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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Other - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-07-16 - Updated: 2007-07-16 - 1558 words

I walked over to the bed and laid back on it. Kaiden walked over to her dresser and pulled a camara from the top. I looked over to her as she snapped a picture of me "OI!" I yelled and sat up. She smiled sweetly and hid the camara behind her back. "Delete that!" "No!" I got up and walked over to her and she just stood there with the same smile. I stood infront of her and held out my hand for the camara. "Nope." She backed up. I walked to her and placed my hands on either side of her neck against the dresser. "Wanna give it to me now?" "Nope. Make me!" I pushed my body to hers and kissed her hard. Her arms went around my neck. I took the oppertunity to reach and get the camara. I pulled away and smiled. "Got it!" "Give it back!" we got in that fight. She tackled me to the bed. She straddled my lap "Give it! Gerard! I'm gonna kill you!" "No you're not." "Yes huh. Give it! freakin homo!" "Nope." I flipped her over. "Whose a freakin homo?" I said looking down at her. "" Then Sonny and Frank burst into the room. "AH!!!! GET OFF MY MAN!!!" Frankie yelled and tackled me so I flipped off Kaiden. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE CHEATING ON ME!!!" he faked slapping me and faked cried then jumped off and burried his face in Sonny's shoulder. "Look what you've done to him!!!" she yelled. Me and Kaiden sat up and laughed our asses off. Kaiden looked on the bed and grabbed the camara quick and shot up. "HA BITCH!" then she took off out the room. "Damnit!!" I ran after her. Frank and Sonny stood there looking at eachother pretty confused.

I turned the corner and Kaiden flashed the camara in my face "Ahhhh!! My Eyes!!" "HA!!" I looked at her with my puppy face. "Awww thats not fair!! It's not gonna work!" She turned away and ran to Mikey. "Oh Hell No! I know where this is going!!" Mikey moved away "I will not be crushed!!" I got closer to Kaiden. She took the chance to bolt behind Ray. He sat with his arms out trying to act like she wasn't behind him. "Ray. Give me my woman!" I laughed out. "....there is no woman here sir. You have the wrong house." Kaiden peaked over his shoulder with a smile. "LIES!" I yelled and threw my arms in the air. Kaiden stood up and left the camara behind Ray. She stood infront of me and threw her arms around my neck. I love the way she teases me. I wrapped my arms around her and burried my face in the crook of her neck kissing her lightly there. Another flash went off. We both turned to Ray. Kaiden smiled and held her hand out. Ray gave the camara to her. "Lookit!" she showed me the most recent picture. I let a smile creep to my lips. We look almost perfect together. Kaiden looked up to me and kissed me quickly. "Awww. Isn't that cute. My bro finally found a girlfriend" Mikey taunted me. I just gave him the finger. Kaiden laughed softly and walked back to her room.

I sat beside Ray and Mikey. "I think I wanna go to Fuddruckers tonight...I haven't been there in forever" Mikey said looking at us. We both agreed. "And Kai wants to see Silent Hill" I said. "That movie looks good." Ray chimed in. So we settled. "I'll go break the news." I said getting up and walked back to Kaiden's room. Her, Sonny and Frank were sitting on her bed in a triangle talking about something. "Awwww look at you girls having your moments!" I said all girly. "I Am No A Woman!" Frank protested. "Yes you are." Sonny laughed at him. "Oi!" "So yea....Fuddruckers and Silent Hill for tonight." I stated not really looking for agreement. "Oh shit! Fuddruckers?! No way! Hell Yea!!" Kaiden said as her eyes lit up. Well...Now I know where to take her when she's hungry. "When are we going?" Sonny looked up and asked. "I have no idea...but I wanna get back to my house and take a shower and shit...get ready ya know?" "Yea dude." She agreed. Frank said something along the same lines as me. "I'll come with you! Wait." Kaiden said popping up and walked with my out to the living room. "I'll grab my shit and take my car." "Alright. Sweet deal. Follow me home."


I grabbed my bag and followed Gerard out of my place. He walked with me to my escalade. "So you and Sonny have the same cars?" "Excuse me sir. Mine is black. Her's is white. She's gangster. I'm not" he laughed at me then we got in our separate cars. I followed him back to his place and he showed me where to put my clothes. I did and watched a little TV waiting for him to get out of the shower. He walked in the room a few minutes later and sat beside me and hugged me. "Well don't you look nice." I said looking at him with a smile. "Thank you. you do too" "Hell yea...So when are we leaving?" "I'll call Mikey, hold on" I reached over on the table and called his brother. A few minutes later he got off. "Movie starts at dinner would be like...5:30?" "Alright." We chilled for a few hours until it was time to go. Dinner went over nicely, he paid. The movie was awesome.

The next few days with Gerard was nice. He never really tried anything with me that he knew I'd probably kick him in the nuts for. Strictly over the clothes sorta stuff. He kissed be good-by the day I went home. He called me that night a few times. I answered about two of them, the others I just passed out and said fuck it. The next morning I woke up to the door closing. Meaning Sonny went to work. I laid in my bed a little longer stretching and staring at the ceiling. I finally decided to get up so I could take a good shower and change into some comfortable clothing. That meant PJ pants and a cami. When I was done in the bathroom it was about 1 in the afternoon. A knock hit the door and continued. "Hold on!" I shouted walking out of the bathroom. It ceased. I went to open the door and low and behold...there he stood.

"Wha...What are you doing here?" I asked completely dumbfounded. "I came to see you." Johnny said with a cocky smirk. "I..I'm not sure this is a good idea Johnny." "Why not? You still love me don't you?" That hit a nerve. I looked down "I don't know anymore...I'm getting over you now." "Well...can we atleast talk?" "I guess..." I let him in and we sat on the couch. It was quiet for a little bit, just him looking me up and down. "You still look good." he said trying to sound convincing. "Why did you really come here Johnny?" "I want you back." "No...I've found someone new." "What!? Who?" "That doesn't matter...John calm down." "How could you get over me so fast? What happened to being in love and all that shit you fed me?!" "I was in love with you...but I got over it...You can't expect me to wait for you forever and shit. I'm over it now." "No you're not." "Yea...John I really am." "You're fucking not! Stop lying to me!" He got angry and stood before me. "What the hell are you doing John?" He struck me across the face. I curled into a ball and held my now stinging cheek. "GET OUT!" I screamed. Just then my phone blared Gerard's ringtone. I tried to grab it but John held me back. My hand ended up smacking the speaker button so he could hear everything. "You fucking bitch! No one is gonna save you now." Johnny yelled at me then hit me again. I screamed in pain as he continued. "Kaiden! Are you alright?! What the fuck is going on?!" "Gerard help!" I screamed and choked. Johnny took my phone and slammed it against the wall breaking it. He finally stormed out of my house. I ended up rolling off the couch and sitting in a corner in a ball holding my knees to my chest.

About 10 minutes after the call, Gerard burst into my house. I screamed in terror of it being Johnny. Gee bolted around the corner and saw me there. He dropped to his knees and pulled me to him "Holy shit baby what happened?" "Johnny...." He held me tighter. He rocked me in his arms slowly then kissed the top of my head. "It's going to be okay. You can stay with me until it's safe. I'll protect you." I nodded against his chest. We sat in silence for a little longer. "...I told him I found someone new and he went off." I whispered quietly. "I'm sorry...He won't do this to you again...You're with me now...everything will be alright."
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