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Part 10 - Now What's Holding You Back

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Stacy places everything she wants in an entire kiss

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The leather of the wheel began to rub against her hands as she ran her fingers across it. Stacy stared blankly as she parked the car and let the glass hide her in her emotion. She sighed as though she had been crying for an eternity, taken the longest journey and lost all of her strength. Stacy could not believe in a single fleeting embrace of passion she had lost her enter world. And did Patrick want her? Or was this a plan from him to toy with her emotions. She hadn't thought that this could just be about control; Patrick could have just used her to triumph over her. Did he care? She didn't know, all she did know was that the feel of his lips upon hers and his hands following the curves of her body sent her into pure ecstasy and she couldn't ignore that. She pulled the keys out of the ignition and stepped out of her car.

Stacy stared at the house with an unreleased anger; it wasn't until then that the alcohol she had consumed had hit her. The house loomed over her in the dark and began to beckon her rage out of her. All the lights were switched off and this plunged Stacy into even more black. Her soul was simply caged, the bones of her ribs keeping her heart from being free. She felt each memory she ever had fall into shattered moments as she kept her eyes flitting from window to window, each blank room built up the guilt, built up the pain and built up the hurt. How could he sleep when he has broken my world? She thought to herself as she waited from some sign of movement from Patrick's house. It enraged her that he could be in blissful slumber when Stacy was stood out side, stumbling from the remorse and the memory of their pleasure together. He had broken her world yet again and all she can think about was how much her heart needed him. Yet here she was standing outside his home in the freezing cold, clutching on to everything she had that the night time wind was slowly taking away from her. She sighed for a moment and let her strength urge her on.

Stacy rushed forward and grabbed a handful of little stones from his driveway, throwing the handful at the highest house window and smiling as the little knocks on the glass sounded through the air. She picked up yet another handful and moved even closer, slamming them into the house harder and faster than before so that they ricocheted louder. She stuttered with words that she wanted to scream at him and let her heart pleaded with the nouns and verbs. As she dove her hand into the driveway yet again she could barely control herself.

"Come out here you asshole," She said and soon realised that tears were streaming down her eyes, she could taste them upon her tongue with every word she muttered. The stream of sadness came pouring out of her and whirled around her tongue causing her to gag. "Come out here and face what you have done."

A light flickered on in one of the rooms and she breathed in, faltering her breath as she stared at the shadow that came into light. She could see it coming to the window and she moved her eyes away and yet again sped a few more stones against his glass and heard them scrape with damage. She could feel his eyes on her and wasted no time in repeating his actions. There was no haste until the front door began to unlock and Patrick stepped out of his house, wearing nothing but shorts and a shirt. He squinted at her as he tried to focus his broken eye sight on her detail. In one hand he had his glasses and finally had time to slide them on.

"Stacy what the fuck are you doing?" Patrick said and Stacy halted her actions. She stared at him and burst into more tears, allowing them to cascade down her cheeks and drip of the flesh. She rushed forward and pushed him so he stumbled back into his house. She stepped back away from him, trying to stop herself from doing it again. She swayed from side to side as Patrick regained his position and she ran forward, pushing him harder into his doorframe, not caring that he scrapped his skin on the door frame.

"Why Patrick?" She bellowed at him, "Why couldn't you have just left things as they were? Why couldn't you have just left me alone? I was happy, I was finally happy. Brian loved me, he loved me. And I thought I loved him too. You thought you could just ruin that? Well, fuck you, I don't need you."

"Stacy," Patrick said and for once he had no words to say to her. All he craved was to rush forward and hold her in his arms. It was hard seeing her break like glass but to know he was the one that did it was worse. He stepped out of his door and stood in the cold, outside with her, not knowing what to do, what he could say to her. She was crying with out care, worse than he had ever seen her, it took hold of them and in that moment they were lost together, without finding the care they had for one another. "Stacy stop this."

"No, I hate you Patrick," Stacy began to scream at him, causing a dog to howl within the neighbourhood. She froze in the middle of his garden for a second, before contemplating how she could hurt him more. "Why did you do it Patrick? Why?"

"Because I love you Stacy," Patrick said trying to move forward and comfort her. "And you love me too."

"No no I don't love you, I hate you" Stacy shouted and rushed forward and began to slam her fists into him. One by one, left and right, she pushed her curled up anger into his chest and began to beat at them with all her sorrow. Patrick grabbed hold of her elbows, trying to stop her thrashing against him but still she pounded into him with all the strength she could muster. "I hate you, I hate you I hate you."

Patrick pulled her into him, allowing the warmth of his torso to envelop her. She repeated her actions but she was carefully slowing them down. He wrapped her arms around her back as her thuds into him were merely just taps. She stopped them against him and he held her as she sobbed into his comfort, crying as he embraced her, with all the love he had.

Ciao Bella
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