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A show for the tourists.

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All good girls go to heaven? Tell god I said Hi (or this is how I disappear down the street)

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Lynn was a petite small girl, she was a miniature female version of Billy. A fact which made me like her more and Gerard feel as uncomfortable as it gets.
Their home was roomy but nothing like Billy's parents penthouse, I guess he wanted to forget about that world as soon as possible.
My hope for miraculous love between Billy and Gerard faded the moment Gerard and Billy locked looks and nodded at each other, I felt every muscle in Gerard's body tense with anger as if it took him incredible amount of will power not to knock Billy out that very second, his eyes flashed the way they flashed when he beat up Billy.
Billy on the other hand just smirked at him and cocked his eyebrow as if to say, you can't touch me here, can you asshole?!.
I was starting to regret I put them in this situation.
The most I could get was them acting polite and not jumping on each others throat.
they kept glaring at each other and make stupid remarks about each other ALL through dinner.
Gerard dragged me out of there once he swallowed his last bite of the cake Lynn made (She actually bought it but what Billy doesn't know won't hurt him, she said as she sneaked the cake box out of the back door to the neighbours trash bins. As I said, a miniature version of Billy).

"I can't fucking believe you dragged me to see that motherfucker", Gerard blew smoke in my direction.
"Come on Gerard, he's not a motherfucker anymore", I rolled my eyes, "He's doing really well"
"It doesn't change the motherfucking past, he tried to drug you", he paused, taking a drag and narrowed his eyes at me, "Is that what it was? To show me what a good boy Billy is and for me to take a page out of his fucking book?".
"What?", I stopped on my tracks, "No. I just thought we'll do something like a normal couple, see old friends, eat dinner, enjoy ourselves. You know, not the usual see you drunk, have you throw up your guts and scream in your sleep".
"I'm sorry I trouble you so much my fairy godmother", he said sarcastically, walking in front of me, "You don't have to bother with me any fucking more".
"Maybe I'll do just that", I jogged slightly to keep up with him. I hated when he did that and my heels didn't help much.
"You know, I've been thinking", he didn't notice my jogging effort and just stuck his hand in his jeans pockets, "Every time Billy is in town we fight".
I sighed quietly and didn't say a thing.
"Skyler, have you heard what I said?", Gerard quizzed.
"I did", I snapped, "What you wanna me to do? Ban him for the sake of you well being?", I smirked.
"You turn into a completly different person when he's around", he had an accusing tone.
I rolled my eyes, it was getting so old, "Maybe it's because you turn into a different person when he's around and torture me with these interviews".
"Oh so I torture you now?", he used the sarcastic tone again, I didn't see his face cause he was still a few inches ahead of me.
"Gerard don't start, I'm not in the mood", I said a little more fiercefully then I meant.
"You're never in the mood for me", he flickered his cigarette.
"Not for these stupid fights", I shook my head and slowed a bit, I'm not going to chase him.
"Good then", he didn't even turn to wait for me, "It's a good thing we listened to Bob and Mikey, that way you don't have to spend your fucking precious time on a drunken ass, princess".
"Yeah, the whole thing was a mistake anyway", something tighten in my throat. Oh no I'm not going to cry and give him the satisfaction.
"You're fucking right, of course you deserve someone nice to marry, someone who likes dogs and isn't fucked up like me", he stopped and turned to face me, "Maybe someone like Billy or Mikey or Ray or fucking sunshine".
I didn't say anything I just stopped and stared.
"Good thing we didn't made a mistake of marrying, right?, "he yelled now, "Cause it's a mistake, right Skyler?? Mikey and Bob just gave you an excuse to turn me down. You didn't want to do it anyway, right Skyler?".
"I fucking said yes, didn't I?", I gulped, the damn knot in my throat won't go away.
"Cause you fucking knew mikey will talk me out of it!", he shouted, stepping closer to me.
Some people stopped and stared at us.
"Well it was fucking too easy to talk you out of it, right?!", I waved my arms around and glared at the people who stared.
"You expected me to crawl on my knees like I always do?", he smirked.
"Cause you hurt me! you say evil shit that hurt me! you're just like my mother", and here comes the tears, I think some tourists took a picture of the scene cause something flashed in my eyes, "And then you say you're sorry but one day it's not going to cut it Gerard! ".
"Well good thing we're not married", he mocked me but I could see his features soften through my tears.
"You're damn right!!", I yelled and ran past him.
My fucking heels didn't do the job of running away easier and him chasing me a few blocks wasn't any better and I think I twisted my ankle in the process which he saw so there goes my great storming off scene out of the window, at least I managed to get up and disappear down some street before he reached me.

I limped a few blocks and then parked myself on the curb, the street was empty so I wasn't in any danger of getting hit by a car and even if I did, I didn't care much.
I untied my right boot and massaged my ankle, it hurt like shit.
I started to cry again.
Here I was, an empty street, New York city, boot less, my ankle hurt, my ex fiance is hating me and my friends thought I'm a screw up.
Do I get what I deserve now? Hell yeah! Bring it on! I thought bitterly.
I wiped off my tears which tainted my palm with black because of the mascara and the eyeliner Gerard applied.
Fuck Gerard, why he keeps doing this to me?
"Skyler?", I suddenly heard a voice behind me which startled me.
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