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Carrying the Weight of the World

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Mira is the 'golden child'. She was the prophesied one who was going to save them all. But the future is not exactly promising to her life, and she is tempted to becoming the one thing everyone des...

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Heres is my new story and i know i already have one other one planned, but since im bored and i need to brainstorm for my other fanfic and fic stories, I'm going to play around here. :) I hope you like it!

Mira continued making ripples into the water by poking her big foot down the water. Her dark purple hair also leaned forward with her body and kept annoying her. She grimaced as tears started to threaten her way up her eyes. She didn't have anywhere to go. She was the golden child, the one and only person who was going to be able to help save this world. But she didn't want any of that! Why did it have to be her? It could have been any other boy or girl inside at her school. If only she could her 'powers' and change herself into something totally different.
Everyone spoke of her to be more womanly, more of a heroic figure so she would be able to give an example to the people of the world. But she was no statue to be looked upon. She was a girl. She wanted the world to open its eyes, to realise that she, too, had feelings. And her feelings were bent on not being the golden child the prophecy Elder Guletear had spoken.
She poked her foot into the rippling water one more time and watched it as the waves of the water attacked the other. She considered her life to be like that rippling water. When there was threatening news coming to the world, a ripple is triggered and it spreads to every direction, every edge to finish telling all of the people.
She felt warm tears in her eyes and it spilled down her. A small but meanigful tear dropped inside the water she was playing with and it made another ripple.
'Cause and effect...' Mira spoke, now glowering at the water. If she had a destiny she couldn't change, what was the point of being alive? She was going to die anyway. All the kids whispered about it behind her back. They said, 'We shouldn't really get to know her because who knows when she's going to die.'
She bit her lips hard and tasted blood. She had the shield of love around her, but without anyone who actually really cared of her, what was the use of having a love shield around her?
Mira sobbed.

Xwx Well im going to update another chapter again right about... now! lol so have a look there if your curious!
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