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Only When I Wake Up Next To You

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Next morning I woke up laying in Gerard's embrace. Somehow through the night we got under the covers and he pulled me into his chest. Gerard was so warm. His head was rested next to mine like he was kissing my forhead. I looked up at him and he woke up right away. He looked down at me and smiled "Good morning beautiful." I giggled and blushed slightly. "Sleep good?" he asked. "Yup. thanx. you too?" "Yes, and waking up wasn't bad this morning either." "Agreed." he smiled and kissed my forhead still keeping his arms locked around me. "So Gee, how did we manage to get like this?" "You passed out and started shivering and I wanted to keep you warm." "Aw. Thank you." "Yup. Hungry?" "Not really...Are you?" "Just a little." "Go eat then." "I don't want to move." he pulled me closer. "Me either." We kept like this for a few more minutes. "So Kaiden..." "Yes?" "Do you trust me a little more?" "Yes, I really do." "Good...Do you see us together soon?" "Maybe...I hope..." "Really now?" "Yea...I really like you Gerard...but I don't know you...and after last time..I have a hard time trusting rockstars..." "I won't hurt you...I promise." "Give it time Gee....just a little more time." "Alright. I'm not going to rush you." "Thank you. At least you understand." "Yup." he lied "Alright...Now I'm hungry. Lets go." he said getting up and leaving me to stretch on his bed. He looked back then walked out of the room to downstairs. I got up a few seconds later and walked downstairs.

Gerard stood at the bottom of the steps and held his fingers out like he was videotaping me "See, that is what should come down those stairs every morning. I would be a damn happy man." I laughed and ran the rest of the way down and jumped into his open arms. "This too?" I asked putting my arms around his neck. "Maybe...This more." he kissed me softly. He broke off and I stood there dumbfounded. "Gonna say something?" he asked a little worried. "Whaaaa? Yessss every morning...all the time.." I smiled stupidly. "Good. Scared me for a minute." "Good!" he smiled and kissed me again then walked to the kitchen. I followed. "So, what will it be?" "What ever you make. I can't cook to save my life." "Alright Kay....Lucky Charms it is." "Yes!" We ate and went to chill in the living room to watch some TV. Gerard's phone wrang and he reached over to pick it up.

"Yo Frank. whats up?...Shes right beside me...What?..Tell her to quit freaking out. We'll meet up with you guys later....Chill...Damn...Haha okay bye." he hung up. "What the hell was that about?" I asked laughing. "Well, you didn't come home last night and Sara is freaking the fuck out. She thought I killed you. And they wanna hang out later." "Oh...Okay." I turned back to the TV. It was quiet for a while. Gerard sat closer to me and put his head on my shoulder while we linked fingers. He kissed my neck softly. "Ahhh tickles!!!" I laughed loudly. "Good" he said seductively. Damn well sent chills up my spine. He continued on my neck soon sucking in random spots. If I was easy....fucking take me now. He started biting, oh god...why this... "G-G-Gerard-d-d..." His head popped up to my level but really close to my face. He stroked my cheek with his soft fingers. He put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me closer to him "Wasn't a good idea was it now?" I shook my head. "I'm glad you think so." He pulled me in and kissed me hard. Now this is the agressive I told him about. He pulled back and looked me in the eyes. "I think I should get you back to get some clothes...You're staying with me for a few days." "I have work..." "And I'm off. I can give you the rides you need." "What about Sonny?" "She's not gonna like all the noise." I just looked at him. This is coming out of that nice sensitive dude I met last night. What The Hell. "And what noise is that Mr. Way?" "Hahaha" he kissed me again then stood pulling me with him. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "So was this the agressive you meant?" "Somthing like that" I said bouncing as he walked up the stairs.

Gerard opened the door still holding me over his shoulders. "Gerard...what are you you doing." "Nothing too crazy...Thats later" "Oi!" He slid me down a little until I could wrap my legs around his waist. I held my arms tightly around his neck. Gee kissed me hard, slipping tongue in. He had one hand on the back of my neck and the other on my back. Soon I felt the bed on my back. He laid ontop of me and we continued making out furiously. His hand slowly slid under the boxers and rested on my thigh. His black hair fell around my face lightly, slightly tickling by my ears. I giggled into the kiss making him smile as well. He pulled back a little to look at me. "You're beautiful..." I smiled again. "Gerard?" "Yes sweets?" "Why- why are you doing this?" "Because I really want you...and I can feel it from you too." I just looked up into his eyes and nodded. He's damn right. And I just met this man. "I- I um...I think we should get me back to my house" "So you don't wanna do this...?" "I wanna get a few outfits together." "So you're staying?!" he sounded excited. "Durrrrr" He kissed me quick and got up.
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