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Chapter 16: If You Could Remember (Mission Complete)

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Patrick and Abby are teenagers in love..drama insues

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Kendra (falloutpanicgirl) wrote this chapter...I'm up next

Chapter Sixteen If You Could Remember(Mission Complete)

Enter Pete! drama llama himself!

Patrick's POV

I arrived at Pete's house. I bang on the door. "Hey Patrick what are you doing here?" "Spending the night,Abby's having an abortion" "Oh that I could've told you that" "You knew?!" "Of course,she told me earlier" "You bastard!" I didn't know what I was doing. All I know is that my hands clamped around his throat and I started to choke him. "Patrick let me go..killing me won't change anything!" "It makes ME feel better"

He pushes me away from him with his own strength. We wrestle around on the floor for quite sometime. At one point during the wrestle match his lips crashed on mine. I struggle to push him off of me but for a skinny guy he was strong. Keeping me pinned and his lips on mine he got me out of my clothes and himself out of his. That's it Pete's gone crazy! The events that transpired next are to painful to even talk about.

When the worse was over I glared at my best friend with my icicle eyes. SLAP! "How dare you rape me? What the hell was that about?" "Patrick.I...can...explain" "The hell you can!" It went on like this for hours. "I'm going to bed I'll be on the couch, you go in your room and stay in the there" He sighed and just slowly walked upstairs.

Oh Abby I hope you can forgive me. It wasn't me any of it I swear.Despite our argument I do love you. I roll over to go to sleep.

Pete's POV

I walk back into my own room. Why on Earth did I do that to him? I mean he's my best friend! Plus he's married! Is that it? Am I jealous of him? Do I want that too? I look at myself in the mirror. I hated the image staring back at me. A lonely man who just hurt his best friend. My fist balls up and connects with the mirror dead on. The glass shatters into shards. I pick the biggest one up. I slice down my arm re-opening old wounds again but somethings different this time around. I start to feel light headed and dizzy. I fall and my head connects with my bureau. The last thing I see is a blurred image of Patrick who holds me gently then everything goes black.

No one's point of view

Melanie lay asleep in between Ryan and Brendon. Her tiny arms were around Ryan's small sleeping form. Brendon's arms were as well so she was well protected. She had just awoken from a nightmare. She cried softly but loud enough to wake up both Ryan and Brendon. "What's the matter sweetie?"Ryan asks. "I had a bad dream daddy" As Ryan took her into his arms Brendon smirks and kisses him. "Mission complete."
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