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If I Strum Chords, Would you Sing A Song With Me

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Okay so the story is rated R for language okay! Okay so there is this girl named Jasey Danger and she is in the band The Danger Kids. They get signed by FBR [fueled by ramen] and go on Warp Tour. ...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2007-07-14 - Updated: 2007-07-15 - 839 words

I was lost in my thoughts.
I was looking at cereal on isle 5 in Walmart. Mommy had left me to look at and said she would be just down the isle. I had been looking for her now for 30 mins and couldn't find her. I was only 9 the day my mom abandoned me. I walked around New Jersey for hours just crying. How could she leave me in such a scary world? That is when a cop happened to drive by and ask if I was okay. "N-no my m-m-mommy left me to die!!" I said crying harder. "Listen, my name is Joe Bennet, and I'm with the NJPD, im going to take care of you, don't worry," he said hugging my small, fragile body.
End Flashback!
That was 18 years ago. I was now living with my friends Cecilia and Amelie. I had gotten out of the orphanage 5 months ago and had been in a band for all of those amazing months. Our band had a gig tonight. Our band was called The Danger Kids. Probably because my last name is Danger and my friend's thoguht that was a hilarious band name, I don't find it funny that our band is named after me but they refuse to change it. Anyway now that you know about the band lets get back to the awesome story that little_miss_screamo is writing.
I could hear the crowd going mad for us after we left the stage. Oh god the author forgot to name the people in the band. Okay so there is Jasey Danger [me], Amelie Calvins [plays drums], Cecilia Hanson [plays guitar], Trevor Simons [plays bass], and Clarik Evans [ß he sings]. Now you're probably wondering what I do. I play keyboard silly. I was taught piano when I was 8. And yes I continued it. I liked how it kept my mind off other things.
Okay enough rambling; lets get to the cool part. I was sitting on the couch dozing when someone tapped my shoulder. I took my headphones off and turned to someone smart looking. "Yes?" I asked politely. "Are you from The Danger Kids?" the man asked kindly. "Yes, I'm Jasey Danger, how can I help you?" I asked. "Im Matt, from Fueled By Ramen, could you get your band mates together, I have a promotion for you" he said smirking. Yes smirking. He looked like a dumbass. But whatever.
I opened my mouth and let out a loud "Moooo!" It was our band call. Slowly my friends came out of their dressing rooms. "Jasey you better not have done that to tell us you're a dinosaur and that we should all bow down to you before you eat us," said Clarik glaring at me. I smiled. "I did that one time! One time! Anyway guy this is Matt from FBR, Matt this is Clarik, Amelie, Cecilia, and Trevor" I said pointing to them. "Dude! Matt is that really you?" asked Clarik as he jumped the back of the couch to stand next to [sooo awesome] Matt. "Ya Clarik it's me, in the flesh!" he said laughing. "You know him?" I asked in disbelief. "Ya, Jasey he went to our highschool, he wasn't really your friend as he was mine," he said trying to get me to remember. "Oh ya, werent you the kid who used to hit on me as a joke?" I asked glaring at him. "Yay, you remember me!" he hugged my head without warning. To get back at him for invading my privacy I asked the question I knew would mad [4 sure!] "Ya, so are you still gay?" I asked raising my eyebrow in questioning. I heard Amelie and Cecelia trying to stifle their laughter. I saw him blush bright red. "Now I remember why I hated you," said Matt trying to hide his redding blush. "So, dude, why you here?" asked Clarik glaring at me. I would get yelled at later. "Well, FBR usally doesn't do this, but they want to sign you!" said Matt returning to his smiling form. "Whoooaah, are you joking?" Amelie spoke up. "Nope they even got you a headlining spot on Warp Tour and a good chunk of money for you" he said excitedly. "Sa-weet!" said Trevor, who made a lot of words like 'sweet' and 'cool' into two words. I thought it made him sound dumb. Which he sort of is anyway? "Ya sure, we'll sign with you," said Clarik looking at us for agreement. We just nodded like a bobblehead. "Sweet well Warped starts in 2 weeks in L.A. so we'll just see you then. Your tour bus will be here in a week, and just leave by Saturday and you'll be on time," said Matt typing something into his Blackberry. He stayed 10 mins longer to catch up with Clarik and tried to hit on me, I think he was serious this time. Then he finally left. We packed up our stuff, put it in our trailer [for the last time!] and went home.
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