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Friends in every ally.

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And as we ran from the cops, we forgot my boot...

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I turned to see Haley standing behind me, I met her at one of the parties Mikey took me too a few months ago. She was nice girl, she was balanced out, she had a wild side and she had a calm side to her but mostly she was fun.
"What are you doing here?", she crouched beside me, "And why are you crying?".
"I think I hurt my ankle", I smiled half a smile.
"Let me see", she pulled my sock down and twisted and turned my ankle, I winced in pain.
"Does it hurt?", she cooed.
I nodded, "You think I broke it?!"
"I have no idea, I just twisted it in hope it wouldn't hurt", Haley confessed.
I laughed, that's why I loved her, she always made me smile, she and Frank were in close tie over who made me laugh the most.
"What are you doing here?", I rolled my sock up and watched her.
"Umm", she looked back to the ally from which she most have emerged, "Painting a graffiti with some friends".
"Cool", I nodded.
She smiled, "Want to join? It's really quite fun".
"OK", I shrugged, it's not like I have a loving boyfriend waiting for me at home.
She helped me stand up and lead me to the ally.
About 4 guys stood there with brushes and paint in their hands, joking around and working hard on their master piece.
"Guys this is Skyler, Skyler these are the guys", Haley motioned from me to them and from them to me.
"Hi the guys", I waved.
"Hi Skyler", they cried in unison.
"Come you'll be on watch duties with me", Haley pulled me over to a small bench that stood in the corner facing the street.
"The duties what?", I winced when she pulled me down, my ankle was giving me shit. Like pretty much everything else in my life.
"Police watch", she lifted up my still bootless foot onto her lap.
I frowned.
"You do know, it's illegal", she pointed to the wall the guys were painting on.
I swear I'm so stupid, it never accrued to me.
I shifted uncomfortably.
Haley smiled, "Don't worry, they never catch us".
Fuck, I should've let Gerard yell at me some more instead of getting into this shit, I just have a gift for finding fucking troubles.

Haley rubbed my ankle and I was getting comfortable, I don't know if it's the rubbing or the rest but the aching sensation faded away.
I kept glancing at what this guy Cole was painting, I don't know what his final idea was but his drawing was all blah. That's the only thing that could describe it. Blah.
It was unorganized, it was all over the place, it looked like one of my drawing back in high school when Gerard had to draw my works so I won't fail.
I saw Gerard fixing drawings that went wrong all the time, maybe I could help this guy.
I lowered my foot of Haley's lap and limped towards Cole, "Um, is this supposed to look like this?".
"Have you notice?", he sighed, "I have this vision and then I fucked it up".
"I think I can help you", I felt nervous, I wasn't artsy at all but I've seen Gerard do it all the time, my hands practically ached to show him where he went wrong, "Can I?", I took the spray can from him.
"You see the arch there?", I pointed, using the spray can, "you made it all detailed and it's shift the focus from the really imprtant object and makes your drawing look like blah".
He laughed, "Blah?".
I nodded seriously, "A complete blah. But if you just spray that another color, it would look less archy and eliminate the shadow thingy", I showed him what I meant and when I was done, we stepped back and stared at the painting.
"Thanks, it looks less blah", he smirked.
"No problem", I smiled.
Who knew I caught something of the endless art talk Gerard used to bore me with.
"The cops are coming", Haley yelled.
My legs felt week, I just stood there with the can of spray in my hand while the rest started running up the ally.
Haley came back for me, took the can out of my hand, threw it down, grabbed my arm and ran with me.
She threw me in one of the car that stood not far and we raced away from the spot.
My heart was racing and my ankle was literally killing me, "Oh fuck", I noticed my Boot less foot.
"What?", Cole asked.
"I left my boot at the crime scene", I moaned
Cole grinned, "It's not really a crime scene, we're just expressing ourselves".
"Maybe we can go back and explain the cops what happened and get my boot back?", I pouted.
"Where are you from again?", Cole looked at me like I just landed from mars.
"Jersey", I mumbled.
He frowned, "I don't know how you do things in Jersey but here we don't really discuss things with cops, we just run".
Haley laughed from the front seat.
We pulled outside my house, I climbed out but not before Haley advised me to lose the other boot too somewhere deserted.

Gerard was sitting on the front stairs, for a minute we just stared at each other without saying anything, I noticed his unfocused gaze.
Well, what do you know, he's drunk, oh the shook.
I looked up and saw that all the light were out in my place, I looked back at Gerard who just stared at me blankly.
I rolled my eyes and walked/dragged my leg past him.
"Don't hate me", he slurred his words.
I froze on my tracks and stood with my back to him.
"Because I don't want to be your mother", he mumbled and I felt his breathe on my neck.
"Gerard I love you but you make things so hard", I sighed, "I want us to be happy"
"Me too", he turned me around to face him, "And I'm sorry. I know someday it's not gonna cut it but in the meantime forgive me?".
I nodded and hugged him tight.
He lost his balance a bit and leaned on me, I screamed in pain because in order so stabilize him I had to put both his and mine weight on both of my legs.
"What happened?", he looked at me startled.
"My ankle's killing me", my eyes were watery from the pain.
Gerard crouched to have a look at it, "Where is you boot?".
"I forgot it when we ran away from the cops", I mumbled.
"Cops?", Gerard exclaimed.
"Yeah, I met Haley and her friends and joined them for a quick graffiti session and then the cops came so we fled out of there but I forgot my boot", I explained quietly.
Gerard shook his head, "You're insane".
"That was fun", I shrugged, "But I liked that boot".
"Can you walk?", he stood up after I kicked him when he touched it in a painful spot.
I limped a few steps but it was even more painful than before, I guess running didn't do it any good.
Gerard watched me with a frown on his face, then he lifted me up, carrying me on the steps.
I giggled, "And you said you're no prince".
He kissed my forehead and carried me all 5 floors cause the elevator was broken of course.

When we finally reached my room he lay me gently on the bed and went to the kitchen to bring me an ice pack, even though I protested and said I didn't need any fucking ice he placed it on my ankle and pressed it down.
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