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If I Leave Town Would You Leave Along With Me

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2007-07-16 - Updated: 2007-07-17 - 1154 words

I woke up the next day feeling jumpy for some reason. I turned on my laptop and decided to check out what bands would be on Warped. I found a lot of good bands were going to be there like Hawthorne Heights, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, The Matches, and some others. Okay so the author of this story is lazy she is going to skip like a whole week to the day they leave.
"I call the top bunk above Clarick!" I yelled throwing my stuff onto the bunk above Clarick. "You're a shitty best friend," Clarick said as I was leaving. "Thanks for lowering my self esteem" I yelled back at him. I went outside to help everyone Ameilie and Cece pack there stuff into the bus storage. "Did I just hear Clarick call you a shitty best friend?" asked Amelie as she loaded her bass drum into the storage space. "Yes, he is so cruel to me" I said sighing dramatically. "I think your an awesome besty" said Cece as she snapped her guitar case closed. "At least someone does" I smiled as I helped Cece load her guitars. I had the acoustic/electric in my hand and Cecilia had the electric. She didn't trust me with that. My keyboard was already loaded along with Trevor's bass. I decided to go inside and update my Myspace profile [] and blog on LiveJournal [miss_screamo]. I got on Myspace and decided to blog about how awesome I am [its true I am] and complain about Clarick calling me a shitty friend. After that I got on Wikipedia to see if anyone had made a Wikipedia page about me. Someone had. They put my name and when I was born and a pic of me from the band's Myspace. It said I was known to play with headphones on instead of the usual headset. There was a funny story to that. Okay well it's not really funny but ya you get the point. I had these black Sony recording headphones that I use for my iPod. You could plug them into an amp also. On our first show I decided I would be known for this. So from then I on I wear my headphones onstage. Sony even gave me a free pair for wearing their label onstage. It listed other stuff like my Pacman tattoo on my wrist. It has Pacman chasing the ghosts and eating the little dots. It was on my right wrist. I had another tattoo on my left shoulder of a dinosaur eating a heart. I loved that tattoos.
Anyway after I blogged about my oh-so-tragic life, Clarick had already told the driver [Ted] we were ready. "Hey Ted! Can we stop at Starbucks on our way out of town?" I yelled up to him. "Ya, sure!" I heard his gruff voice yell back. I hadnt quite figured out the coffee machine yet. Ted had to take up 2 parking spaces to park in the lot next to Starbucks. I myself thought this was funny, along with Trevor. Clarick just yelled at us to hurry up and get our stuff so we didn't get a ticket. I shoved my headphones on and made my way inside. I got to the register relatively fast. "Can I get a caramel mocha?" I asked the young guy behind the counter. "Oh, whoa arent you from The Danger Kids? Jasey Danger isnt it?" he asked as he started my order. "Yes, that would be me," I said. I hope he wasn't going to ask for a picture or something. I looked horrible this morning. "Went to your last show, you guys rocked," he said putting a lid on my iced coffee and handing it to me. "Do you think I could get an autograph?" he asked before I handed him my money. "Uhh, sure wait let me see that permanent marker," I said pointing the one that was in his apron pocket. "Jasey what the hell is taking so long?" asked Cecilia as I grabbed the pen from him. I grabbed a napkin and scribbled my name on it. I even added a toxic radiation sign on there because the kid got my order right. I finally moved so Cece could order. I waited to the side of her for her to finish. I looked up from my iced coffee as a group of 5 guys walked in. They were dresses in all black. They were chatting quietly with each other. One of them had a Warped Tour I.D. hanging out of his pocket. They were famous like us! Cecilia was finally done and I headed out. As I was walking one of the guys pushed another guy into me. I yelped as my cold coffee was spilt all over me. Talk about wake up call! I glared at the guys as I ran out of Starbucks totally embarassed. In my sprint I accidently dropped my Warped I.D. card. Cece was still inside. I got to the bus, flew past everyone and into the bathroom. I locked the door and then I started crying.
It was 5 minutes later when Clarick came to see if I was okay. "Please open the door!" he pleaded through the wood. "NO! I just got coffee spilt on me, im aloud to cry in private!" I yelled back at him. I sniffled. "But someone is here for you!" he whined. "If they have my Warped badge then I'll come out," I said drying my eyes. I slowly stood up from the floor. I cracked open the door and looked through to see Clarick. "Come out, I don't bit" he said pushing the door open more. I walked out slowly and Clarick pulled me into a hug. "Are you okay?" asked someone to my left. I looked to find a guy in all black except his hair; it was blonde. He was cute. He had a piercing on his lip and blue eyes. "Yes, im better, do you have my badge?" I asked letting go of Clarick. He held it out to me with my Carebear lanyard on it, he also held out a caramel mocha. He was the guy that made me spill my coffee on myself. I snatched back my I.D. but left him with the coffee. "Please take the coffee too, im really sorry that I made you spill coffee on yourself, Ray pushed me," he said with sad eyes. "Okay, fine, but let me pay you back" I said as I grabbed my hobo bag off the floor. "No! I made Ray buy you this for making you spill yours!" he said blocking my way. He shoved the coffee into my hands, almost making me spill it again, and ran off the bus. "That was very......odd" Clarick finally concluded. "Yes, he was" I said sipping the coffee.
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