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Take 2.

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No Mikey?

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"You really shouldn't drink that much", I yelled over the music, emptying my own glass of something alcoholic, I really don't know what it was, I lost count after the ...Um after the...After the...Well I drank a lot.
"It would have a stronger effect if your eyes were at least a tiny bit focused", Gerard whispered in my ear, his breathe was a mix of a lot of alcohol and cigarettes.
I blinked, "I don't have a problem, I can stop whenever I want to", I shut my ears with my hands and yelled, the music was unbearable, "You on the other hand, I'm not sure".
"I can stop too I just don't want to", he looked around the club, it was really noisy and dirty, at first he didn't even want to go but after so much whining on my part about him never taking me out, he caved in.
I took his glass of whatever he had there and sipped, someone came behind me and pushed my hand, I spilled some of the drink, fuck, I spilled all of it on myself, my eyes filled up, "I'm so sorry", I sniffled, "I always spill shit".
Gerard stared at me, "don't worry, that's OK".
"No it's not OK, I always spill everything, it's so unfair", tears rolled down my cheeks, I tried to wipe them off but new ones immediately formed, "I'm a spilling idiot".
"That's OK babe", Gerard took the glass from my shaking hand, "Don't worry about it".
I touched my face and cried even harder, "And my face is wet, I can't keep the booze in, it's escaping", I was petrified and was trying to keep the rolling booze inside me but couldn't, it seemed to be coming from my eyes, I took the glass from Gerard and tried to fill it with the alcohol from my eyes.
"Skyler honey, what the fuck are you doing?", Gerard looked amused but I was in despair, the alcohol just kept coming out of my eyes and missing the glass.
"I don't want to waste the drink", I sobbed, "But I can't capture it".
Gerard came closer and licked the alcohol off my face, "Tasty, you eyeliner is not that bad", he laughed drunkenly.
"No wonder Bob and Mikey don't want us married", I calmed down a little after Gerard wiped the rest of my eye alcohol off my face, "Look at us".
"I say let's do it anyway", he threw the napkin under his chair.
"What?", I rested my head on his shoulder.
"Let's get married, I mean we're grown ups, so our friends don't like the idea, fuck them", he slurred his words slightly.
"You mean it?", I sat up sharply in my stool.
He nodded and went through his pockets.
I watched him dig in his leather coat pockets finally pulling out a little velvet box, the same he presented me a few months ago, he clicked it open and placed it on the dirty club counter, his gaze locked on my unfocused stare, "I offer you my heart and body for as long as I breathe, will you take it this time?".
"You can't be serious", I felt the alcohol immediately drain from my system. Proposals do wonders for hangovers.
"I was back than but you doubted because of my gran, I do now and you doubt cause I had a few drinks", he shrugged and propped his elbow on the counter.
"It was more than a few", I stared at the box on the counter.
It looked so out of place there at a dirty bar, it's glow was strange.
"OK 12 beers but it doesn't change the way I feel", he took my hand off my knee and squeezed it.
"It still isn't right", I mumbled.
"Right smright, let's just do it, follow what you preach Skyler, follow your heart", he paused, dropping my hand, "Unless it's telling you not to marry me".
I jerked my head and smiled, "Let's do it".
Gerard grinned and put the ring on my finger for the second time, "Now let's go find ourselves a church".
"It's too late", I tried yelling but he didn't hear me and dragged me through the crowd out into the cold night.
"We should call everyone and...", I whispered when Gerard caught me off, "No. We let them blew it for the first time, I can't let them fuck up this time".
I frowned, I couldn't picture getting married without the guys there, and all our friends. A little sad ache panged in my stomach, or maybe it was the alcohol.
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