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Her Wish to Rise

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Mira is the 'golden child'. She was the prophesied one who was going to save them all. But the future is not exactly promising to her life, and she is tempted to becoming the one thing everyone des...

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Ten years later....

'It is not of our choice that our paths led us here, and yet there is a twist. One may call that we chose our path through evil. You, my sweet apprentice, have chosen your path. I, on the other hand, must answer truthfully. I will say both. My destiny had summoned me to evil. But all things have its beginnings, Mira, and you will learn what in the later future... Now, let me see your power. We will be challenging those meddling fools every one calls upon as 'wise'...' Vlteras, the 'chosen dark', the Dark Lord spoke slowly but clearly as he laid upon his protege.

Mira, now seventeen at her age, bowed delicately, as if she was a floating piece of silk that had happened to flow by. She couldn't help but smile as she let her master's words sink in. Lord Vlteras was wise, and his words were also colored with poison that seemed to melt through her blood.

Mira had grown over the years, turning beautiful with each layering year. She had grown quite tall and she had the most marvelous eyes anyone would have seen. It had turned from ordinary blue to a dark color of purple and soft yet piercing violet tinging around her pupils. And above all, her hair flowed down in waves, but not as long as a river. It stopped around her shoulder. And her hair had turned color as well. It had turned from a dark and gloomy black to showering silver, as if the moonlight had given her the gift of its light.

Mira took in a deep breath and prepared to impress her lord. She will be known as Lord Vlteras's protege, and she must stand tall. She raised her chin up and left her closing eyes open along with a flick of her fingers, which now aimed itself to a dark burnt stone. Her eyes burned into it as she began her first step into the 'Dance of the Virtuis'.

to be continued...

like it so far?? :) i hope you did! next chapter will be coming soon! :P ~Anna
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