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Chapter 18: I Will Break You My Habit

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Will things ever go smoothly?

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Chapter Eighteen I Will Break You My Habit

Abby's POV

I got out of bed. Patrick had fallen back asleep. I called to reschedule my abortion. They said I could take me in today. I hung up saying that would be good. Looking at my husbands sleeping form one last night I exit the house. I arrive there and begin to have second thoughts. What about Patrick? Was he okay? I had a gut feeling he wasn't. I leave and head for home.

Patrick's POV

I woke up and Abby wasn't there. She must've went for her abortion. My third chance ruined. Well Patrick you know what they say three strikes you're out buddy. I grab a razor blade. I bit my lip barely ghosting the surface of the skin when Abby opens the door. "Patrick no!" Abby pulls me into her arms and attempts to calm me down. The whole time she was holding me she kept going on about how all of this was her fault. "Baby I won't get the abortion" I look up at her. Sure I was happy but was she only saying it so I wouldn't cut? Or was it more?

No One's POV

Melanie was still dreaming about the mysterious lady and man. Both were in pain. She wondered who they were. Her and her daddies were playing go-fish. "I win!" She exclaimed happily. "Why yes you did" Ryan nodded. Brendon merely smirked. After he gave his daughter a high five and as he leaned in to kiss his boyfriend he smirked. They really were becoming a family.
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