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Chapter 17: Youth Drowned The Spark Of My Teens

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More Drama

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Chapter 17: Youth Drowned The Spark Of My Teens

Patrick's POV

I heard a crash and ran to Pete's room. There he was laying on the floor. There was so much blood. I grabbed him. "Pete, Pete. Wake up." I lay him down and call 911. In a matter of minutes they are there and take him away. I follow in my car. I get to the hospital and ask if there is any updates. Nothing. He is in surgery. I sit down with my head in my hands. What the fuck happened? I grab my cell and call Abby. "Hello?" "Baby, it's me. I need you so bad." "Patrick, what's wrong?" "It's Pete. He tried to kill himself. I'm at the hospital. Please come here. I need you." "I'm on my way."

I need to tell her. But how am I. Everything is so messed up. "Did you come with Pete Wentz?" "Yeah, I'm his friend." "He is still in surgery. He lost a lot of blood. We will let you know if anything happens." "Thank you." I turn and see Abby. I run to her. "Oh god, Abby. It's awful." "How is he?" "Still in surgery." "Here, I brought you some clothes." "Thanks. I'll be right back." I got up to use the bathroom. I turned around. "Abby, I love you." "I love you too."

Abby's POV

Patrick was acting weird. And he looked like he had been to hell and back. Patrick came out of the bathroom. Still not looking like himself. "Patrick, what happened?" "I don't want to talk about it. Please, later. But not now." "Okay." Patrick started crying. Something happened. What could it have been. I took Patrick in my arms. "Patrick, please tell me. I want to help you." "I don't know how to tell you. I'm so ashamed." He was scaring me. "Tell me. I love you." He sighed. Patrick took my hands and looked at me.

I went to Pete's after we fought. I never should have left. He told me he knew you made the appointment and I went after him. We fought and..I can't." "Trick, what is it? You can tell me." "Pete..he, oh god. He raped me." "What? What the hell? What happened in that house tonight?" I stood up. "Abby, please come here." "No, I can't. How did he rape you? I don't want to be mean, but Patrick look at you and then look at Pete. Did you want him?" "No! I tried to fight him. He was too strong." "Patrick, I don't understand how you couldn't of fought him off. I think maybe you wanted him to have sex with you." "Oh my god, you believe that. I love you. I was sick when he touched me. I fell asleep hoping you would forgive me." "I can't deal with this right now." I ran out of the hospital with Patrick yelling after me.

Patrick's POV

I couldn't believe she ran out. She truly believed I wanted Pete. A doctor came out. "Pete is out of surgery. It's going to be touch and go. Right now he is in a coma. We don't know how long he will be in the coma. Would you like to see him?" "Yes." I said. I followed the doctor to the room. I waited outside the room. I went in. Pete looked so pale. "Hey buddy. What the hell happened tonight? Everything is falling apart from me. My wife is going for an abortion, my best friend raped me and tried to kill himself, and my daughter is god knows where. Pete, you need to wake up and explain to me what happened. I'm going to go and try to talk to Abby. See you later." I left the hospital and drove home. I wanted to talk to Abby.

Abby's POV

I was home for a hour and decided to go back to the hospital to talk to Patrick. I walked in but he wasn't there. I decided to see Pete. I walked in the room. "Pete, what the fuck did you do to my husband? If you weren't in this hospital bed I'd kill you myself. You are such an ass. Thinking only of yourself. I knew there was something about you that I didn't like. Now it finally shows. Like Patrick doesn't have enough to worry about you rape him and this crap. Just wake up and deal with it. Of course you always take the easy way out. That's how it's always been with you." I didn't realize I had been crying. I fell down in the chair and sobbed.
After a hour I left and went home. It was dark, so I didn't know where Patrick was. I was about to turn the lights on. "Don't. Leave the lights off." "Fuck. Patrick, you scared me. Why don't you want the lights on?" "I just don't." "Patrick, have you don't something?" I was still by the lights and he was sitting on the couch. "No, just sitting here thinking what I did to deserve all this." I walked to him. He was scaring me. I sat on the table in front of Patrick. "Trick, look at me. We are going to get through this. Just like Melanie. We will get through it." I took his hands and felt something damp. "What the..Patrick, what is on your hands?" "Blood." What?" I jumped up and turned the lights on. "They aren't deep enough." He was just staring into space. I ran to the bathroom to get some first aide supplies.

I went to the living room and cleaned up his wounds and bandage them up. "Come on. You're going to bed." I took Patrick and put him to bed. I took his shoes and socks off and then his jeans. I covered him up with the sheet. I took his hat and glasses off. I looked down at him. "Patrick, I love you." I kissed his lips. He just stared into space. I got ready for bed and slipped into the bed next to Patrick. I took him into my arms.

Patrick's POV

I woke up in Abby's arms. I couldn't remember much about the night before. I remember seeing Pete, but after that I didn't. "Abby, honey wake up." She opened her eyes. "Patrick, how are you feeling?" "Okay. What happened? I don't remember anything?" "You came home and cut yourself." I looked down at my wrists. "Oh god. I'm sorry. I didn't mean for any of this to happen." "I understand. Let's just stay here today." She smiled at me. "What about your appointment?" "I can make it for another day." "So you are going to go through it?" "Yes." She looked away from me. "I don't want to fight. Please lets just have a somewhat normal day. But I'm not going to have this baby." I just grabbed her and never wanted to let her go.

No Ones POV

Melanie woke up between Brendon and Ryan. She was so scared. Her dreams last night were so real. There was a man who was hurting and a woman who was hurting too. They seemed so familiar to her, but she didn't know them. "Hey sweetie. Up already." Ryan said. "Yes, daddy. What are we going to do today?" "I think the park seems like a good plan. What do you think Bren?" "Very good idea. How'd you sleep Mel?" "Alright daddy. I had some bad dreams though." "We'll make you forget the bad dreams." Brendon looked at Ryan and gave him a evil smile.

Author's Note
1. Yes, this is getting darker as we move along. It happen when fanfictions such as this one continue
2. To clear one important thing up, I write the odd chapters and Kendra write the even ones.
3. No, Patrick and Pete are not going to become a couple. The only gay couple are Ryan and Brendon. So don't ask to be their girlfriends.
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