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Chapter 1: Insecure?

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Kendra and Barbara are in love with Brendon and Ryan...not your typical high school romanc

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Chapter One Insecure?

High school. It's full of happiness and sadness. It is also full of insecurities. Especially when you're dating the most womanizing man to set foot into this stupid school;Brendon Boyd Urie. We we're juniors this year making us both the tender age of 16. School had just started meaning we had one hundred and eighty days of torture left. I sigh as I see my boyfriend's wandering brown eyes look at the cheerleaders. I attempt to turn my frown upside down when I see my friend Barbara with her boyfriend Ryan both seniors.

I felt my blood begin to boil. If you were to stab me my blood would probably be green with envy. I wanted that,oh how I wanted that. Ryan's arm was wrapped tightly around her waist and as they walked they exchanged small innocent kisses. I was beginning to think that Brendon was only with me to say he was with anybody at all. I frown I want to just walk away forever. As I start to pull away I feel a tightening grip on my hand. I raise a quizzical eyebrow at my boyfriend. Why was he being so protective all a sudden?

Ryan must've noticed the awkward moment too because he asked to speak with me alone. "Look sweetie you're the first real girlfriend Brendon has ever had. He's just as nervous as you if not more. Trust me he'll grow on you and when he does I'm sure you'll both be very happy" He smiled walking back over to Babs embracing her once more.

I walk back over to Brendon. I softly smile at him. We were in a fight yesterday over how we weren't going to work out. Looking closely at Brendon I see the tears lingering in his dark eyes.


It was the last day of summer vacation. Ryan and his girlfriend Barbara were laying on the grass looking as the stars formed in the slowly darkening night sky. She had her head on his chest and he had his arm around her. I was sitting on the grass with my own boyfriend,Brendon.We had just started dating about a month ago. I was starting to get upset. Every waking minute we spent together was spent in silence and him staring off into the distance.

"Are you going to say all?" I ask the anger level evident in my voice. "What do expect from me I'm human like you! I've never had a girlfriend before!" His voice cracked. Was he crying? No it couldn't be. "Just forget it Brendon"

End Flashback

Reliving that scene in my head made me realize what a bitch I was to him yesterday. So when his hand connected with mine I embraced him. He embraced me back letting a few tear drops lightly dampen my hair. "I'm sorry I really I am,I'm just scared of messing things up if I say the wrong thing so I usually stay quiet." I peck his cheek softly hearing the bell telling us it's time to learn what our classes are going to be.
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