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Her Decision to Turn

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Mira is the 'golden child'. She was the prophesied one who was going to save them all. But the future is not exactly promising to her life, and she is tempted to becoming the one thing everyone des...

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'I-I...' Mira was lost for words. Someone was actually going to CARE for her. To love her as a child might be loved by her parents. She couldnt help but whimper at the decision that must be made.
If ever an Elder was here, he would have stopped her from going to light and turning to darkness. But there was not and not even Kurda thought of stopping Mira until it was too late.
Mira slowly nodded and before she could reply what was going to happen, the white and dark puff of smoke turned completely black and it pounced in the core of Mira's heart. Mira gave out a startled cry but the smoke of blackness filled her lungs, making her cry muffled into merely a mumble.
'You will pay a price.'

Kurda watched intently in fascination as the white and black puff of smoke connected with the 'golden girl'. He had to say he was rather pleased to see the girl look dumbfounded. But what did that thing mean when it said she will become dark? No wonder she looked as perplexed as he was.

Mira's eyes glazed over her hidden power came bursting forth. But not in the color anyone would have liked to see. Slowly, as if it were a cloth absorbing spilt ink, the color of her power turned from pure white to pure blackness. A gasp escaped her lips as she felt the feeling of a very hard tug inside her body. Then she realized something was pulling at her heart, taking some of pieces from it. She gasped in horror at what she had done. She had doomed the world with her choice. She was the golden child no more. What she now was was the dark child. The very thing everyone feared and wanted to destory. She let out a sob again as her essence throbbed and died away.

The Light Mira was entrapped inside. It was now the Dark Mira to walk through the valley. And now she would return to her master....

Kurda watched in horror as the golden child suddenly disappeared into thin air. What happened? he thought as he searched frantically.
Tell the elders... a voice echoed through his head and nodding to himself, scrambled to his feet and ran as fast as he can to the Elder's houses.

Authors note: now what do you think is going to happen to Mira? :] evil grin I am so evil arent I? mwhahaha!
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