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Hell Yea

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I Like How We Take Our Time When Everyone Around Us IS In A Hurry

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We got to his room and he opened the door to let me in. The fucking room was huge. The walls were white and a black iron bed sat against the wall. The covers were this sweet ass blood color. Most of the lights were dimmed down. Really romancey room. "So this is where you're staying tonight...hope you like it.." Gerard said just about to leave the room. "Where are you going?" "Ummmm I'm going to grab one of the other rooms. Why?" "Oh, I thought you were gonna chill in here." "You want me to? I thought it would creep you out." "Nope. I actually wouldn't mind the company." "Ha, alright. Then I'll stay with you tonight. You want a pair of boxers and a shirt. That can't be comfortable." "Actually...Yes I would. This shit is bugging the hell out of me." "Alright. I'll fix that." He turned and got into his closet to get me clothes. He turned around with a pair of black silk boxers and his old Motorhead shirt in his hands. "Well that looks good. I said grabbing them as I walked by him. The bathroom was across the hall. Even that was big. I stripped, but noticed the shower before getting clothes back on. It was huge. I couldn't pass that one up. I peeked my head out the door "Gerard!!!" He ran out of the door "What?! Whats wrong?" "Nothing. I just wanted to know if I could use your shower." "Oh! Yea sure go ahead. Want me to join you in that too?" I laughed at him then closed the door. "I'll take that as a no!" he shouted then closed his door again.

I got in the shower and turned the hot water on. Oh it felt so fucking good. I grabbed Gerard's shampoo. No fucking wonder he smells so damn good. Paul Mitchell shit. yesssssss. I could've easily spent over an hour in that bathroom. Eventually Gerard started banging on the door "Hey! Are you alright in there?" "Yea I'm good." "Alright. Just making sure nothing happened to you." "Thanx" maybe he really was okay. I got out of the shower realizing that Gee was getting worried then got into the clothes. I opened the door and he was about to knock again. "So worried?" "Yes. I don't want anything to be wrong. Specially the first night you crash here." "Don't worry man. Everything is fine." "alright...sorry." "Aw, don't be." He smiled sweetly "You look good." "Thank you." "Yup." I turned off the light and walked twards his room. He slid his arm around my waist and led me into his room. I jumped on the bed and looked at him as he sat beside me. "Tired still?" "Not anymore...." "Wanna watch a movie?" "Yes. Shit." "Alright. Labyrinth" "yesss." The movie began to play. I guess he already had it in his dvd player. I sat against his backboard and watched the movie. The lights dimmed just like a movie theater would. "Dude...your room is so fucking cool." "Thank you." Gerard sat back beside me and put his arm around my shoulder. I leaned my head on him. "You smell like me." he laughed. "Yea I do. you smell really good." About 5 minutes later we both passed out sitting the same way.
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