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Have a Glimpse of the Awaited Future

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Mira is the 'golden child'. She was the prophesied one who was going to save them all. But the future is not exactly promising to her life, and she is tempted to becoming the one thing everyone des...

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Kurda stared at the grieving girl down near the lake. He knew her. Ahh yes, why did he even forget? She was the 'chosen one' the 'golden girl' as they put it.
What was so special about her? The 'golden girl' had only her nice body and her little-perfect-face as all the girls put it. The guys said she was born from a root of tree and that was why she looked flawless. Elders said she was kidnapped in a young age by the Vlteras himself to care for her as his heir. Instead the girl had too much light in her that he couldn't bear to hold the 'chosen one'.
Everyone knew about the story of how the golden girl was chosen to be 'the one'. Everyone knew that the golden girl still lived. Everyone envied her because she was 'special & powerful'.
So why was that stupid girl crying?
Kurda continued to stare as the girl sobbed. Then to his suprise, he saw something bright and dark pour out of her body. It shooted sparks out of itself. The girl, who had been before feeling sorry for herself, stared wide eyed at the thing that had just jumped out of her.
'So you want to change your destiny, eh?' the thing thundered in demand and the girl froze suddenly in fear. Kurda could see the shocked and terrified expression on her face. He couldnt help but feel perplexed. Why WOULD she want to change her destiny! Destinys cant be changed! It said so in the Textbooks of Ulutra! Even the teachers said it!
'I'll do it for you, little Mira. Your foolishness will cost you for the rest of eternity. Is that alright? You will pay a price when you get older, Mira, if you do so.'
'H-How!?' Kurda listened to the golde child, or rather 'MIRA' stutter in confusion and dismay.
'Do you think of me as stupid, little Mira? I came out because I am you and you are me. There is only one answer to that question and you must know by now what it is!'
Kurda stared intently now at 'Mira'. It was strange, saying her real name. Golden Child or The Chosen One would have been easier for him to say for he was used to it.
'T-To die? O-Or escape? P-P-Please I-I beg of you-u I'm stil-l-l to y-young to die!' Mira exclaimed, tears pouring out of her again.
'FOOLISH CHILD. Did you think for one second that I would KILL YOU? No, you will be apprenticed and cared for by the dark one, the 'chosen dark' as many put it. But you know his name already.'
Mira's eyes widened in horror and---relief? No not relief. She wasnt going to become APPRENTICED to a horrid evil monster such as Vlteras.
'If your aura hadnt been quite white, he would have cared and cherished your company, y'know, little Mira. He who knows all will take care of you. You will never have to fear again in his prescence for you will remember none of it.'
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