "Great." "Alright! I'll stop by around 9:30ish..." "Okay." I giggled. "K my love. Bye now." "Bye" I never giggle...What the hell is he doing to me? I got up and got ready for him to come over. I got out of the shower at about 9 ish and did my hair and make-up, then found a tight pair of jeans and a black and white corset. I straightened myself out and sat on the couch. A few moments later there was a knock. I answered to see Gerard standing there with roses "Oh my god!" "Like them?" "YES!" He handed them to me then kissed me softly. I smiled huge then went to put them in water. I walked back out in the living room and Gerard was sitting there looking over the couch at me. Our eyes locked and I seemed to float over...though I knew my feet were moving.

I sat beside him still keeping our stare. The word played in my head like a broken record 'Soon...soon soon...' Was this a trance? Gerard moved it, "putting my romance aside for a moment..." He kissed me hard and pushed me down so he could get on top of me. Things heated up quick. "Now..." he whisperd in my ear. He bit down on my neck and sucked the blood right out of me. I was taked out of the trance and screamed as loud as I could...I knew no one would be able to help me now. He left my neck for a moment and looked me in the eyes. tears streamed out, but I could not move.. My mouth was open slightly. Gerard took his tooth and used it as a razor along his wrist, his blood dripped into my mouth. He then closed my mouth and let me swallow. Soon I could feel my body changing...It hurt. "G-...Gerard what..what is happening to me?" I panted. My ribs felt like they were shattering. I clutched onto them and rolled off the couch. Curling into a little ball, I tried to ease the pain away, but it just came on stronger. "It'll only hurt for a little bit longer....then you will be mine....forever." he whispered in my ear...I passed out. The pain was too much for my small body to bear.

A while later I awoke to 5 bodies standing around my bed. I had been moved. They sounded as if they where saying a prayer. Do vampires believe in god? Is there really a god at all? I know that I'm cold...The warmth that ran through my body less than a few hours ago has left me for all eternety. 'I will never feel again' Gerard told me that once...I should've staid stronger and kept the hate for him...My eyes flickered open. White candles were lit all over my room. Each guy was holding one also. It was like they were mourning my death. Each had there eyes closed and were in black suites. I wanted to speak so badly...But I have no idea what is coming next. Suddenly every eye was on me. I looked around still confused. A smile was plastered on Gerard's face "You're awake" he whispered happily...almost as if he started to believe I would be gone forever. "I thought I lost you..." his voice was so much softer now. I was able to shake my head. "Gerard..." I got out in a low whisper. "Yea?" "I didn't want this..." tears began to come out of the corners of my eyes. This was the only warmth I felt in my body. I sat up and looked at them all. Frank looked away. He even felt I know what everyone else feels. I can't go on with this...I have so much shit on my own to deal with. I got up out of bed but collapsed...I wasn't strong enough to even walk yet. My tears grew heavier. "Kill me...fucking kill me." I cried out. Gerard held me in his arms "baby...calm down it gets better....shhh" "I didn't want this...get the fuck off!" I tried to pull away. I laid over on the floor curled into a ball crying what was left of my heart out. The guys blew the candles out and exited my home.

"Kill me...." I cried again. "Baby please think this through...there are so many benefits of it." "What the fuck could be good about this?!" "You're going to stay beautiful forever" "Don't fucking pull that shit with me...To fucking survive I have to kill. I WILL NOT kill anyone." "You'll starve to death" "I don't care!" "Please just give it a few days. I love you. We need to stick together forever in this." "I didn't fucking want this Gerard!! How could you fucking do this to me?!" "You let me draw you in. Something about you had to be fucking curious for it to even work." "So because I wondered what it was like I had to fucking die?!" "How else would you know?" "I know how it feels now and I want to end this shit!" I curled into a ball and continued to cry hard. His hand touched me "GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!" He flinched back. "GET OUT! STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!" I commanded. He left but left me a mental note. "I will be back tomorrow...and we'll go can maybe get all those people back that have ever pissed you off." I thought to myself 'the only person that has pissed me off was you...' I laid on the carpet not even willing to move. My tears slowly came to a stop later that night...I looked at the clock at it was around 4:40 am. I didn't want to...but I had to call Sonny...No...If I did that she'd never speak to me again in fear of her own life. So not only has he taken my life...he's going to take my friends and family away too... I finally got the strength and pulled myself into bed to sleep for the time being.
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