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Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama - Characters: Sephiroth - Warnings: [!] [?] [R] - Published: 2005-12-11 - Updated: 2005-12-11 - 473 words

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII is the property of Square-Enix. No profit is made from this work.

Warnings: Reference to violent assault.


Victory is near. Meteor looms close. It will come soon to erase everything on this miserable Planet. Everything but me. I will remain. I will triumph. I will have power beyond imagining. I will reshape this earth as I see fit.

How utterly absurd at this point there is still someone trying to stop me. Why don't these worms give it up? They have lost. The fire burning above them should be proof enough. Yet in their ignorant little hopes they still think they will survive. What can they do to stop me?

The puppet is coming. He wants me gone, erased from the earth. His tiny little mind is overflowing with rage. It is amusing now, playing with him while my Meteor draws nearer. It is something to pass the time. I give him dreams and images. I play on his greatest fears. I make sure his worst nightmares stay with him, always.

I might be making him more furious this way, but what can he do about it?

Pitiful rat. It's a wonder he can swing that ridiculous sword he carries. His body is no longer entirely his own. His mind is a fractured thing. As long as he lives, he will be my puppet.

He is coming. Not for me, really, though that is how this started. No, he's really coming for her. I stole her away from him and he's angry. Ignorant fool. There are bigger things at stake now. Like his own life. Humans are so ridiculous.

What sensible being would get so worked up over a girl he can never have? He does not even realize that his fury gives me the perfect opening into his mind. I know what he fears most. I show it to him. I know what makes him burn. I feed him sights and sounds of her. I make him watch over and over and sit back to watch him spin.

What is it that is so wonderful about women anyway? They are so easily discarded once they have served their purpose. What is it that he finds so fascinating about her? She is nothing, less than nothing. A spineless scion of Mother's ancient enemy. Nothing but a tool to further my grip on the puppet.

I do not understand why she matters so much to him, even now, but it does not matter. He cares too much, in that human way. Another's suffering causes him pain. It makes him weak. He can think of nothing else but her. It will be his downfall. I took her from him and watched him scream. Even now he cries out at the thought of it.

I love the taste of pain.

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